bgm PRO Sport seat Vespa sport seat

bgm PRO “Sport” sports seat made by Nisa Italy

Based on the very popular Nisa 'Sport 20' seat, we have designed a sports seat for the classic Vespas in the bgm design and had the seat manufactured by the Italian seat manufacturer NISA as a bgm version. The new bgm PRO sports seat is available for Vespa Largeframe and Vespa Smallframe and is available in two versions:

Sport seat with authentic look

The BGM Pro Sport seat has a beautiful Alfatex cover (embossed waffle pattern) on the sides and rear and is also available with gray piping. The seat surface also has a smooth cover with parallel longitudinal seams. For a waterproof surface, these are embossed, not sewn. The appearance of the BGM Pro Sport is thus strongly reminiscent of the classic seat humps of the 70's and conveys a cool race flair even when standing.

Vespa Sport seat bgm PRO Made in ITALY by NISA Vespa seat

Vespa seat configurator

You can also find the seat in the Scooter Center Seat configurator, have a look at the seat on your Vespa model:

Sports seat suitable for everyday use

In practical use, it is very easy to ride, despite its sporty everyday look. The bench has a pleasantly sized foam padding on which even long tours are fun. A nice feature is the completely padded hump. This provides good support when riding solo, but can also be used as a pillion seat if necessary.

Modern magnetic closure

Another intelligent feature is the magnetic closure of the bench by means of an extremely powerful neodymium magnet. This means that the bench can be opened easily with one hand, but still holds better than many a classic hook fastener. The biggest advantage of the magnetic technology is that the bench rests rattle-free on the supplied fixing plate, which is firmly screwed to the frame. The magnetic force is so high that uninformed people who try to open the seat assume that it is locked.

Top quality - handmade in Italy

The bench frame is made of impact-resistant and durable ABS plastic. The cover is stapled all around and thus very securely and permanently fastened (as opposed to just gluing it on as is usually the case). The frame is equipped with six rubber pads. This distributes the load very well over the entire frame and the bench gives a very solid and full seat feeling. The bench hinge is typically Nisa very solid and sturdy and therefore very resilient. It is also screwed in place and can be replaced (in the highly unlikely event of a defect). Available for Wasp Smallframe and Largeframe (Largeframe models with high tank (GS160, SS180, Rally180 / 200 need the flat tank of the Sprint / PX models without oil tank)

CONCLUSION: Beautiful flat seat with great racing look but touring qualities!

Note for the Largeframe version and Vespa PX For PX models only suitable for tank versions with hinged lid. Not suitable for Lusso models / vehicles with oil tank. Order seat:

bgm PRO variator for Piaggio Quasar engines, e.g. Vespa GTS

The bgm PRO V2 variator for Vespa GTS in test

Our bgm PRO Vario for the Vespa GTS models is very popular. In this nice video, Marc from Scooteria Tests the bgm PRO V2 variator on his Vespa GTS.

“A cheap and effective tuning measure for all Vespa Gts 300 riders. I compare it with the performance of the standard variator on the Vespa Gts 300 in the city, on the country road and motorway. ”Marc, Scooteria

Conclusion of the test

  • Sportier: faster and higher in the rev range
  • Much higher revs
  • Much improved acceleration
  • Much more aggressive driving performance
  • Without annoying noise
  • +5 km / h top speed 125 km / h according to GPS with 13 ″ rims without discs
Buy bgm PRO vario kit here

Video variator test BGM2311V2 variator

BGM2311V2 variator

How do I install the bgm PRO variator on a Vespa GTS?

Installation of the bgm PRO V2 vari ator in the Vespa Gts 300 hpe Supertech. Marc from Scooteria is at Cafe Racer 69 and Micha from the Cafe Racer 69 team explains in 25 minutes in a very sympathetic and detailed way what has to be considered when installing a Vario. There are also tips, such as the fact that with the bgm Vario on your new GTS you can ride the old one GTS Vario cover, which many people find more attractive.

buy bgm PRO Vario kit here

Variomatic test

Are you not sure yet? In this video Marc tests the variator in detail and shows the effect of the bgm PRO Sportvario during a riding test.

Video installation instruction Varioamtik Vespa GTS bgm PRO

BGM Pro Variomatic Vespa Gts 300 - installation

Motovespa air filter element bgm PRO

Air filter insert bgm for Motovespa air filter

The identical air filter inserts are fitted to many Motovespa Largeframe models. Often this important component for the protection of the engine is missing or is no longer in a usable condition. For this reason, we have produced a high quality air filter insert for the Spanish licensed versions of the Vespa Largeframe models.

Air filter fleece bgm PRO for Motovespa Largeframe

High quality filter fleece from Marchald (Italy), manufactured for bgm PRO. Suitable for the direct-intake engines (carburettor sits directly on the cylinder) of the Largeframe Motovespa engines.

  • 1: 1 replacement for the original wire mesh.
  • Significantly better and finer filtration with higher air flow at the same time.
  • Therefore also ideal for already performance-enhanced engines.
  • washable

Installation instructions for the Motovespa air filter element

Replacing the air filter element is very easy. After removing the right side cover, the air filter box is immediately visible.

Motovespa air filter box Vespa

Open and remove the air filter box

The cover is fixed with two M5 screws. These can be loosened with a size 5 to 6 flathead screwdriver.

The air filter of the Motovespa

After removing the two screws, the cover can simply be lifted off. Here, in our example, the original air filter insert of the Motovespa is no longer present!

Attaching the air filter element

The air filter insert has no installation orientation and can simply be pushed onto the filter housing from above.

Closing the air filter box

The remaining protrusion of the air filter insert seals towards the air filter box cover when mounted. Refit the cover of the air filter box with the two screws, refit the side cover and the change is complete.

Air filter cleaner and oil

To achieve an even higher filter performance, the air filter insert can be used with air filter oil. However, this is not absolutely necessary due to that high-quality filter material of the bgm PRO filter.

Air filter oil and cleaner


New carburettor connection rubbers from bgm PRO

In countless long and short distance races and test kilometers the 12mm wide hose clamps from ABA SAFE have proven their worth. The ABA Safe ™ clamp uses the elasticity of the intake rubber and protects this relatively soft rubber hose from damage. The clamping force is increased at the profile beads, there are no sharp edges and the 12mm wide clamps fit tightly without stressing the carburettor connection rubber.

bgm carburetor connection rubbers for 12mm ABA Save clamps carburetor rubbers Vespa & co.

We have now developed new bgm connection rubbers that are wide enough to neatly accommodate these 12mm wide hose clamps.

Carburettor connection rubbers bgm PRO

Carburettor connection rubbers bgm PRO

Another advantage is that ours bgm connecting rubbers from the carburetor to the intake manifold are made of a very oil and petrol tolerant material. This makes the carburettor connection rubbers a highly reliable and durable part on your scooter.

Available sizes & conversion rubber

  1. 28.5 mm connecting rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 28.5 / 28.5mm
    • Polini CP
  2. 30 mm connecting rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 30 / 30mm
    • Dellorto PHBL
    • MikuniTM 24
  3. 35 mm connecting rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 35 / 35mm
    • Dellorto PHBH 28/30
    • Dell Orto VHST 24-36
    • Dell Orto VHSH 30
    • MikuniTM 28
    • Mikuni TMX 27/30
    • Keihin PWK 28/30
    • Polini 28/30
  4. 40 mm connecting rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 40 / 40mm
    • Mikuni TMX 32-35
    • Keihin PWK 33-35
    • Koso 28-34
  5. 35 / 40mm Conversion connecting rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 35 / 40mm
    • 35 mm
    • 40 mm



  1. The carburetor and intake manifold should be thoroughly degreased before fitting.
  2. The 12mm ABA SAFE hose clamps should also not be overtightened.
Hose 3.00 10

Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe inner tube 3.00 x 10 bgm PRO

We have chosen a very high buty content for the new bgm PRO inner tubes in favor of better quality and higher safety and therefore a separate tube size for tires up to 3.00-10 and 90 / 90-10 = Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe. Other inner tubes with a lower butyl content have more flexibility due to a higher rubber content. They serve a wider range of possible tire sizes (up to 130 / 90-10), but as a major disadvantage, poorer air tightness and puncture resistance must be accepted.

Our bgm PRO hoses are manufactured to our specifications especially for the needs of Vespa and Lambretta scooters. The butyl content is over 55%, which makes them extremely airtight and absolutely reliable. The high butyl content makes the hose more expensive to produce, but the result justifies the expense! Nevertheless, we offer this high-quality hose at a great price:
Buy Smallframe inner tube here

Fitting instructions Fitting inner tube & tire

TIP: Our bgm PRO scooter inner tubes can be used in many vehicles with 10-inch tubular tires. When mounting, insert the tires at the bead with mounting paste and dust the inside of the tire with talcum powder. The mounting paste ensures the correct end position of the tire while the talc minimizes the friction of the inner tube. This maximizes the safety and life of the inner tube. Instructions for fitting Vespa tires

Tutorial How to assemble the bgm CLASSIC tires for Vespa


Vespa oil seals bgm PRO

bgm PRO shaft seals made of high-quality and ethanol-resistant (E10) FKM / Viton® *

New: Now also for Wasp Wideframe, GS3, Faro Basso etc .: We have expanded our shaft seal portfolio with modern Simmerrings from bgm and can now offer shaft seal rings made of FKM / Viton® for almost every classic Vespa:


The bgm PRO oil seals have the perfect dimensions that guarantee easy installation, optimum function and a long service life. The large shaft seal on the clutch side, eg on old Vespas, has an overall height of 7 mm on the bgm PRO, instead of the 6.5 mm usually used by other manufacturers. This means that the bgm PRO oil seal is based on the original Piaggio factory specifications. If you have ever taken apart from an old and original Vespa engine, you may have noticed that a large oilseal with a height of 7mm was installed at the factory.


On old engines, the bearing of the crankshaft is 'floating'. This means that the bearing is not fixed and it can be moved axially (horizontally sideways) in the engine housing. This displacement occurs, for example, under load due to the axial force exerted by the helical-toothed primary drive. If the crankshaft shifts too much, this can of course affect the ignition and also the function of the clutch. The aim should therefore be to have as little unnecessary play as possible. The stop and thus the play of this floating bearing in the Vespa engines is determined only by the oil seals. The tolerances in the old engines are large and, for example, we also use thicker housing seals today, so it makes sense to use 7mm oil seals!


The material is FKM (fluorocarbon rubber). extremely resistant to

  • Heat
  • friction and
  • Fuel
  • ethanol

Even super petrol fuel E5 in Germany currently already has up to 5% ethanol admixture, with E10 it is even up to 10%, and the trend is rising. And did you know that this can vary from country to country? Have you ever noticed in France, for example, that your engine runs differently? In other countries, the ethanol / alcohol content can be significantly higher. A conventional oil seal cannot tolerate this increasing ethanol content and can swell or soften when it comes into contact with ethanol-containing fuels. The bgm PRO FKM / Viton® shaft seals, on the other hand, offer lasting protection. In addition, our simmering with Viton® is twice as temperature resistant as conventional (blue) NBR shaft seals. Further advantages of these modern shaft seals:

  • extremely impermeable to gas
  • and very resistant to aging


OK, so our radial shaft seals from bgm have

  1. optimal dimensions and
  2. most modern materials

but what are they suitable for now? An engine equipped with bgm PRO FKM / Viton® shaft seals can also be used without problems in engines that run on E10 fuel (10% alcohol content). The modern and high quality brown Viton® * sealing material is

  • permanently resistant to ethanol / alcohol and
  • also suitable for engines with high temperature
  • and high speed.

bgm PRO FKM / Viton® shaft seals are therefore suitable for all engines! Just play it safe and install the modern Simmerrings right away. Whether for an original engine, mild tuning or extreme tuning and motorsport! For reasons of environmental protection and in favor of maximum flexibility of the sealing lip, we deliberately refrain from additionally coating the sealing lip with PTFE / Teflon® *


The bgm PRO Shaft seals offer double sealing as an additional feature: All shaft seals that seal to the outside, to the atmosphere, have a so-called dust lip. This is positioned in front of the actual sealing lip and holds the seal in place

  • Dust
  • dirt and
  • Moisture.

This further increases the very good stability.


The bgm PRO oil seal set improves the installation clearance and offers an extremely long service life due to the excellent modern materials FKM / Viton®, combined with perfect fuel compatibility: it is even E10 resistant! The oil seals replace the old ones and of course fit without modifications. Tip: We offer the Simmerrings individually as well as in sets and in sets with bearings!

Select the matching bgm PRO Simmerrings here
* Viton® / Teflon® are registered trademarks of DuPont Dow Elastomers

bgm PRO shaft seals made of high-quality and ethanol-resistant (E10) FKM / Viton® *

Brand new in our shop are the new bgm PRO Simmerrings for many Vespa and Lambretta models: Shaft seals bgm PRO

  • optimum protection
  • double sealing thanks to dust lip
  • recommended for each engine Original or
  • tuned high-performance engine
  • twice as temperature resistant
  • suitable for extremely high speeds
  • permanently alcohol resistant - perfect for scooter meetings ;-)
  • very good gas impermeability
  • high thermal stress
  • very resistant to aging
bgm PRO shaft sealing rings Viton® - Simmerrings Vespa and Lambretta


The material FKM (fluorocarbon rubber) is extremely resistant to heat, friction and fuel / ethanol. Current super fuel in Germany already contains up to 5% ethanol per se.

In other countries the ethanol / alcohol content is significantly higher. Conventional radial shaft seals can swell or soften when in contact with fuels containing ethanol.
The bgm PRO FKM / Viton® shaft seals offer perfect protection against this. In addition, Viton is twice as temperature resistant as conventional (blue) NBR shaft sealing rings , has very good gas impermeability and is also very resistant to aging.


An engine equipped with bgm PRO FKM / Viton® rotary shaft seals can therefore also be operated with E10 fuel (10% alcohol content). The high-quality brown Viton® * sealing material is Permanently resistant to alcohol and is also suitable for engines with high temperature loads and high speeds.
bgm PRO FKM / Viton® radial shaft seals are therefore suitable for all engines, whether original or tuned high-performance engines

For reasons of environmental protection and in favor of maximum flexibility of the sealing lip, we deliberately avoid additional PTFE / Teflon® * loading of the sealing lip


The BGM PRO rotary shaft seals offer a double sealing as an additional feature. All rotary shaft seals that seal against the atmosphere have a so-called dust lip. This is positioned before the actual sealing lip and keeps dust, dirt and moisture away. This further increases the already good stability. INDIVIDUAL & AVAILABLE IN A SET The BGM PRO FKM / Viton® oil seals are available individually and in sets for almost all Vespa and Lambretta engines.


Buy bgm PRO oil seals here


Simmerrings bgm PRO

Simmerring sealing ring Shaft sealing ring for Vespa and Lambretta #Shaft sealing ring #Simmerring #bgm PRO


* Viton® / Teflon® are registered trademarks of DuPont Dow Elastomers

bgm oldie oil

Vintage 2-stroke oil for oldies

Our bestseller - bgm PRO 2-stroke oil as special edition“Oldie Edition”In a retro look.

In the cool vintage oil can in patina look, this oil is perfect for classic cars like Vespa and Lambretta but of course also Schwalbe, Simson, Heinkel Tourist, NSU Prima, NSU Lambretta etc.

2-stroke oil bgm PRO in Oldie Edition with vintage oil can Vespa Lambretta

Modern 2T engine oil in retro packaging

From the outside on old and beautifully trimmed, you get inside our modern and well proven bgm PRO two-stroke oil: Street Motor Oil 2-stroke synthetic - 1000ml. The vintage oil can with patina look looks great on your old scooter. For our Vespa Smallframe Generation XI we used eg the oil bottle holder from MRP:

Vintage oil can Vespa


The bgm PRO 2-stroke synthetic oil is a first-class and highly resilient two-stroke oil, which meets the strict Japanese JASO FC test standard. Based on an excellent base oil, many high-quality additives ensure excellent protection of all components. The high classification as JASO FC makes it extremely low in smoke, perfectly suited for use in engines with catalytic converters. The almost residue-free combustion keeps the entire exhaust tract clean and ensures a long service life of exhaust and cylinder. The special additives ensure a stable lubricating film in all temperature ranges under high engine load. Corrosion protection is just as much a matter of course as the self-mixing properties and usability in engines with oil pump and injection systems.

The classification in the highest ISO test category impressively proves the high load capacity and quality of BGM Synthetic Oil.

Order your retro oil here

Inexpensive economy pack

The oil is also available directly in a cheap way economy pack with 6 bottles.

Save cheap oil economy pack


  • For all two-strokes (self-mixing, separate lubrication, injectors etc.)
  • For all air- & water-cooled two-stroke engines
  • Much cleaner than mineral oil combustion
  • smoke alarm
  • Flash point: 72 ° C
  • Pour point: -22 ° C
Vespa PX old speedometer up to 160km / h from bgm PRO

Vespa PX old speedometer up to 160km / h from bgm PRO

Vespa PX old Speedo bgm PRO 160km / h for Vespa PX up to '84

This is the bgm PRO speedometer up to 160km / h for the old Vespa PX with the small speedometer without fuel gauge. A precise eddy current measuring unit with a display range up to 160km / h makes it so special! The standard speedometer has only 120km / h to offer here

This high-quality precision speedometer for your Vespa replaces 1: 1, the speedometer installed ex works by Piaggio.

Vespa PX speedometer 160km / h bgm PRO - speedometer for old Vespa PX up to 160 km / h

Why does a Vespa PX need a speedometer up to 160?

With us in our shop ( You also get engine tuning and transmission technology that will push your production speedometer to its limit already in second or third gear - we feel responsible to provide you with to an appropriate speedometer.

Your Vespa doesn't go 160?

So what? As a child, did you always press your nose against the windscreen to check the speedometer to see how fast the car could go? With the 160 bgm speedometer - does your scooter already go 160 when it is standing still. Too much of a good thing for you? Of course we also have speedometers up to 120km / h, which are also perfect for a clean original restoration.

Now drive here with one click 160


Original optics

Tip: The classic appearance is preserved, the existing speedo cable and the original speedo sprocket can simply be used further.

Therefore you can find this speedometer as spare part in our exploded drawings:

Suitable for example for the following Vespa and Motovespa models:

Vespa front shock absorber bgm PRO SC Ccmpetition

Popular shock absorber for Vespa Oldies available again!

bgm offers High-end Vespa suspensions with TÜV for old and new Vespa models!

In this video eg someone enjoys the summer on his old Vespa T4 the Vespa shock absorber front bgm PRO SC COMPETITION.

Shock absorber front bgm PRO SC COMPETITION for Vespa Largeframe Rally, Sprint, GT / GTR, TS, GL, Super, VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB Wideframe V30-33, VM, VN, VL, GS150 / GS3, VB, ACMA (1952-), Hoffmann Queen



bgm PRO SC Competition Shock Absorber

The bgm PRO SC Competition shock absorber is a further development of the successful BGM PRO F16 Sport series. Visually the Competition series differs from the external expansion tank. This allows an even better response behavior due to a larger volume compared to the sport shock absorber. At the same time the effective adjustment range of the damping has been increased.


The competition shock absorber has a different basic tuning compared to the sport shock absorber. Therefore it is very well suited for use with stiff sport springs like the new bgm PRO spring.

The rebound and compression settings also counteract the typical brake pitching, but also effectively counteract the rapid rebound in short bumps. This means that the competition damper offers a lot of reserves even in high-performance vehicles. The wide range of suspension settings naturally also allows the use of a standard spring, which means that a comfortable ride is still possible with a soft damper adjustment.



Due to the optimized installation dimension of 165mm the damper fits without problems on all 8 inch models without pretensioning the spring or changing the angle of the swingarm. When mounted, the external expansion tank is largely covered by the fender, thus preserving the original look of the vehicle front. As with the F16 Sport series, the damper body is made of hard anodized aluminum. The damper is available in black and silver.


We also offer the bgm Competition shock absorber as a set with the bgm suspension spring which perfectly matches the reinforced shock absorber!


bgm Buy PRO shock absorber set

Vespa GTS custom conversion tuning

Vespa GTS conversion, tuning -> Vespa GTS custom scooter

Before we come to the Vespa GTS conversions, first a small review:

The Wasp has been a collector's item since the 50s, and the owner has always liked to individualize it. For the conversion of the Vespa, accessories and add-on parts such as mirrors, crash bars, speedometers, badges, anti-theft devices, decorative trims, heatable handles, child seats, passenger seats, fuel gauges and chrome accessories from manufacturers such as Ardor, Appel, Ulma and Vigano were used.

Wasp Wideframe Accessories

In the 80's

In England, a movement is sprouting up with mods and the scooter boys, which will soon spill over the channel into Germany and the rest of Europe and will cast a spell over them.
Vespa / Piaggio itself now offers a range of accessories.

There's no accounting for taste! Some people overdid it a little bit in the wild 80s and screwed everything to their Vespa, which the accessory market offered.

Vespa PX with accessories

The 90's and 2000's

This is the birth of the Scooter Center: 1992. The Scooter scene is at its zenith in Germany and Europe. Thousands meet on weekends at scooter meetings = scooter runs, like the SCOOTERDIVE and many other events to celebrate the vehicles, the music, themselves and the lifestyle

Custom shows” take place, in the off-season these are independent events with previous and / or following party = Nighter. At the scooter custom show the elaborately converted scooters are exhibited and judged by a jury. The biggest custom shows were eg in Hamburg, Munich or the Extravaganza in the Ruhr area and of course since 2008 also our Scootershow in Cologne.

Today: 2020 Modern Vespa models

Until today not much has changed: The modern Vespa is more powerful and the engine tuning becomes a little more complex due to the introduction of digital engine control, but the urge for individualization and optimization of the Vespa is unbroken. Not without reason: For years the Vespa has regularly been leading the sales list of motorcycles, naturally you want to stand out from the crowd! And the chassis of the Vespa GTS, for example, has clear potential for optimization. Not for nothing, our bgm PRO shock absorbers are test winners and best sellers for the GTS. Also LED indicators and LED headlights for GTS & Co are gladly converted.

In our Vespa shop we offer you with our own brands bgm and MOTO NOSTRA and selected accessories and tuning suppliers (like Piaggio, bgm, Moto Nostra, Malossi, Polini, Remus, Scorpion, Akrapovic, Leo Vince, HD Corse, Power 1, a wide range of tuning and accessories for your modern Vespa GTS, Primavera or Sprint .

Do you already know our specials - catalogs?


Then as now, there are of course stages of individualization. You can do a lot yourself, but if you are talking about an extreme custom project, you are well advised to consult a professional. Like for example our partner Cafe Racer 69 from Berlin:

Cafe Racer 69

Vespa GTS 300 HPE Custom


At Cafe Racer 69 in Berlin you get a professional customization of your Vespa. As already mentioned, even with the current Vespa models, be it 125 or 300, Vespa GTS or Vespa Primavera & Vespa Sprint, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the standard condition. Also because the creative Berlin team is supplied by us with eg bgm & Moto Nostra, you can be sure to get only the highest quality parts!

  • engine power,
  • Drive,
  • Chassis
  • brakes,
  • Painting
  • etc.

The Berliners also offer pure optical tuning of your Vespa. The purely optical changes can be eg

  • Powder-coated
  • attachments,
  • trims,
  • fittings,
  • Benches
  • etc.

Vespa GTS tuning with TÜV

Our bgm PRO Shock absorbers for Vespa GTS are of course TÜV approved. For changes to the chassis, brakes and rims it is sometimes also necessary to adapt the axle mounts. These adaptations for a roadworthy seat without track offset and adaptations of ABS & ASR always require a technical approval by an expert (DEKRA, TÜV) and can be done at Cafe Racer 69.


Vespa GTS Custom Scooter Compilation

In this video you will find the ultimate Vespa GTS Custom and Vespa GTS conversion compilation. Let yourself be inspired!

Best Vespa GTS Custom TOP Vespa GTS Conversion Vespa GTS 300 Tuning Compilation

Vespa GTS 300 Tuning and Vespa GTS Custom Scooter by Cafe Racer 69

Exhaust Vespa PK 50 bgm PRO BigBox TOURING

NEW: Exhaust bgm PRO BigBox TOURING for Vespa PK50 & PK125

Quite secretly a new one racing exhaust for Vespa PK has crept into our shop. Today we present the new Vespa PK exhaust from bgm PRO.

Vespa PK racing exhaust - bgm PRO BigBox Vespa PK | HANDMADE in EUROPE

We have two versions:

  1. for Vespa PK50 & PK80 | BGM1050PK
    Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING PK- Vespa PK50, PK80 (S / XL / XL2 / HP / SS / Lusso)
  2. for Vespa PK125 & PK75 | BGM1125PK
    Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING PK- Vespa PK125 (S / XL / XL2 / ETS), Motovespa PK75 (S / XL / Junior)

The history of this exhaust system lies in the fact that there were no original Piaggio exhaust systems for the PK 50 models. During the development of a new exhaust we recognized the potential and were able to develop a sport exhaust with Original optics, low noise level and a significant increase in performance. The bgm PRO quality exhaust is now handmade in Europe Y es immediately available: bgm PRO BigBox TOURING Vespa PK

bgm PRO BigBox Touring VS Sito PLUS

On the dynamometer it looks like this:

Vespa PK racing exhaust dynamometer


bgm PRO BigBox for your Vespa PK

Vespa PK exhaust with more power, discreet look & low noise

The bgm PRO exhaust in the TOURING version thus provides the discreet look and acoustics of an original Vespa exhaust, combined with a sports exhaust characteristic with high torque and wide power band. This system was originally designed as a replacement for the original Piaggio exhaust systems, which are no longer available. In the meantime we have developed it to a full fledged, Modern sports exhaust system.

We attached great importance to a good performance with a Discreet noise level as well as a good fit.

  • Significantly more power
  • Quiet racing exhaust
  • good fit
  • Original optics
  • High and early torque
  • Wide speed range
  • More final speed
  • Very unobtrusive
  • Fits without modifications
  • Handmade in Europe

The bgm PRO Sport TOURING harmonizes very well with a standard engine as well as with the classic tuning cylinders like the

  • Polini 75-112,
  • DR75-102 or
  • Malossi 75-112
  • Polini 133

Exhaust Vespa PK 50 bgm PRO BigBox TOURING

Easy mounting

The relatively far down split manifold allows a quick disassembly of the exhaust body without having to loosen the manifold on the cylinder. The connection is secured by tension springs in a stable but quickly detachable way.

For safety reasons we recommend to start with 2-4 numbers more than a standard exhaust.


  • exhaust body
  • exhaust manifold
  • Exhaust Springs
  • Cylinder / manifold gasket

Vespa PK Exhaust TIP:

  1. Adjust spraying, see above.
  2. Some heat-resistant sealing compound ( accessories for the exhaust) between manifold and exhaust body keeps this area permanently clean.

Exhaust PK 50: Matching Vespa PK

The PK exhaust fits the following Vespa PK 50 and Vespa PK 80 models:

Exhaust PK 125: Matching Vespa PK

The PK exhaust fits the following Vespa PK 125 and Vespa PK 75 models:

Order here: modern Vespa PK exhaust
Scooter maneuvering aid Vespa, Lambretta etc.

bgm maneuver ring aid for scooters now finally available again!

Stable steel scooter maneuvering aid for Vespa, Lambretta etc.

Scooter maneuvering aid: Parking, unparking, parking everything is child's play!

The maneuver ring aid for scooters from bgm is designed to maneuver your scooters safely and comfortably even in the smallest gaps. This maneuver ring plate for scooters with main stand is adjustable in width from 34cm to 62cm and can therefore be used for many vehicles. Examples see below.

Of course this bgm PRO quality maneuvering aid is made of galvanized steel! This solid construction allows a load of up to 200kg. For comparison: a Vespa PX 200 for example weighs only about 115kg, so there is enough safety and weight reserve.

Clever maneuvering aid for all classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters ideal for workshop, garage, shed, cellar, storage room or living room. So your scooter also looks good in the living room and is quickly pushed aside when wiping / vacuuming. Perfect also to park the vehicle in a narrow garage quickly and without effort.

Order your shunting aid here

maneuver ring aid for scooters in the video:

Maneuvering aid for Vespa and Lambretta as well as many other scooters


Simply place the maneuvering aid under the scooter and jack it up with the main stand. The front wheel is now free and the scooter can be moved easily via the rear wheel and the 4 extremely easy running and steering rollers. The scooter can now be easily maneuvered to any angle, very easy and without any effort,

  • Adjustable in width, therefore suitable for many vehicles.
  • Stand width: min 34cm - max 62cm
  • Solid galvanized steel construction.
  • The maneuvering aid has a load capacity of up to 200 kg, and each roller can carry a weight of up to 50 kg.
Order here now


With the extension kit for the rear wheel the scooter can be turned on the spot! Because this way the front and rear wheels no longer have contact with the ground. So the scooter can be stored well and safely even in the smallest corner and can be easily brought out again.

Maneuvering aid add-on extension

Shunting aid extension in the video:

Extension set scooter maneuvering aid bgm PRO Vespa

Example vehicles with main stand that fit on the shunting plate:

bgm PRO oil bottle

bgm PRO oil with new bottle design

Our bgm two-stroke oils now come with #EasyFill.

The classification into the highest test categories impressively proves the high load capacity and quality of bgm synthetic oil. So we didn't need to optimize our oil, which is great. Of course we ride our bgm PRO oil in our scooters ourselves, and that's when we noticed that there was potential for optimization in the bottle design.

Now we have a new bottle that makes clean refueling & dispensing extremely easy! Little by little we will put it on all bgm oil-wrong ones.

bgm PRO Oil - New Design 2T Oil Bottle with EasyFill bgm Tuning OIL


bgm PRO STREET 2-stroke oil

The bgm PRO STREET synthetic oil is a first-class and highly durable two-stroke oil which meets the strict Japanese JASO FC test standard. Based on an excellent base oil, many high quality additives ensure excellent protection of all components. The high classification as JASO FC makes it extremely low in smoke, perfectly suited for use in engines with catalytic converters. The almost residue-free combustion keeps the entire exhaust tract clean and ensures a long service life of exhaust and cylinder. The special additives ensure a stable lubricating film in all temperature ranges under high engine load. Corrosion protection is just as much a matter of course as the self-mixing properties and usability in engines with oil pump and injection systems.

bgm PRO RACE 2-stroke oil

The bgm PRO RACE fully synthetic is a 100% synthetically produced high performance two-stroke oil. Extremely resilient, it is the first choice in all high-quality and powerful two-stroke engines. It meets the highest of the strict Japanese JASO test standards. In thermally highly stressed air and water-cooled engines, it provides excellent protection for all components. Sports and racing engines benefit from the special additives that provide an extremely stable lubricating film that withstands the highest pressures and temperatures of pistons, bearings and raceways. The low flash point enables full performance from the start of the engine and clean combustion even at partial load. The high classification as JASO FD makes it extremely low in smoke, perfectly suited for use in engines with catalytic converters. The extraordinarily residue-free combustion keeps the entire exhaust tract clean and ensures a long service life of exhaust and cylinder. Excellent corrosion protection is as much a matter of course as the self-mixing properties and the usability in engines with oil pumps.

the bgm PRO SPORT tire in hand

bgm SPORT tires now available in the tubeless version (TL)

Now available:
Scooter tire bgm SPORT Tubeless3
.50-10 ″ TL 59S 180 km / h (reinforced)

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100% Made in Germany | Approval up to 180 km / h

The bgm SPORT tire is the right choice for all sporty ambitious scooter riders. Thanks to the superior rubber compound and sophisticated tread design, this new scooter tire is able to handle all situations. the release up to 180 km / h makes it definitely the first choice for all powerful engine concepts.

New scooter tires bgm PRO SPORT - Now available 3.50-10 Vespa


  • Sports tires approved for speeds up to 180 km / h - ideal for high-performance engines and corresponding registrations
  • Tubeless / tubeless
  • Additional REINFORCED marking.
  • Extremely strong carcass for perfect straight-line stability and excellent line fidelity during fast cornering.
  • V shape instead of U shape. This means that the tire steers much better into the bend and offers more contact area when leaning.
  • Specially adapted material mixture (silica compound) for excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.
  • 100% Made in Germany.

TIP: tubeless rims bgm PRO


Pictures bgm scooter tire

Lambretta ignition BGM PRO

The Lambretta ignition

The bgm PRO Lambretta ignition was one of the first of our bgm products. Now the latest version 4.5 with silicone cable is available: bgm PRO ignition base plate

The first sample of the ignition base plates was presented on our stand at the Eurolambretta '07 in Neckarsulm. The base plate of our ignitions is based on the electronic ignition, which was introduced in 1970 with the Lambretta dl 200 electronic. Later this Innocenti ignition base plate was “adapted” by Piaggio for the Vespa. This type of ignition is probably the most widespread model.

In direct comparison, the bgm PRO ignition base plate gives an extremely stable ignition spark and maximum light output due to the optimized number of turns and wiring.

bgm Buy Lambretta ignition here
New ignitions for Vespa and Lambretta from bgm PRO with silicone cable

bgm PRO Lambretta ignition base plate 4.5

With version 4.5 of the Lambretta ignition base plate, good things get even better. The good and proven features of our ignition remain and have been optimized in many small details:

  • 120W strong light output thanks to maximum number of windings
  • Proven excitation coil with copper plate for highest reliability
  • Pickup with carbon barrier layer for a clean ignition pulse
  • Cleanly processed light coils
  • High quality solder joints
  • Gray and black bougier tube
  • Sufficient cable length for individual cabling
  • Optional spacers to adjust the pickup height when used with other pole wheels than the bgm PRO rotor.

new features

  • Base plate in black
  • Scale with degree exact scaling for quick adjustment of the ignition when flashing
  • Silicone cables: extremely flexible & temperature resistant (-40 ° C to + 250 ° C).

The alternators are available as AC and DC versions:

      • AC = alternating current = light via alternator
      • DC = direct current = light via battery
bgm Buy Lambretta ignition here