The most beautiful Vespa on earth

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The most beautiful Vespa at Lake Garda

The most beautiful Vespa is ours Scooter Center Demonstrator, Generation XI. It is a Primavera ET3, which is a Vespa of the highest quality, both in technology and looks. The latter thanks to Arrow design from Austria. This Vespa has already been awarded with many prices by various international custom shows. Awesome work of our old friend Pfeili.

“The most beautiful Vespa on earth". This also is a quote by Dean Orton. If he as the very model of Lambrettistas says so, we won't disagree. But we'll say thank you.

Mission two of our trip to Italy:

The guys at Kerresinhios are well known for them happy family games, which are lovingly designed and depict classic scooters. The first edition already turned into a sought after collectors item.

We wanted to find an awesome location for a photo of our demonstrator “Generation XI” at Lake Garda that could be part of the new Kerresinhios happy families “Scooter scenes”.





Scooter Center and Lake Garda

Lake Garda. But why? Lake Garda plays an important role in the history of Scooter Center. More, Generation XI is a very special scooter by Scooter Center. we have put our heart and soul, sweat, brains and love for technical and optical details in it.

Therefore we considered a photo of this custom Spring ET3 in front of our shop or the Cologne Cathedral to simple and unimaginative. And we were around Lake Garda for another mission anyway. So it seemed the right thing to have a photo shoot 1,000 km from home at Lago di Garda. You will see the result soon in the most current Kerresinhio happy families game.

Best wishes from Lake Garda :-)


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