Vespa meeting on television - the Vespa World Days at NDR

he Vespa World Days on TV.

The Vespa World Days on TV.

"Die nordreportage: Celle in Vespa fever"

Anyone who was there can sit back and watch this nice video and review the great meeting. Anyone who was not there will get a good impression of the Vespa meeting! In addition, we also recommend our video and the pictures of the meeting Vespa World Days Celle.
The look behind the scenes is also nice: it's very impressive what the team thinks Vespa Club Celle has done!

Our tip: definitely have a look!



Monday, September 11, 2017, 18:15 p.m. to 18:45 p.m.
Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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Exclusively in the tienda del Scooter Center - los artículos publicitarios oficiales de los Vespa World Days 2017

¡Los Vespa World Days 2017 han sido ingenious! Miles de vespistas se han found en Celle para pasar unos días inolvidables y nosotros también hemos estado en el predio con nuestro puesto del Scooter Center. The Vespa Club de Celle, organizador de this concentración, has desempeñado el papel más importante y gracias a todos sus miembros, el evento ha sido un gran éxito. Para empty el resumen de los VWD17 o ver las photos y los videos, haz clic here.

El Scooter Center has sido el sponsor principal, pero el final del evento no significa el final de nuestra colaboración. Debido al mal tiempo en el último día del evento, el Vespa Club Celle no ha podido vender todos los advertising articles. Es por eso que ahora les ayudamos a venderlos. ¿Te gustaría tener algún nice memory de los Vespa World Days?

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Comprar artículos de merchandising officiales de los Vespa World Days
Vespa World Days merchandise

Exclusive to Scooter Center - the official Vespa World Days 2017 merchandise

We look back on great days in Celle. The Vespa World Days 2017 were a complete success. Cheerful and happy Vespistis from all over the world met there and we were there with our large SC stand. The Vespa Club Celle has achieved great things here. Here you come to our report with many photos and the VWD17 video. Vespa World Days 2017

The Scooter Center was the main sponsor of VWD17, but our support does not end with the end of the event: The VC-Celle is on very many, especially due to the bad weather on the last day Vespa merchandise items remained seated. We're helping them now high quality memorabilia to sell to these wonderful Vespa World Days in Celle:

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From the description of the TV report about the Vespa meeting

“The Vespa World Days, the largest Vespa meeting in the world, took place from June 22nd to 25th, 2017 in Celle. The event was organized by the local Vespa club. It is a mammoth task and at the same time a great dream. For a weekend, Vespa friends become event managers and Celle becomes the center of the Vespa world.

Ingo Weise, the President of the Celle Vespa Club, has been dreaming of bringing the Vespa World Days to Celle for 19 years and infected his Vespa friends with it. For a year they thought about, planned and organized together and transformed the CD Kaserne into an event site.

But the work does not end with the opening of the Vespa World Days. Then things really start. 4.000 Vespas are registered, 3.000 more are expected. That means 7.000 Vespas, 7.000 questions, 7.000 potential parking offenders. The city ticks twice for a weekend.

The Vespa is something of a legend among scooters. The Hollywood classic "A Heart and a Crown" made her famous all over the world. When the millionth vehicle rolled off the assembly line, this Vespa was even used by Pope Pius XII. blessed in St. Peter's Square in Rome.

Now Vespa fans from all over the world are coming to Lower Saxony with their Vespas. There are models including 50 horns, tuned engines, but also in the original paintwork. The whole variety of Vespa can be found on the event site.

“Die nordreportage” shows Ingo Weise and his friends how they forego sleep and free time when planning the mega-event and give everything. Even if they are enthusiastic Vespisti themselves, their focus is not only on the two-wheeled beauties, but on the success of a major event. ",sendung682062.html


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