Vespa PX old speedometer up to 160km / h


Vespa PX old speedometer up to 160km / h from bgm PRO

Vespa PX old Speedometer bgm PRO 160km / h for Vespa PX up to ´84 

That's the bgm PRO speedometer up to 160km / h for the old Vespa PX with the small speedometer without fuel gauge. A precise eddy current measuring mechanism with a Display range up to 160km / h makes it so special! The series speedometer only has to offer 120km / h.

This high-quality precision speed indicator for your Vespa replaces 1: 1 the speedometer installed by Piaggio at the factory.

Vespa PX speedometer 160km / h bgm PRO - speedometer for old Vespa PX up to 160 km / h

Why does a Vespa PX need a speedometer up to 160?

In our shop ( you also get engine tuning and transmission technology that bring your series tachometer to its limit in second or third gear - we feel responsible, you too a corresponding speedometer to offer.

Your Vespa doesn't even drive a 160?

So what!? As a child, did you always press your nose to the windshield to check the speedometer to see how fast the car could go? With the 160 bgm speedometer - your scooter is already driving at level 160. Too much of a good thing for you? Of course we also have Speedometers up to 120km / hwhich are also perfect for a clean original restoration.

Now drive here with a Click 160


Original optics

Tip: The classic appearance is retained, the existing speedometer cable and the original speedometer pinion can simply continue to be used.

You can therefore find this speedometer as a spare part in our exploded view drawings:

Suitable for the following Vespa and Motovespa models, for example: