CMD Mighty Kong - CNC machined aluminum dust cover to reinforce engine casing (gear cluster) - for Vespa Largeframe (PX, T5, Cosa, Sprint, Rally ...)

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CMD Mighty Kong - CNC machined aluminum dust cover for rear wheel

Crazy Monkey Development has launched a new item ... The 'Mighty Kong' replaces the common protection for the brake pads on the rear wheel. This top-quality CNC dust cover “made in Germany” was machined from a solid block of high strength aluminum (EN AW-7075).

CMD offers high-quality items which offer much more than their basic function.

This dust cover also features an integrated and massive support of the gear cluster for the engine casing. For powerful and high-torque engines, if you shift the gears but these don't engage properly, this may cause an overstress of this crucial part of the Vespa Largeframe engine casing. The CMD Mighty Kong reduces this risk.

CMD Mighty Kong

This high-quality part fits all Vespa Largeframe engines with 10 inch tires: Vespa PX, T5, Cosa, Rally, Sprint, TS, GT, GTR, GL, LML Star / Stella 2-stroke. Another particular feature: for the mounting it's possible to use the M6 ​​thread already available on the engine casing (only Pinasco).

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