Installation instructions for mounting LED headlights Vespa PX

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Vespa PX LED headlight animation

Vespa PX LED headlights

In this Vespa tutorial video we show you how our Vespa PX LED headlight is installed for the Vespa PX. the MOTO NOSTRA HighPower LED headlights can also be installed in other vehicles (Lambretta, Vespa GTS, Sprint, Rally), with the supplied, vehicle-specific frame, the installation of the Vespa headlight is as eg Vespa PX LED headlights easily.


  1. Assembly of Vespa PX headlights: 00:08
  2. Electrical part / connection Vespa LED headlights: 01:42
Vespa PX LED headlights tutorial MOTO NOSTRA LED headlights Vespa PX

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For most scooters, the limit with conventional Bilux light bulbs is a headlight bulb with 45/45 W. The ignitions, which are usually 80 W to a maximum of 120 W, do not provide any more. The luminosity is measured in lumens below 400. The LED headlight has a luminosity that is three times as high (1300 lumens). The power consumption is only 20 W. This corresponds to the light output of a conventional 100 watt spotlight. With a given alternator / power supply, a considerably better illumination can be achieved. In addition, there is more capacity for other consumers.


Parts used in this video:

  • LED headlights incl. Vespa PX conversion frame and headlight bracket -MOTO NOSTRA- LED HighPower
    Item number: mn1101kt
  • Ignition switch -VESPA 4-wire- Vespa PX Lusso (from 1984)
    Item number: 9520133 
  • Light switch -GRABOR- Vespa PK125 XL / ETS, Vespa PX Elestart (1984-1998) - 10 cables (DC, models with battery, make contact)
    Item number: 9520145
  • Rubber flasher relay Vespa PX
    Item number: 3330940


LED headlights with E9 marking (street legal) and bright high / low beam. An additional feature is a separately switchable position light. With a diameter of 143mm it also fits perfectly into the steering head of the PX and Cosa models as well as into the lamp ring of e.g. Vespa Sprint, GTR and Rally.


Vespa Moto Nostra LED High Power LED headlights


Luminosity 1300 lumens Voltage: 12 volts DC (direct current) Current consumption: 1,8A / 1,3A Power consumption: 21,5W / 15W / 1,9W Diameter: Ø143mm Body depth: 54mm (measured from the headlight ring without glass bulge) Overall depth: 79mm (measured from the headlight ring without glass bulge with cable feed)


The LED headlight works exclusively with direct current, it therefore requires a battery or another equivalent power source with 12V DC. Operation with an alternating current voltage source leads to an immediate defect.