Vespa handlebar end indicators LED colorless / black / orange with TÜV certification

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Moto Nostra LED Vespa handleable end indicators in set and with E-mark

Our Moto Nostra Vespa handlebar end LED indicators feature the classic design of the genuine HELLA indicators and the modern LED technology. The indicators have HighPower LED on both sides of a plate and they give off a much brighter light in comparison with the conventional lighting

LED indicators for Vespa are available as single part or in set with the throttle and gear change tube. The indicator lenses are available as replacement and in different colors.

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Vespa LED handlebar end indicators orange yellow original

Vespa LED handlebar end indicators, tinted black Vespa LED handlebar end indicators clear white



The indicators fit all 6 or 12 Volt current sources, direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). They are also provided with an integrated control electronic unit which allows to select both voltage types. Even at low tension (eg at a low rev range) the indicators give off a constant signal.


The lenses are available in different colors and of course display the E-mark, which means that the indicators are homologated for use on public roads and need no further inspection by MOT.

Buy here Vespa handlebar end LED indicators


The indicators fit all the models which are factory equipped with handlebar indicators. for many Vespas scooters with year of construction approximately before 1980 the replacement of indicators is not problematic since we also offer you the suitable conversion kits.

  • TYPE: handlebar end indicators (originally used for V50, 90 Racer, ET3, Sprint, Rally)
  • VOLTAGE: 6V and 12V AC / DC available
  • WATTAGE: 1.5 and 3.6Watt (+ series resistor)
  • HOMOLOGATION: E-mark (E4)
    • genuine (orange),
    • smoke (black)
    • colorless


  1. more safety
  2. modern technology
  3. unchanged classic look
  4. more modern looks with smoke or colorless lenses
  5. homologated for use on public roads

Useful upgrade for your vintage Vespa. High-quality LED technology, classic genuine looks and safety for your ride.

Buy here Vespa handlebar end LED indicators


The indicators are fitted with a series resistor for the correct functioning of the conventional (mechanical) flasher relay and in order to get a regular intermittence. If you have optimized or would like to optimize the electrical system of your Vespa and you use an electronic flasher relay, you can remove the series resistor (this is placed in the supply cable outside the indicator body). The indicator lenses also fit the genuine indicators, but the E-mark is only valid if you use Moto Nostra LED indicators.

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