Electric Vespa

The new e-Vespa

We have already seen many conversions to electric scooters, most recently with ours Trip to Italy. You can find a video about a nice conversion to an E-Vespa here: Video electric Vespa. But so far it has always been the case that classic Vespa models have been equipped with more or less modern electric motors and batteries.

This time we will show you a real electric Vespa, straight from the manufacturer. Piaggio will present this project at Eicma in Milan. We are on site and will be in our Eicma 2016 trade fair live ticker also report about it.

e-vespa_elettrica_1 e-vespa_elettrica

Vespa Elettrica available from summer 2017

The electric Vespa should be available from mid-2017. “It will be a true Vespa with the best electric scooter technology. The new vehicle will have all the features that made the Vespa a success, ”said Piaggio.

So the Motorolller, the Vespa, which has so far been sold 18 million times, is supposed to be hers Continuing the triumphant advance worldwide.

You can find more information about this directly at Piaggio Electric Vespa.


Vespa with electric motor

E-Vespa with gears from Stoffi

In pompous Stoffi presented his new project to us: A beautiful classic Vespa with an electric motor. This scooter is still in the beta phase and the first vehicle from our friend and dealer colleague from Austria.

Date 09.11.2016:

Meanwhile, Piaggio has on the Eicma 2016 also presented a new e-Vespa: the Vespa Eltrica.


In the case of Stoffis Vespa, this is a conversion kit that is built into the original Vespa engine. All you have to do is convert the small engine half. The large engine half is kept original, so it could also be retrofitted if necessary. But who wants that - driving the Electro Vespa is a lot of fun! Tank out, electric motor and batteries in, let's go.
With this Vespa 3 courses and Clutch as usual. But there is enough power available that you could confidently start off in third gear!

Video E-Vespa

The appearance of the Vespa remains

Stoffi is way ahead with its emission-free Vespa: The registration should be very simple and the appearance of the Vespa is completely preserved.
This is initially a test bike, but in our opinion it has already been very successful. It will be further optimized.
Stoffi also wants to mount a dummy exhaust to keep the look even closer to series production. Possibly. it will be one too Largeframe-Variants give the advantage here: even more space for batteries and thus greater range.

The Vespa will soon go into series production, and the conversion kit will also be available individually. You can get all classic spare parts for the Vespa in our Vespa shop.