The Max Speed ​​Festival was a great event!

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The Max Speed ​​Festival was a great event!

Everyone had a lot of fun, some really stressful competition, and by the way, we were successful fastest scooter in Europe determined.

The name of our sponsor was program: GoFastSports.

With starters from Russia (1.000km journey !!!), Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, France, England, Poland and of course Germany, the MSF was a mixed bag international event.

Also mixed because Vespa, Lambretta and automatic scooters started with each other.

As promised, top-class exhibitors in the pit lane and international VIPs were among the participants and visitors. Marc Broadhurst (MB Developments) traveled specially from England on his BMW. Sticky came to report for Scootering. Harry Barlow (Pro Porting) was without a racing scooter this time, but still in racing fever.

Maxiscoot from France presented itself with a lightning-fast 2-cylinder Sprinter. Scooter Attack surprised with one fully disguised prototypeswhich unfortunately could not be extended due to too much crosswind and a gearbox that was too long for the unexpectedly short distance.

Andreas Wrobel started with 2 Lambrettas. Darrel and Pete from SES Tuning Services from England with Lambretta and Italjet Dragster, respectively, were among the hardest-working drivers. You could see the fun of it !!

The whole Scooter Center Team thanks participants, visitors and the weather gods for a great weekend.

Um 7:00 we started building. The well-rehearsed SCOOTER CENTER Team handled it perfectly again.

Getting up was not as easy as it was on Saturday morning 5:00 the alarm rang. The evening before we had met our English guests for dinner and a few bottles were opened. Those who were there on Saturday could see one or the other, but especially Sticky ... it turned out to be a long night with a short sleep. Fortunately we had enough GoFast! at the beginning.

Um 9:00 The first visitors came and everyone was soon busy unloading scooters and making final adjustments. Immediately came Racing feeling up and gasoline was in the air.

When our measuring system was set up, the wind unfortunately got stronger and transported the sound exactly in the wrong direction -> towards the residential area.

In order not to endanger the entire event, we decided at short notice to shorten the route from 600m to 400m. After all, noise measurements from the office were supposed to take place today and the event was threatened with breaking off.

After the break, we extended the distance to 450m, unfortunately we couldn't do more. Most of the participants were happy because their automatic scooters were geared up too short anyway. Of course, there were also more ambitious participants who had geared their gears designed for 600 meters.

But in the end everyone had the same conditions and so it was a fair one and above all exciting competition.

SCOOTER CENTER delivers convincing performance.

Not only did the event go great, so did our scooters:

Torsten from Scooter Center Team drove the SCK-Piaggio Zip highest speed (159,4km / h). Torsten also drove the “Rubbish Racer” fastest Lambretta (148,8km / h), even before Andreas Wrobel from Worb 5 with his "About 5" and the "Spezi".

Andi Köster from Scooter Center Team drove with "Marita", ours NOS sprinter the highest speed in the class of charged scooters (156,9 km / h).

In spite of this or because of this, we decided not to award ourselves trophies as the organizer. So the trophy for 1st place went to the Maxiscoot team. The “leader” of the French team Maxiscoot with a 2-cylinder engine from the Italian tuner Catamiano ran like clockwork with a remarkable sound and the scooter shot with them 157,0 km/h along the route.

Only the SCK ZIP was 2,4 km / h faster, making it the fastest scooter:
Piaggio Zip with Torsten Wengeler as the driver for the Scooter Center Team (159,4km / h).

Of course, I also started myself: a lot of fun and I can only recommend everyone to be there next time!

All results with exact figures will be available here shortly. Photos as well ...

See you at the ScooterDive or the ChillOut Meeting.

  1. Dennis
    Dennis sagte:

    yes yes the foolish one, I had to multiply him first with the porn cinema so that he really hits the gas with the "Rubbish Racer".

  2. ZIP pilot
    ZIP pilot sagte:

    ... back from my well-deserved 3-day vacation, I would like to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who was present at this event and therefore, in my opinion, made this event a great event for BOTH scooters (switch scooters and automatic scooters).
    You had the opportunity to see both sides and to follow the racing events. (Whereby one should note that the scooters - I think - with the actually imagined 600 meters would also have played a major role in the top results)
    Furthermore, the various teams such as Scooter Attack, WORB 5, SES, MAxiscoot, Mirage Racing Team, RTI, Rollerklinik, Scooterkingz, Klaus KS, SK, MTB, Kübler, all other teams as well as all private individuals (starters & spectators & press) contributed to this There was a nice get-together and peaceful togetherness on that day and made it a fair, great racing day for everyone. ... even if it was only 450 meters thanks to O-AMT ... cu soon

    My personal special thanks to Kalle / Eddi for everything - you know, Harry & Shawn- thanxxs for Rubbish time, Dennis ;-), Tommi for the start-up help, Klaus KS and all my dear MA & bosses ;-) and me now I forgot ...

  3. Jens Lochler
    Jens Lochler sagte:

    The MIRAG Racing Team would like to thank the organizer again. The organization did a great job.

    Despite the racing fever, the fairness did not fall by the wayside and all teams had “FUN” written on the flags.

    We look forward to the next exciting races

  4. Yep
    Yep sagte:

    Hello. Sorry guys, but I doesn't really understand the German language. If someone can tell me the best results like top 3 ore something for the scootermatic 70 cc. HIGHEND class it would be great!

    Ps: I prefer to get a reply in english or best of all danish. :)

    See You on Saturday, Jeppe.

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