Wasp Wideframe Tuning

bgm SUPERSTRONG Vespa Wideframe GS

The proven bgm SUPERSTRONG clutch is now also available for the Vespa GS150 / GS160 and SS180 models.

bgm SUPERSTRONG clutch Vespa Wideframe

Ready-to-install coupling for your Wideframe Wasp

The bgm PRO coupling is delivered ready for installation. The scope of delivery includes

  1. the assembled coupling,
  2. a new lock washer,
  3. Clutch cover gasket and
  4. Crescent wedge

We also recommend the same Pressure plate and the separating mushroom to replace, available here in a practical set!

The Superstrong GS coupling replaces the serial coupling of the GS / SS models 1: 1 and can usually * be used without further modifications. The clutch is available with 22 teeth (like original) or with 23 teeth (longer stocky). Helical teeth for use with the standard 67-tooth primary gear.

The bgm SUPERSTRONG 2.0 Ultralube coupling combines:

  • extreme durability,
  • absolute reliability and
  • easy operation

It is the foundation of any solid Vespa engine tuning. The CNC-manufactured clutch basket has excellent concentricity and extremely high torsional rigidity. The Vespa clutch thus offers perfect coupling behavior with a clearly defined grinding point and clean separation of the clutch linings.

It is suitable for that Touring riderwho values ​​high quality, as well as ambitious ones Racer, the one extremely resilient and stable coupling .

Wasp Wideframe Tuning


The latest generation of Superstrong clutches now has an innovative new technology: Ultralube.
Ultralube pumps (through precisely defined bores and centrifugal force) transmission oil both into the highly stressed hub profile (between clutch basket and clutch hub) and onto the clutch linings themselves.
This in the Vespa area unique technology makes the legendary Superstrong 2.0 clutch even more stable than it already is. A clutch designed to last.


The ready-to-install clutch is designed for a power range up to approx. 20PS / 22Nm by means of the mounted clutch springs. Reinforced springs (sold separately, bgm PRO XXL Reinforced clutch spring) expand the performance range of the clutch to over 40 hp. It is still easy to operate.


The scope of delivery includes the complete ready-to-install clutch with bgm PRO Cosa clutch facings and ten BGM PRO XL springs. A new O-ring for the clutch cover and a new crescent wedge are also included.


We also recommend a low-alloy gear oil of classes API GL3 / GL4 for high-performance engines in order to prevent the clutch from slipping even under extreme loads. This also applies to our bgm Superstrong couplings. The old engine oil specification SAE30 corresponds to today's transmission oil specification SAE 85W / 90. We recommend this as a lubricant bgm PRO Street gear oil (BGM2025, corresponds to specification API GL-3).

* In some cases it may be necessary to rework the clutch cover and arm, see Instructions & Video:

Instructions for installation and adaptation

You can also find the installation instructions here: Instructions

Tool list:

TIPP: Toptul tool

  • Ratchet; SW10
  • Slotted screwdriver sizes 5 to 6
  • Ratchet; SW14
  • Open-end wrench SW19
  • Torque wrench up to 100Nm
  • Clutch holding tool
  • Clutch puller

Item list, alternatives and accessories

bgm PRO Touring Alu Vespa Clutch Lining Cosa

Vespa Cosa clutch plates bgm PRO Touring Alu

bgm PRO Touring Alu - our new clutch linings from bgm PRO - now retrofit a Vespa Cosa clutch with the properties of the Honda CR80 clutch linings

The bgm PRO Touring Aluminum facings are greatly improved clutch discs for all Cosa clutches. Revolutionary clutch linings in the Honda CR80 style with significantly more surface, but that Plug & Play fit into the normal Cosa couplings!

bgm PRO Touring Alu Vespa Clutch Lining Cosa

Clutch linings BGM PRO TOURING Alu type COSA2

  • Perfect symbiosis of racing technology and reliability for touring riders
  • Suitable for all conventional Cosa2 clutch baskets (strap width as original, 14mm)
  • Aluminum carrier material with reinforced contact surface on the tabs
  • Sinter pad material such as Honda CR80 in a wide design

The bgm PRO Touring aluminum pads combine the advantages of the popular CR80 racing pads with the high demands of touring riders.

Buy clutch linings here

Vespa Cosa clutch upgrade


The linings use an aluminum carrier, the lugs of which have a large contact surface for the clutch basket. This makes the coverings very stable over the long term. The slow shearing of the tabs, which often occurs with conventional decks with steel girders, is completely eliminated due to the large contact surface. The aluminum also makes the coupling more thermally resilient. This is a great advantage in extreme situations (e.g. starting with a heavy load on a steep mountain pass), but also offers a reassuring reserve in everyday life. The width of the flaps is made to fit precisely, so that the pads are almost free of play in the basket.


The lining material for the clutch discs is the same for the bgm PRO TOURING aluminum linings high quality sintered material as used for the CR80 racing pads. Due to the larger contact surface in the TOURING variant, the coupling is softer and not aggressive. The large support surface also improves durability.

Vespa clutch facing Cosa



The bgm PRO TOURING aluminum clutch linings are available as 1: 1 replacement for conventional Cosa2 clutch facings designed. They harmonize perfectly with the standard steel discs.
The thickness of the pad package corresponds to that of the original, which means that no shims or spacers have to be used. The pads fit into all serial clutches of the Vespa Cosa2 models, into the PX125-200 models from year of construction 1998 as well as into all vehicles that have been retrofitted with a Cosa2 clutch. The linings are also compatible with clutches / clutch baskets based on the Cosa2 technology, e.g. clutch –SC-, MMW, Scooter & Service or Ultrastrong.  (Strap width as original = 14mm)



The pads are not suitable for clutches / baskets that have been specially manufactured to hold the CR80 clutch pads, e.g. BGM PRO Superstrong 2.0 CR80, ONKEL MIKE 'DDOG' CNC or similar (strap width CR80 = 16mm)


The set includes:

  • 1x clutch cover plate (one-sided covering)
  • 3x clutch friction disks (facing on both sides)

Sufficient for a Cosa2 coupling.

CONCLUSION: The BGM PRO TOURING aluminum clutch linings are an ideal upgrade for your Vespa Cosa2 clutch.

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