The last episode of the Platónika project was about choosing the right components.

Now the parts are subjected to a very extensive visual inspection!

To my surprise, I got a huge box full of Vespa parts the same day I ordered. At this point, a big thank you to the tip-top logistics team for the ultra-fast compilation. And what do you usually do when you finally hold the long-awaited package in your hands? Exactly! Tear open immediately and take out all parts to examine them. Suddenly I found myself with thousands of pieces spread out on the floor and couldn't help but accept the #tetrischallenge. Check out the video and you will understand what it means to recreate an exploded view in real life.

Exploded view Vespa px bgm 177 - Project Platónika by Scooter Center

Artist: Juanitos
Title: Exotica
Album: Exotica
License: CC-BY

Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

Vespa Platonic

My way to the last Trainee-Phase gave me an in-depth look at the Technology department brought. I swapped my notebook for work gloves and instead of taking notes, I now make videos of what I have learned.

And as fate would have it, my dream of restoring a Vespa turned into a reality. We have the idea assembling a Vespa completely from scratch. We are so excited about the project that we decided to film the story of the construction with unboxing, reviews and tutorials.

This new Vespa test bike will have all the parts that probably every Vespa rider would like to have, so hopefully not just a Vespa, but a Platonic love will arise!

Here you can see our teaser to get a little taste of this project. So that you, just like me, be able to experience this wonderful experience up close.

TEASER - Vespa Project Platónika - Building a Vespa PX bgm 177