Digital degree disk -TSR Buzzwangle

Digital degree disc TSR Buzzwangle

Determine ignition timing and steering angle

Set Vespa ignition / Set Lambretta ignition with the digital degree disk -TSR Buzzwangle Ignition and Port Timing Tool- used to digitally measure the ignition point and the control angle on 2-stroke engines (BZZKIT1)

TSR buzzer

The BUZZWANGLE tool is designed to be able to determine both the ignition point and the control angle of a two-stroke engine (e.g. Vespa / Lambretta) in a very simple way. The device measures 360 ° with a resolution of 0,1 degrees. That is ten times more accurate than with a conventional degree disk!

The kit consists of a screw adapter for the most common pole wheel threads. The magnetic buzzer tool is placed on this adapter.

The screw adapter fits the following models:

  • “L” M27x1.25 - suitable for LAMBRETTA Innocenti (models LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP, J, Lui, A, B, C, LC, D and LD) and MZ vehicles
  • “V” M28x1.0 - suitable for almost all Vespa Largeframe and Smallframe Motors with pole wheel thread. Also for Piaggio / Gilera 125-180ccm Maximengines and SIP Vape ignitions.
  • “VT” M27x1.0 - suitable for Vespatronic retrofit ignitions. Can also be used for many classic 2-stroke motorcycles, e.g. Yamaha RZ350, RD350, RD250, RZ250, BANSHEE. Also suitable for GAS GAS motorcycles and Hondas that have a Kokusan ignition.
  • "P" M24x1.0 - suitable for Parmakit retrofit ignitions, also suitable for Aprilia RS125 and 50ccm engines from Kymco, MBK, Peugeot, Honda and Yamaha / MBK (Minarelli)



To do this, screw the piston stopper into the spark plug thread and turn the piston with the pole wheel against the stop. Now unscrew the adjusting screw of the piston stop until the piston just barely runs against a resistance. Now place the buzzer on the adapter screwed into the pole wheel thread and set it to ”0”. Now turn the pole wheel in the opposite direction until it runs against the stop of the piston stop again. Halve the value displayed by the device and turn the pole wheel again in the other direction until the halved value is reached. That's it: This is the exact top dead center!

How to use Buzzwangle Tool for ignition timing


Once the top dead center has been determined, a corresponding mark is made on the pole wheel and the motor housing. The BUZZWANGLE is now set to ”0” and the number of degrees before top dead center is displayed by turning the pole wheel. Once the desired value has been reached, the final marking for flashing is applied to the motor housing. To do this, simply transfer the previously set marking of the top dead center from the pole wheel to the motor housing. Now this marking can be done with a running engine Strobe flash lamp be checked and, if necessary, the ignition setting corrected until the marking on the pole wheel and the motor housing match.

Buzzwangle - Ignition Timing and Strobing - the Fastest Way


To do this, the BUZZWANGLE is placed on the adapter, the channel to be measured for the piston is blocked with a thin sheet of a feeler gauge and the tool is set to ”0”.
Now turn the crankshaft in the opposite direction until the piston hits the blade of the feeler gauge again. The tool now shows the exact control angle of the measured channel (minus the path blocked by the feeler gauge blade).

How to use Buzzwangle Tool to calculate 2 stroke port timing


Instructions via PDF: Buzzwangle digital degree disk