Scooter Center Voucher

The Scooter Center Voucher - a gift for scooter drivers

Especially now, just before Christmas, a great thing for large and small gifts: the Scooter Center Online voucher:

Dancing, singing, painting - in person or contactless - the last minute gift for those in a hurry

After payment has been made, you will receive the voucher immediately as a PDF sent. the Scooter Center Voucher is valid immediately and you can use it right away face-to-face or contactless hand over. You have various options for this, leave yours Imagination & Creativity run free or just use ours finished voucher for example:

  • Print out, fold and in the envelope hand it over personally or by post
  • Voucher directly by email or forward messenger
  • Copy the voucher code from the voucher and via messenger / mail send out
  • Print out the voucher and do it yourself paint / design
  • Copy the voucher code from the voucher and make your own voucher
  • Memorize voucher code and sing on the phone
  • Memorize voucher code and audition
  • ...

Scooter Center Voucher

A great gift! For the simple process, please note the following:

  • Only one voucher can be redeemed per purchase
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • Please choose a direct payment method such as PayPal or credit card. If you pay for your voucher with the payment method “prepayment”, the voucher will only be sent after the money has been received on our account.
  • Scooter Center Online vouchers can only be redeemed in our web shop.
  • No bonus points are credited for purchasing a voucher.

How is the Scooter Center Redeemed voucher?

The voucher becomes easy In the shopping cart Redeemed. Only one voucher can be redeemed per purchase.

Scooter Center redeem voucher

Scooter Center Voucher

Our vouchers for immediate download - your last minute gift for scooter drivers


In our shop -> Giftware and here in the blog you can find great -> gift ideas for scooter drivers.


A real Last minute gift for every occasion, is ours Scooter Center Voucher. Available in 10 € / 25 € / 50 € / 75 € / 100 €, it can be downloaded and printed out or sent by mail / messenger a minute before the presents are delivered. The voucher is then immediately valid, provided you choose a direct payment method such as PayPal or credit card.

Scooter Center Download the gift voucher here


Save the postage now and use a 10% discount - voucher!

Scooter Center now delivers postage free! But only for a short time!

We now deliver to Germany, Austria and many EU countries free postage.

Scooter Center Discount voucher - 10% discount

Our Scooter Center Discount coupon brings you additional 10% discount on your order from 100 euros. Order now and use the voucher code: "HELLO-16".

* Halloween promotion only for end customers, 10% discount from 100 euros purchase and cannot be combined with other discounts.
Free delivery to the following countries: DE, AT, FR, IT, ES, UK, BENELUX and only up to and including 1.11.2016

Favorable set prices for your scooter

Keep saving with ours low set prices such as:


Set with rim, tube and tire for scooters

Motor scooter revision set

Best Scootershop Thank you 1% discount

100.000 fans on Facebook & best scooter shop 2015

Wow - the last few days have been overwhelming! First we reach at Facebook's 100.000 likesBrand and then we're going to the fourth time in a row Best scooter shop in the GSF elected and on top of that, the summer is already a rendezvous in April. Scooter riding is really fun for us!

100.000 THANKS with a 10% discount

Best Scootershop Thank you 1% discount

As a small thank you we give this 10% voucher which is effective immediately:

Coupon Code: “100000”
The voucher is only available in Scooter Center Online-Shop Redeemable, only valid until April 20th and only for end customers with a purchase of 100,00 or more. Can not be combined with other discounts.



Scooter Center Sticker sheet with start numbers

Free sticker sheet with start numbers

For everyone Order scooter parts lwe are just now free sticker sheet plus - provided the package is big enough ;-)

The great thing about the Stickerbomb are the cool ones Start numbers for the sporty tuning look.
With the PURE SCOOTERING and NO STANDARD SCOOTERS - Scootering - Stickers you can share your attitude towards scootering. With the Scooter Center Logo stickers show that we are your favorite scooter shop ;-).

Scooter Center Sticker sheet with start numbers

The sticker sheets are of the highest quality and intended for outdoor use on the scooter. These awesome scooter stickers are in black and white .
We think our designer hit the bull's eye - we hope you like it as much as we do. Hopefully we will soon see a lot of scooters with the new stickers from the Scooter Center sticker bomb.

50 Euros Scooter Center Win a voucher

Post a photo in the Facebook comments  #scsticker   Where did you put your stickers on?


The photo with the most LIKES will receive a 50 Euro - Scooter Center Voucher for the Scooter Center Shop.




Great free stickers / stickers on sticker sheet / stickerbomb for your scooter parts order in Scooter Center Scooter shop!

Scooter Center discount coupon

Scooter Center discount coupon

All of those at ClassicDay could not be there, can now celebrate with us afterwards:

Only for a short time:

10% discount on all products in the online shop


That's how it works:

The voucher with the code CLASSICDAY14 simply insert into the voucher field in the shopping cart:

scooter center Voucher

* Only valid until October 5.10.2014th, 100 - only valid for end customers with a purchase of XNUMX euros or more and cannot be combined with other discounts

Vouchers from Scooter Center

You can find the current ones here Vouchers of the Scooter Center for Scooter Center Scootershop. Scooter spare parts for Vespa, Lambretta and automatic scooters.

Scooter Center Voucher for ScootershopScooter Center Voucher - value: 10 euros,

Product Code: COUPON-10W

Scooter Center Voucher for ScootershopScooter Center Voucher - value: 25 euros,

Product Code: COUPON-25W

Scooter Center Voucher for ScootershopScooter Center Voucher - value: 50 euros,

Product Code: COUPON-50W

Scooter Center Voucher for ScootershopScooter Center Voucher - value: 75 euros,

Product Code: COUPON-75W

Scooter Center Voucher for ScootershopScooter Center Voucher - value: 100 euros,

Product Code: COUPON-100W

Scooter Center - Pure Scootering since 1992!

The Scooter Center Scootershop has been around for 25 years. We have been at the start since 1992. We are a scooter shop from scooter drivers for scooter drivers and offer you spare parts, scooter tuning and accessories from all well-known manufacturers such as Malossi, Polini, LeoVince, Pinasco, Piaggio, Vespa, bgm. With us you are in good hands and you can shop safely. Thanks to professional logistics, we offer you the fastest shipping with DHL and UPS. Pay the way it suits you: e.g. by invoice, direct debit, credit card, cash on delivery or PayPal.

scooter center ONLINE SHOP GIFT CARD

Online voucher - to be redeemed in Scooter Center scooter shop

A small Present as a thank you, for birthday, for Santa Claus, at Christmas, at Easter: on many occasions it is often difficult to find a suitable present.

The SCOOTER CENTER Gift Vouchers are always a great idea for scooter riders.
Give away this wonderful voucher, it will definitely be very popular! The scooter parts gift voucher is suitable for every occasion 10, -, 25, -, 50, -, 75, - and with a value of 100 euros .

On request, we can also send this very high-quality voucher directly to the recipient (please specify the delivery address).
The lucky one can use the voucher right here in the SCOOTER CENTER Online-Shop Redeem for scooter parts.

scooter center VOUCHER for Scootershop Scooter Center GmbH Voucher Gift Idea - Vouchers

Nicholas Vespa gift

Nicholas Vespa gift

You will receive today, in addition to your order Scooter Center Online-Shop, the Vespa shaped cookie cutter (worth 3,99 euros) for free!

Simply put the cutter in the shopping cart and redeem this voucher: "Nikolaus"
Valid only today, only while stocks last. And each customer only 1 piece.

Have fun with it and have a nice St. Nicholas Day

Coupons discount SCOOTER CENTER

Coupons discount SCOOTER CENTER



Golden autumn

We gild your autumn!

This is a golden autumn as it is in the book and yours One stop scooter shop goes one step further: when SCOOTER CENTER you get now up to 15% discount and postage-free delivery - but only up to and including Monday October 3rd *:

The deal:

Postage free delivery and the following discounts:

Discount from purchase You save at least Coupon Code
5% 100 Euros 9,90 Euros sc5
10% 250 Euros 29,90 Euros sc10
15% 500 Euros 79,90 Euros sc15

* Only for end customers only on products that can be delivered while stocks last. Postage free to DE, AT, FR, IT. Only until October 3.10.2011rd, XNUMX. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.


Cosa couplings MMW V.2

High-end Vespa clutch from Germany

With the complete couplings from mmw we deliver you the carefree program in terms of clutch for every PX / Cosa - Vespa - engine.

There are different versions with Piaggio, Adige or even carbon pads as well as various translations.

Our tip!




SIEM Vespa original parts

We can offer you original Siem products for your old Vespa. (Headlights, taillights, switches, etc.) And as a highlight, of course, the glasses with the original SIEM lettering from back then.

Yes, SIEM, this is the original Vespa supplier who is responsible for Piaggio since the 50s eg headlights and taillights of the Vespa produced.

Many reproduction parts are available for the Vespa, but none comes in the Quality close to this original. High quality workmanship, and original Fitting distinguish this product. Just as it should be for an original part!




CDI Vintage -BGM PRO-

Article no. BGM6692

CDI Vintage -BGM PRO- Vespa 150 (VBB), GL 150 (VLA1T), GS 160 (VSB1T), SS 180 (VSC1T), Rally 180 (VSD1T), PX, Rally, PK XL, ET3 - with electronic ignition

bgm has for us in Handcraft a small series built by CDIs into the bakelite housing of Vespa VBB, GL, GS 160, SS 180 and Rally 180.

Perfect for the original lookwhen a modern PX engine has found its way into an old chassis. Also a great solution for conversions to electronic ignition that shouldn't be noticed at first glance through a squeaky blue CDI box.




Electronic ignition conversion kit - complete sets

Complete kit with which you can put your Vespa on maintenance-free, electronic ignition with strong 12 V Can convert light. So you finally have a light output that takes away the horror of driving in the dark.

The electronic ignitions are also maintenance-free. This eliminates the annoying adjustment of contacts, the risk of the smoked capacitor and contact flutter at high speeds.

Available for different models.

TIPP: Set for Vespa Smallframe by bgm



BGM - shock absorber



Cylinder -MONZA 225ccm V4.0 Ultimate- Lambretta

Article no. 7673565

The Monza 225 cc is new in our program. Layout very similar to TS1. However, two-part boost port, seven-fold screwed head and already with the Super Monza piston:

The Alternative to TS1. Especially since it will probably no longer be available this year.




Exhaust -AF NK Rally TS1- Lambretta series 1-3 - TS1

Article no. 7673529

Also new in the range of the AF NK Rally exhaust for TS1 and Monza.

The Winner in the Scootering TS1 exhaust test (March 2011). Not quiet, but a broad band, good torque and high peak performance.




Crankshaft -BGM Pro HPC 60mm stroke, 110mm connecting rod- Lambretta DL / GP 125-250ccm

Article no. BGM11065

And then our recommendation for all Lambretta engines. The bgm wave with 60 mm stroke and 110 mm Yamaha connecting rods.




-ANCILLOTTI V2- Lambretta series 1-3

We now offer the Ancillotti exhaust 2-part stainless steel elbow at. From now on you can also buy the manifold and muffler individually as spare parts:




ZCylinder -CASA LAMBRETTA 75ccm- Lambretta Lui 50, J 50

Article no. 8000505

Even the little Lambrettas can be given a helping hand in terms of performance. Recommendation number 1 remains the Casa cylinder:




-LUI & J - Tronic-

Thanks to the Luitronic, you can finally get the antiquated one Contact ignition in retirement send. No more readjusting contacts and replacing the capacitor:





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The Test stand campaign its working again:

Not only your Vespa but also your Lambretta or your automatic scooter are in perfect hands on our professional Amerschläger P4 performance test bench: 15 minutes in our professional test bench laboratory cost in the online shop only 24,50 euros - From every 250,00 Euro purchase you will receive the following voucher: P4-250 15 minutes free!

Totally easy: Simply slide the required amount of the test run into the shopping cart and the Voucher P4-250 specify. On the test stand ticket you will find the contact information for making an appointment for the test stand session here with us at SCOOTER CENTER in Bergheim - Glessen, at the gates of Cologne.

To the test run in SCOOTER CENTER - Shop:
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