VRA Cup Vespa Racing Austria Final 2019 in Pista Azzurra, Jesolo

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Big VRA Cup Final 2019 in Jesolo

The Scooter Center / bgm sponsors the Vespa Racing Austia Cup. In sensational, late summer weather, the grand finale of the VRA Cup 2019, on the beautiful Pista Azzurra in Jesolo, on the northern Adriatic Sea. The track, which was built in 1962, has a decades-old racing tradition and has seen many championship and world championship decisions. Therefore, it was an extreme honor for us to be able to host our Cup Final 2019 on this traditional floor.

The last two races of this season were also on Excitement can hardly be surpassed.

Final after a long season

After a long season, Christian Rapf from the & is Racing Team had traveled 12 points behind the Italian Parmakit works driver Paolo Birtele to the Cup final in Jesolo - Italy and nobody expected that he would win the 2019 season crown for the young Italian in the Scooter GP class could still dispute. After a lightning start in the first run, Christian Rapf was able to keep the lead for a few laps, whereby the two drivers were in a league of their own. However, Birtele was able to take advantage of a tiny inattention on the part of the Upper Austrian, and thus in the end again scored 25 points for himself. At 15 p.m., the 00th and last race of the Scooter GP class was on the program. The points deficit had increased to 10 points due to the victory in the first run and the fastest qualifying time of Birtele, but the number 18 started the showdown on the Pista Azzurra with maximum motivation. After another great start, Christian Rapf did not give up the lead for 241 laps …… ..and then …… yes then he was rewarded with the luck of the capable, because Birtele could not finish the race with a technical defect. With a little luck, but thanks to extremely consistent performance, the 5 championship title went well-deserved to Christian Rapf from the & is Racing Team, for which the Vespa Racing Austria event team would like to congratulate them warmly.

After the title in the Marken Cup of our main sponsor PARMAKIT in 2018, which was still very close to Christoph STOFFI Maier in Upper Austria, the big cup final in 2019 finally happened and Kevin Höfler from the SFR team won the championship with a total of 6 race wins and 32 points ahead, decide for yourself. Christoph Maier from the Stoffi's Garage team and Maiko Jandl from the JLP team follow on the seats. With up to 20 starters from Austria, Italy and Hungary, the TROFEO PARMAKIT CHALLENGER 2019 was by far the strongest class in the VRA Cup and thanks to the extremely balanced engine performance, the most exciting duels took place here, regardless of whether it was about victory, the midfield or the end of the field goes. In this class, the focus is simply on driving skills!

Scooter GP Ltd. class

In the 2019 Scooter GP Ltd. Herbert Siegl secured his place on the top step of the podium, second place went to Günter Sedlacek, followed by Julian Köllner.

Street racer class

The championship of the street racer class again went to Christian Fleis, followed by Christoph Carniel and Hubert Leitgeb on the places.

Last but not least, apart from our main sponsor Parmakit, we would especially like to say a big thank you to the Beer, Fix it Easy and Michelin nursing home. We would also like to thank BGM, Egig Performance, AF Parts, KyTronic, Castrol and Faber! Despite the steadily growing field of starters, it would not be possible to run a racing series of this size without the support of our partners.