MB & bgm go Vespa BIG BOX


After the Lambretta bgm & MB Developments BIG BOX exhaust project was as far that we can't do anything more than waiting for the manufacturer and sending reminders every then and now, we thought to move on.

During the early 90ties we sold quite a few T5 and P 200 conversions that Mark did for us. Along the loads of Lambretta conversions. but back to the plot we thought a BIG BOX for the Vespa would be nice and have send some sets of shells to Doncaster. After the Eurolambretta Maks started to weld his ideas into the new BIG BOX. Monday morning it arrived and we started dyno'ing.

We tested on these engines so far:

Here is a selection of some dyno sheets. Uwe did a lot more and we will post some in the next few days!

Hope you like it!

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