Vespa GTS conversion - oil pan black MOTO NOSTRA

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Oil pan Vespa GTS black

Install black oil pan Vespa GTS

Why convert a Vespa GTS oil pan?
In this post too Vespa GTS conversion we have some great examples of Custom and tuning for a Vespa GTS gezeigt.

Often it is the details that make a successful renovation with a coherent overall concept.

A nice detail on the modern Vespa scooters is, for example, a black oil pan. We offer you with our MOTO NOSTRA Oil pan one brand new original Piaggio oil pan which we have provided with a high-quality, high-gloss powder coating. The video below shows how the conversion can be done very easily.


This GTS oil pan is first prepared in a complex process for refinement and then professionally processed. The result is an extremely hard-wearing surface with a great look. The bathtub is of course delivered ready for installation, you have the choice:

Note: Please do not forget to install a new seal -> Oil pan seal
A great opportunity for something new Engine oil and use an oil filter:

Tip: We offer you cheap and practical sets! the Inspection kits are equipped with all parts that are required for an inspection, depending on the mileage and recommended overhaul work:

Vespa GTS inspection set

Conversion Vespa GTS oil pan

It is very easy to assemble, but there are a few things to keep in mind.
Here you can find a great video from Scooteria, who are also replacing the MOTO NOSTRA oil pan as part of their GTS 300 conversion. Helpful tips from the custom professionals at Cafe Racer 69 with tricks for installing the Vespa GTS oil pan:

Vespa Gts 300 hpe "British Classic" part 5 - black oil pan installation

The conversion works like this:

  1. Drain the oil
  2. Loosen the air filter box
  3. Unscrew the vario cover
  4. Unscrew the oil pan
  5. Clean the sealing surface (knife or fine sandpaper, degrease)
  6. apply a new seal (without additional sealant)
  7. now reassemble in reverse order


See video above. Use correct screws, reinsert the spring, observe the tightening torque: M6 screws oil pan: 10-14Nm.

Buy MOTO NOSTRA oil sump

The MOTO NOSTRA carrycot is available in: