Isle of Wight and Mersea Island scooter run

The Scooter Center Team is on the way to Isle of Wight Scooter Rally. The world's largest scooter meeting attracts around 10 scooter drivers to the Channel Island every year. We have ours SCK demonstrator and also ours bgm test bike with in the luggage and some nice articles like for example the bgm PRO SC shock absorber, the bgm ignition stator plates or the new bgm ignition coilthat we want to introduce to you on site. Our bgm test bike can be tested to convince you of our new bgm cylinder. Just write us an email to:

Everything is packed and you can start. After the Isle of Wight there is the Rally on Mersea Island on. This year the rally on Mersea Island is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We hope for interesting discussions and contacts and wish you all a nice few days at the rallies.

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