Chapter 2 - The Heart - VESPA PLATÓNIKA BGM 177

deep knowledge

I am in the very lucky situation to have direct contact to the developers of the BGM range of products in SC. So I was in the position to get first-hand experience advice from the guys who build the first prototype of the cylinder kit that makes Platónika's heart now.
All of the SC staff is driven by their excitement for scooters. They are using it for decades and really know what works for what reason. Combined with 27 years of experience as one of the leading scooter shops in the world they have a second to none experience. And with the bgm range they create products of unique quality.

The products!

Like the Cylinders BGM PRO 177  that would give life to the engine.
An overheating, a braked piston or broken piston rings, will be a thing of the past, thanks to its modern design and materials, whose resistance is unequalled and for a very reasonable price.

Or the BGM PRO BigBox TOURING Exhaust,
which traditional appearance fooled me. Without looking like (neither visually nor by hearing it) Its performance easily overcomes the competition in the touring category.

Knowing that a fraction of millimeters makes the difference Crankshaft BGM Pro Touring  corrects the long timings of the Italian crankshafts, achieving an incomparable smoothness and stability at low revs but enduring an engine power up to 20 HP.

The best thing is that these products are evolving; if you also want to know these and more details firsthand, don'Don't miss the tutorials and reviews that are on the way.

2 The Heart - Vespa Platónika by Scooter Center

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