Winner of the VWD Vespa and a great donation

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Our great Vespa 50S was raffled

After you voted like that Vespa look we have completely dismantled, restored and rebuilt it.

The Scooter Center have this dreamlike Vespa then the charity "Celle Community Foundation”Donated. The foundation has on the World Vespa Days hardworking in Celle over 6.000 lots sold. Selling the lots resulted in considerable numbers 12.070,24 Euros zusammen.

The winner was drawn under notarial supervision: Laurence from England. Laurence then not only had a new Vespa, but also had the task of getting the good piece to London. He himself had traveled to Celle on a Vespa and initially saw no possibility.

Vespa Winner V50S VWD Celle 2017 Scooter Center

The Vespa is coming to England

But Vespa drivers are helpful and a means of transport was quickly found. Oliver and Ulf from Scooter Center congratulated the winner and gave him scooter and papers. We hope that Laurence has a lot of fun with this wonderful one Smallframe will have!

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