Summer party of the Lambretta Club Germany

Summer party of the Lambretta Club Germany

The Lambretta Club Germany welcomed him to his last weekend summer festival invited. That SCOOTER CENTER has it proven to be one of the Main sponsors of course not to be missed from celebrating.

The weekend started with a blast: the Busters! In a private atmosphere the old hands could be seen live - hey clear - and open air. We are right at the absolutely harmonious location, the Klindworths' Gasthof & Hotel ( Definitely even without the Lambretta Club summer party worth a trip. And not just because of the low prices for delicious food and drink. Soft, home-brewed beer, a wide range of schnapps, friendly service, good breakfast, perfect sanitary facilities were very popular all weekend.

Summer festival of the German Lambretta club

Last weekend, the “Lambretta Club Deutschland” invited its trusty members and other scooter enthusiasts to their first summer festival. naturally, SCOOTER CITY CENTER, being one of the main sponsorswhat a part of the show!

The weekend started with a bang: the Busters! In an intimate, familiar atmosphere the old hands gave an open-air concert. Live, of course! Which brings us to the great location - the Klindworth's hotel, beer garden, and brewery ( What a combination! Definitely worth the trip, even without a summer festival, not only because of their reasonable prices. We got the chance to taste their self-made beer, as well as a rich assortment of liquors. Apart from that, they were able to jolly all guests along with friendly service, great breakfast and perfect sanitation.

The SCOOTER CENTER Team started with great support from an ex-work colleague (thanks & best wishes from everyone!) Friday after work towards Sauensiek. After a short detour to the Bremen area, around der-mobile-Leistungsprü / to pick up, we unfortunately did not open up in Sauensiek until after midnight. But we still liked the beer. On Saturday we followed our main commitment, set up our booth, some Highlights presented and Catalogues distributed. There was also that to marvel at Supermonza cylinder and exhaust, that we presented for our friend Tino Sacchi. Unfortunately, Charly Edmonds is not yet 101% happy with the tuning kit. It will take some time before it will be available.

The conclusion for many run visitors was the comparison with the legendary “Holiday in Holland” meetings. The English were still missing this time, but that can still be the case with the new 2011 edition. We found the meeting to be perfect in all respects and thank the organizer and his tireless helpers!

We are already looking forward to the next summer party! Lambretta parts is of course here in the Lambretta shop

Here are a few more quotes from the weekend and other elementary insights:

"You can't have enough oil"

"Too much grease is not enough"

Polonaise means “trenino” in Italian

When the music stops playing (backup), the guests from Italy can still sing.

Tino S. from M. thought that strippers should perform again, that would be something new.

On Friday, the team of SCOOTER CITY CENTER started their little trip for Sauensiek (near Hamburg) with a lot of active support from a former colleague (thanks again and all the best from all of us!).

After briefly stopping by near Bremen to pick up a dyno, unfortunately we didn't get to Sauensiek until past midnight. Still, the beer was good. On Saturday, we commenced business by setting up the dyno, presenting a couple of highlights and handing out catalogs. As a little special, we also presented the Supermonza cylinder side by side matching exhaust for our dear friend Tino Sacchi. However, Charly Edmonds still isn't quite happy with his tuning kit. So, we will have to wait just a little longer until it's available.

All in all, the comparison to the legendary “Holiday in Holland” scooter rally by a lot of our stall's visitors should give you a good idea of ​​how well this festival went. There might have been a lack of English scooter enthusiasts, but there's still 2011! In any case, we had a blast and want to thank the organizers of and their tireless team for a great weekend!

We're looking forward to the next festival!

Of course, you can find Lambretta parts in our shop.

In the following, you can find a couple of interesting quotes and fundamental insights from this weekend:

"You can't have enough oil"

"Too much grease is not enough"

“Polonaise means“ trenino ”in Italian”

"If the music should stop playing (fuses kept blowing), our Italian friends can sing."

"Tino S. from M. thought there should be strippers, that would be nice for a change."


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