The most beautiful bench for Lambretta

Lambretta bench Pegasus Made in Italia

Pegasus bench - Ulf's favorite bench for Lambretta

Where does the Pegasus bench come from?
England was the only market where Lambretta sales exceeded Vespa sales!

The main reason for this is the excellent marketing strategy of the Lambretta Concessionaires. The Lambretta's success story is in Stuart Owens book Documented extensively and in great detail via the Lambretta Concessionaires (Article No. 3332513).

Pegasus bench, special models, color combinations

“Dealer Specials” The English brought attractive special models and special color combinations onto the market and there were those too Pegasus bench. This beautiful Lambretta bench was installed in the following models:

  • rallymaster,
  • Series 2,
  • TV 175 and
  • GT (TV) 200 models

There were different versions and specifications during production.

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Lambretta bench Pegasus

Handmade in Bella Italia

The bgm Pegasus Lambretta bench is made with a lot of love by hand in Italy: The frame is pressed from metal, the upholstery is made of high-quality foam and otherwise it corresponds optically and qualitatively to the original from the 60s

The frame is painted in the Innocenti color code 8082. The aluminum trim extends around the entire bench. The icing on the cake is the Pegasus lettering.

Order the bgm Lambretta Pegasus bench here