LTH Race ESC Race Liedolsheim June 19, 2021

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ESC Eurochallenge Scooter Racing Liedolsheim 2021

LTH Race 19.06.2021 Liedolsheim - Blechvespen on Fire

Scooter racing, event support and racing teams has im Scooter Center a long tradition! That's how it is Scooter Center zusammen mit bgm again this year sponsor of European Scooter Challenge (ESC).

On the weekend of June 19.06.2021, XNUMX that was possible first ESC race of this year's season, under strict CORONA conditions. Despite a complex organization, the LTH ESC team managed to make the race possible for the participants.

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The weather forecast suggested something good and so the first participants arrived on the legendary area of ​​the kart track in Liedolsheim on Thursday evening. We remember the legendary “RUN & RACE” events in Liedolsheim only too well.

The new classes K7 (moped) and K8 (pit bike) were very well received and we were able to welcome many new faces.

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Training on Friday

Despite temperatures around 38 degrees, many did not miss it on Friday and trained throughout the day on the route reserved for us.

You could already see on Friday that the machine, tires and driver were suffering from the hot temperatures. Nevertheless, the drivers' meeting started on Saturday morning at 08:30 a.m., highly motivated.

After training and qualification, the races started after the lunch break at 13 p.m.

Raceday on Saturday

The start was in 4 groups, whereby several classes were combined:

The new classes K7 and K8 started together
as well as K3 + K6 and the strongest classes K1 + K2 + K4.

The K5 got its own group with an outstanding number of 19 participants.

Simson mopeds from Thuringia

Two participants in the K8 even took the long way from Thuringia on to get on with your Simson mopeds to start. The machines also aroused great interest among Vespa drivers and many "petrol talks" were held.


New participants "Rookies"

We were especially happy about two rookies again.

Julian started with his newly built Vespa in K1. However, he's been on the track for a long time and is still starting in the K8 as a double starter with his moped.

In addition, No. 599 tried its hand at Michi in the very strong field of the K5. Despite a few small falls, he held up bravely and even received the trophy for “Best Rookie”.


Old hands on their own

After a long period of abstinence, two old hands mingled with the participants again.

Falco started with his PX, which was already there in the first ESC races in the 2000s. Unfortunately, in the first race, after a technical defect and a spectacular highsider, he had to give up the "old" women.

Veit drove with his tested and approved PK on Saturday morning from Stuttgart to Liedolsheim to take part in the race after his warm-up ride with the "bullet". The scooter survived all three races with flying colors and Veit was able to drive home on his own two wheels on Sunday. What an achievement!

Racing at its finest

In the open K1 and limited K4 Smallframe Classes it came back to racing at its best. The four-way battle of the last few years between Achim, Robert, Albert and Marco was enriched in Liedolsheim by the K1 newcomer Valentino Randazzo. These delivered gripping position changes at the top. In the end, Albert had the most physical and driving reserves and secured three impressive race victories. The fastest lap time of last year was clearly undercut again with 52,39s and is now on the level of the old top class K2.

Fastest lap with a moped

Julian Bartsch achieved the fastest time of the day with his 25PS moped with a 52,37s, which shows that there are hardly any differences in speed between the mopeds, pit bikes and scooters among the top drivers and that they work well together.


Winner & Corona Race

Due to the Corona restrictions, the usual party in the evening was unfortunately canceled, but that will certainly be made up for.

The daily ranking for Liedolsheim:


K1 - Scooter CP Limited

  • 1st place: 113 Valentino Randazzo
  • 2nd place: 104 Thomas Lenkeit
  • 3rd place: 192 Michael Sätzler

K2 - Proto Open

  • 1st place: 200 Veit Nübel
  • 2nd place: 243 Tim Simon


K3 - Largeframe GT

  • 1st place: 377 Toni Fattorusso
  • 2nd place: 392 Marco Abbate
  • 3rd place: 344 Stefan Kummermehr


K4 - Smallframe Corse “Trofeo Parmakit Challenger”

  • 1st place: 490 Albert Heigold
  • 2nd place: 401 Robert Leibfarth
  • 3rd place: 477 Marco Büttner


K5 - Smallframe GT

  • 1st place: 585 Felix Richter
  • 2nd place: 578 Jonas Specker
  • 3rd place: 531 Christoph Maier


K6 - Street Racer

  • 1st place: 633 Paul Ullrich
  • 2nd place: 618 Hanna Simon
  • 3rd place: 623 Roman Kulesza


K7 - pit bike

  • 1st place: 710 Frank Blank
  • 2nd place: 791 Julien Dammert
  • 3rd place: 723 Phillip Schade


K8 - Mopped, Mokick & Moped

  • 1st place: 891 Julian Bartsch
  • 2nd place: 888 Patrick Frank
  • 3rd place: 801 Michael Braun


Fastest race lap

  • 891 Julian Bartsch -52.371


Best rookie

  • 599 Michele Platt

European Scooter Challenge

All drivers are looking forward to the second race of the season in three weeks in Cheb (June 10.06.2021th, XNUMX), where last year's championship ceremony will also take place.

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Video: Vespetta Racing / Pictures: Albert Lohff