1 liter Vespa scooter reserve canister

FuelFriend, the smallest fuel canister on the market!

The season is in full swing! Many Vespisti are on their way to the Vespa World Days to Saint Tropez / South France. Next year it won't be quite that far for Vespa fans traveling from Germany - the Vespa World Days 2017 take place in Celle / Germany.

Either way, the scooter tours with friends are great fun. With the optimal equipment make it just a tad more fun and it will make the trip even more fun much safer!

Transporting luggage on Vespa

Proper stowage of luggage is an important point. Your luggage should be attached to the scooter as centrally and securely as possible. Preferably with a bag that lasts at least as long as your Vespa: with the SEA'N'SAND T-Bag Vespa travel bag (Leg shield pocket / tunnel pocket / footwell pocket).

Increase the range of your Vespa

Have you ever been left without fuel? The range of our beloved scooters is not always very large and may be even smaller with appropriate tuning measures. Here we have a great tip: the permanent and safe mini fuel reserve, that too even fits in the smallest luggage or helmet compartment! The scooter reserve canisters with a capacity of 1, 2 or 3 liters fit into the glove compartment of the Vespa PX, T5, etc. see photos:

Petrol can FuelFriend PLUS 1L

  • the smallest fuel canister on the market
  • the emergency reserve for motorcycles, scooters, quads and other small engines
  • small pack size, extremely stable, meets the highest security requirements
  • with laterally introduced eyelets for fastening with tension band etc.
  • E10 suitable
  • Range up to 30 km
  • with black screw connection
  • Outlet pipes as a separate accessory:

Dimensions Vespa 1 liter canister

  • Inside-Ø of the filling opening = 29mm
  • Depth = 65mm
  • Width = 125mm
  • Height = 165mm

Also available as a 2 liter reserve canister and larger:


Vespa bag for Vespa PX, Rally and Sprint

High quality custom made Vespa bag for the footwell / leg shield

Vespa t-bag Vespa px

Very finely processed small series!

With this great Vespa travel bag the luggage is where it belongs: at the center of gravity of the scooter - in the middle and far below.

Advantages of the Vespa T-Bag:

  • Lots of storage space safely packed
  • Safe use of the foot brake
  • Refueling is also possible with the bag fitted
  • Quick and safe assembly without drilling
  • Keys, sunglasses, wallet - everything you need is ready to hand
  • It is securely connected to your Vespa via 3 fixings
  • With backpack function
  • 26 liters storage volume
  • Waterproof
  • Side reflectors for better visibility
  • By scooter drivers for scooter drivers - proven in practice
Order your Vespa travel bag here

Vespa T-Bag by scooter riders for scooter riders

Vespa bag for scooterists

For the big tour, the daily commute or your shopping ...

After the market launch of the T-BAG for the GTS in 2014, there is now finally the footwell pocket for the Largeframe- Sheet metal rollers, especially the models Vespa PX Lusso and PX old.

Vespa bag Vespa PX

The main features of the new development are adjustments in the foot area for which safe use of the rear brake, as well as a model-specific fastening concept.

One major, 3 minor subjects

The lightly padded bag has a main compartment, two secondary compartments (top and side) as well as a glasses compartment padded with velor foam on the inside.
As usual, all compartments are closed with splash-proof zippers.

vespa t bag

Quick and safe assembly without drilling

The bag is attached to the front of the leg shield with two pads. These have strong magnets and clamp hooks (no drilling necessary).

The bag is connected via adjustable straps with the LOXX quick release system. There is another attachment on the side of the frame tunnel on the step plate. Here, a reinforced belt strap is stretched over luggage eyelets and fixed with a side bar buckle. Luggage eyelets and screws are included with the bag.

For quick transport, the bag has a handle on top, as well as adjustable and padded shoulder straps for the Backpack use. All fastening and carrying straps can be stowed away.

For better visibility in traffic are laterally reflective tapes integrated.

Vespa t-bag mounting

Dimensions of the T-BAG PX:

W 300 x H 420 x D 330 mm
26 liters room volume

Order your Vespa travel bag here