Vespa is coming home

Markus has now arrived in Italy with his Vespa via Switzerland and Austria

We don't yet know exactly how he spent yesterday evening and night. I am convinced: the European Football Championship final was definitely a great time for a stage stay in Italy on his Vespa Gentleman Giro!

In any case, one can see from his descriptions: he is so far very happy and grateful for the many nice people he meets and donations he can collect. Of course he enjoys his Vespa and the reliable engine. My greatest respect: almost 1.000 km in 9 days fully packed on an old Vespa with 50 cubic meters ... 

Day 6 Rohrschach (CH) Vespa Gentleman Giro

Km 630
Countries 2
Glitches 0
Rain suit used 6 times?
After a relaxed trip, the great team of the BG Crew Zurich to Rohrschach am Bodensee welcomed it very warmly and was then given delicious meals. In addition, about 300 francs were donated, which was up to September 12.9 is being topped up by the club through various measures.
Another long day with great people and good conversations!
Switzerland was good to me and tomorrow it's off, Feldkirch, country number 3?
Good night !


Day 7 & 8 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After a great night in Vespengeschwaders Vesbar until 4 a.m. and a 700 € donation for the Austrian Children's Cancer Foundation, I drove with my cat over the Arlberg Pass to Imst, where I met the Vespanest and old-timer friends MSC Imst over a nice coffee break, who donated another 430 € .
In the evening I raced towards Innsbruck, where I enjoy a quiet evening and sleep in a bit before going to country number 4 tomorrow? !
Days 7
Countries 3
Kilometers approx. 870
Donation total approx.> € 26.000
Correct Hangover 1
Thanks to:
Vespa Club Rohrschach
Feldkirch Vespen Squadron
Vespanest Imst
And to my sponsors:


Day 9 Vespa Gentleman Giro

Days 9
Km 964
Countries 4
Glitches 0
Hangover 1
Driving in the rain 8
accidental motorway journeys 1
Passports 2
Clubs visited / involved: ~ 18
Conclusion: thank you SCOOTER CENTER for a great engine that runs great!
Thank you Alvivo for the great softshell jacket, as it has often been cold!
Thanks to all clubs!
Thanks to Martina Gödert, for all the surprises and because you are my rock in the surf!
Thanks to 4smarts, because I always had a battery ?!
Thanks to Hockerty for looking horny everywhere except in the hot tub ?!
Thank you, thank you, thank you - anyway the most used word in my last few weeks, because I have such a great time and meet so many great people and by the way a lot of people are doing something good!


You can also support Markus directly:


Tomas Compositi Carbon Parts Vespa

TOMAS COMPOSITI GRP & Carbon Vespa parts real carbon from Italy

Carbon = carbon not only looks great, this modern material helps to enable top performance. Better, faster, lighter: Scooter racing is when it comes to fractions of a second, and carbon is one of the most sought-after materials to fully exploit performance potential. Every gram counts, because it can make the difference between victory and defeat and either way you look good with carbon parts!

Vespa Carbon Tomas Compositi Parts Vespa Tuning Real Carbon Made in Italia

Vespa carbon parts from Italy

And this is exactly where Tomas Lonardi from Tomas Compositi comes in. Since 2015 he has been producing GRP and carbon parts for Vespa in Legnago / Verona province from selected quality fibers that are processed in an autoclave or oven.

With us in Scooter Center You get the shop Tomas Composite Carbon Parts. In our Vespa Shop you can now get a large selection of carbon parts from Tomas for your Vespa.

Real carbon special parts

they are often for the racing and are lovingly handcrafted in small series. They are made from 100% pure carbon fiber mats and are very light. The surface is clear lacquered. As a rule, the parts are delivered without drilling for assembly in order to guarantee an optimal and individual adaptation to the individual vehicle!

Vespa carbon fan wheel cover



Available products

Cover engine housing - grinding protection -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS, PK50 HP, PK50 SS
Cover engine case - grinding protection -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon, for engine case Quattrini C1- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS, PK50 HP, PK50 SS
Overhead bin, toolbox -TOMAS COMPOSITI, GRP, tank (dummy) - Vespa SS50, SS90 (1st series - 2nd version)
Cascade -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa PX Lusso (1984-)
Cascade -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa V50 Special, V50 Elestart
Cascade -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa V50 Spezial (conversion to the look from year 1968)
Cascade -TOMAS COMPOSITI, GRP- Vespa V50 Spezial (conversion to the look from year 1968)
Mudguard -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa SS50 / SS90
Mudguard -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SR50, SS90, 90 Racer, PV125, ET3
Mudguard -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon Race, for Piaggio Zip SP fork- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS, PK50 HP , PK50 SS
Mudguard -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon, for Piaggio Zip SP fork- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS, PK50 HP, PK50 SS
Mudguard -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon, for Vespa PK fork- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS, PK50 HP, PK50 SS
Mudguard -TOMAS COMPOSITI, GFK, for Piaggio Zip SP fork- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS, PK50 HP, PK50 SS
Mudguard -TOMAS COMPOSITI, GFK, for Vespa PK fork- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS, PK50 HP, PK50 SS
Mudguard nipple -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa PX (wide type like PX Lusso / T5, suitable for all PX models)
Mudguard nipple -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa Rally200, TS125 (VNL3T), GT / GTR125 (from 127358), Sprint (from 172651), V50 Special
Fan wheel cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa T5 125cc, Pinasco 251
Fan wheel cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon 'open'- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200 - models only kick starter
Fan wheel cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon 'open'- Vespa V50, PV125, ET3
Fan wheel cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon race- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200 - models only kick starter
Fan wheel cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon race- Vespa V50, PV125, ET3
Fan wheel cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon Race P09- Vespa V50, PV125, ET3
Fan wheel cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon standard- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200 - models with electric starter
Fan wheel cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon standard- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200 - models only kick starter
Fan wheel cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon standard- Vespa V50, PV125, ET3
Air duct for brake disc -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon, for Piaggio Zip SP fork, GFK- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS , PK50 HP, PK50 SS
Spare wheel cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200
Rear light glass cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon fiber- Vespa Rally180 (VSD1T), Rally200 (VSE1T), GTR125 (VNL2T), TS125 (VNL3T), V50 Spezial (German), 50 SR, PV125 (German)
Rear light glass cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon fiber- Vespa V50 Elestart (V5A3T), V50 N Special (V5A1T, V5A2T)
Shift box cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- PX, Cosa 1 ° series
Headlight trim ring -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon, rectangle- Vespa V50 Special
Right side flap -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa V50 (V5A1T from No. 92877), V50 S (V5SA1T from No. 15325), V90 (from No. 22234), SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3 - with lever
Spoiler -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon slim- Vespa Largeframe PX, Rally, Sprint, GT, TS, GL, LML
Spoiler -TOMAS COMPOSITI, GRP- Vespa Smallframe V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS, PK50 HP, PK50 SS
Spoiler -TOMAS COMPOSITI, GRP Race- Vespa Smallframe V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS, PK50 HP, PK50 SS
Spoiler -TOMAS COMPOSITI, GRP Slim- Vespa Largeframe PX, Rally, Sprint, GT, TS, GL, LML
Cylinder hood -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa PV125, ET3, PK125 S / XL
Cylinder cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa PV125, ET3, PK125 S / XL (for cylinder Quattrini M200)
Cylinder cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, real carbon- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, Sprint150 (VLB1T), GT125 (VNL2T), GTR125 (VNL2T)
Cylinder cover -TOMAS COMPOSITI, GFK- Vespa PV125, ET3, PK125 S / XL (for cylinder Quattrini M200)
New Vespa helmets 2021 2022

Vespa Piaggio helmets 2021/2022

We now have the brand new ones in our helmet shop Vespa helmets, original from Piaggio on offer.

The new Vespa helmets in the 21/22 collection are also Made in Italy. We have super nice full face helmets and a large selection of open face helmets available. You can get the Piaggio helmets with and without visor, in different shapes, designs and colors.

In addition to the most modern and safest security features, there is a classic Italian design and very high quality workmanship. Functionally, there are practical features such as the inside that can be removed for washing and, of course, Piaggio has also made sure that the open face helmets also fit perfectly into the Vespa helmet compartments.

There are also cheek pads, visors and umbrellas as spare parts if the worst comes to the worst!

New Vespa helmets Piaggio 2021/2022 jet helmet & full face helmet Vespa


VESPA open face helmet 75th Anniversary

This is my personal highlight of the new helmet collection: Zum 75 birthday from Piaggio there is not only the GTS as a special model, there is also a noble helmet in limited edition75th Anniversary".

The classic jet helmet with three press studs is an absolute eye-catcher. The helmet shell is made of thermoplastic, the helmet has a ratchet lock. Chrome-plated borders, the lining with the Vespa logo, the smoky gray paintwork and the yellow graphic with the Vespa logo characterize this helmet. The scope of delivery includes an exclusive helmet bag with the anniversary logo, which is stylish and practical at the same time. The quality and comfort of the helmet is guaranteed by “Made in Italy”. Homologation ECE 22.05. That could be something too for collectors be!

Piaggio helmet VESPA jet helmet 75th Anniversary black

Racing Sixties 60s Vespa full face helmet

NEW: Vespa full face helmet! To match the Vespa, there is now a Racing Sixties 60s full-face helmet as a special edition after the jet helmet! The two-tone graphics of this special model are coordinated with the design of the Vespa Racing 60s. Available in RED WHITE and in GREEN YELLOW


Vespa full face helmet 60s Racing


  • Outer shell made of fiberglass, double shell
  • Scratch-resistant visor
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • DOUBLE-D closure


Vespa P-Xential 2.0

This is the new Vespa P-Xential 2.0 Open face helmet without visor, the popular jet helmet is also named after the successful Vespa PX: “PX helmet”


Vespa PX open face helmet


The new edition of the classic helmet Vespa P-Xential is based on the style of the bandit helmets. The available colors are coordinated with the color variants of the currently available Vespa models.

The inner lining has been significantly upgraded compared to the previous model and noticeably increases wearing comfort. In addition, the anti-allergic cheek pads can be easily removed and washed, which significantly increases the suitability for everyday use.
The subject of safety is also very important with this helmet. The ABS helmet shell made of thermoplastic meets the strict ECE 22.05 safety standard.

  • classic open face helmet made in Italy
  • Homologation: Safety standard ECE 22.05
  • ABS thermoplastic outer shell
  • Vespa logo in the forehead and neck area
  • 5 press studs for attaching a visor or parasol (available as an accessory)
  • Leather loop in the neck area for attaching motorcycle goggles
  • Anti-allergic velor lining
  • comfortable chin strap with ratchet fastener
  • Weight approx. 1.150g

Visor 3.0 jet helmet with visor

Attractive helmet in beautiful colors and a large classic engraved 3D Vespa logo on the back. The helmet is trimmed with leather and the neat seam underlines the high-quality workmanship.

Vespa VISOR 3.0 jet helmet with visor



The big visor has a recess in the nose area, which makes it very comfortable to wear and prevents the visor from fogging up so quickly.

  • Vespa jet helmet, made of ABS plastic
  • With a clear, scratch-resistant visor
  • Engraved Vespa logo on the back
  • Innovative, breathable interior made of 3D fabric
  • Inner lining removable and washable
  • ECE 22.05 approval
  • made in Italy


Visor jet helmet BT Super Tech jet helmet with sound module

As a basis, the same top equipment as the Visor 3.0, but also an approved one Bluetooth sound module.

Vespa jet helmet with Bluetooth stereo headphones and microphone


The name alone makes it the perfect helmet for yours Vespa GTS Super Tech, of course also portable to all other models. The technical top model is equipped with two integrated headphones with stereo sound and a microphone with modern noise canceling.

The Sound module with bluetooth connectivity tB enables you to pair your phone and transmit the sound to and from the helmet, e.g.

  • Navi
  • Phone
  • Music
  • With additional equipment as an absolute hands-free communication center with intercom

Be Gironi's helmet

Visor 3.0 special edition for the special model Sei giorni

NEW: Vespa VJ jet helmet

The new Original open face helmet from Vespa - now New with double visor: a large clear and an additional sun visor. Great colors, also available with carbon applications and as a Sean Wotherspoon special model! The visor mechanism is available individually as a spare part and in many colors for customization as an accessory.

  • Double visor
    • Retractable sun visor (dark tinted)
    • Continuous, large clear visor
  • The helmet colors are based on the new vehicle colors of the Vespa Primavera and Vespa GTS.
  • ABS thermoplastic helmet shell
  • Removable, washable and hypoallergenic inner lining
  • Chin strap with ratchet fastener / micrometric holding system
  • Homologation: ECE 22.05 approved
  • Engraved Vespa lettering
  • Logo on the back “Vespa”
  • Made in Italy

Why does Piaggio / Vespa also make helmets?

The helmets go perfectly with the respective vehicle colors and can be stowed away in the helmet compartments of the scooter. This ensures that you get a stylish helmet on the beautiful scooter. A Vespa helmet from Piaggio rounds off the Vespa feeling, either as an airy jet helmet or as a sporty classic as a full-face helmet: adapt the look to your personal style!

You can find all helmets in many colors and sizes in our Helmet finder.

You can also get helmets and tips on ours Scooter helmet Special page!

Vespa gearbox for the Wideframe Vespa V30-33, VM, VN, VL, VB1

At first glance, 900 euros seems like a lot of money for a Vespa gearbox. Even at second glance, the amount does not decrease, but the gear parts from our Italian friend Stefano Benelli rightly enjoy an excellent reputation and are worth every penny! They are essential if you want a reliable transmission that has been race tested.

Benelli Vespa tuning

So if you are looking for a high-end tuning transmission with reliable technology for your old Vespa, you will find it here! Hardened to an average of 60 HRC, the Benelli parts offer exactly the perfect balance of sufficient hardness and the necessary elasticity to permanently withstand the enormous loads in a racing engine.

Complete Vespa Wideframe Transmission

Stefano now also offers his experience and his vast specialist knowledge in the form of a complete gearbox for the Wideframe Models. This includes the four gear wheels, the auxiliary shaft, the auxiliary shaft axis and a gearshift cross with gearshift pin bushing.

You can find all the details here next to the product Benelli Wideframe Transmission

EICMA News 2020

Motorcycle / scooter & two-wheeler fair EICMA 2019 in Milan

This year we were again at the largest motorcycle and two-wheeler fair in the world: the EICMA in Milan.

Here we meet partners and suppliers and find out about trends and new products for scooters directly on site. Words would not convey this particular spirit of Eicma so well; we have brought you videos.

All new products will now be available little by little, we will keep you up to date here in the blog.

EICMA 2019 Scooter News 2020

EICMA 2019 Scooter News 2020

Malossi News

Kevin Pohl from Malossi Racing Team Germany exclusively received and us the Malossi News 2020 gezeigt.
Follow Kevin here on his channels: INSTAGRAM | Website | FACEBOOK

Just in Milan, now in Scooter Center Shop: New 125 Malossi engine case Vespa PX 125 crankcase, get information here:

Malossi Vespa engine case -MALOSSI V-One, rotary valve- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, LML Star / Stella 125/150 ElestartMalossi item no .: M5718392
Malossi Vespa engine case -MALOSSI VR-One, membrane inlet- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, LML Star / Stella 125/150 ElestartMalossi item no .: M5718382

You can find all Malossi products in our Malossi shop!

Malossi News EICMA 2019 Scooter Tuning 2T, 4T & Vespa (subtitle)

Pinasco News

Patrick shows us Pinasco News 2020 exclusively in Milan!

Lots of great new Pinasco products, soon in ours Pinasco shop

EICMA 2019 Pinasco News 2020 (subtitle)

Big VRA Cup Final 2019 in Jesolo

The Scooter Center / bgm sponsors the Vespa Racing Austia Cup. In sensational, late summer weather, the grand finale of the VRA Cup 2019, on the beautiful Pista Azzurra in Jesolo, on the northern Adriatic Sea. The track, which was built in 1962, has a decades-old racing tradition and has seen many championship and world championship decisions. Therefore, it was an extreme honor for us to be able to host our Cup Final 2019 on this traditional floor.

The last two races of this season were also on Excitement can hardly be surpassed.

Final after a long season

After a long season, Christian Rapf from the & is Racing Team had traveled 12 points behind the Italian Parmakit works driver Paolo Birtele to the Cup final in Jesolo - Italy and nobody expected that he would win the 2019 season crown for the young Italian in the Scooter GP class could still dispute. After a lightning start in the first run, Christian Rapf was able to keep the lead for a few laps, whereby the two drivers were in a league of their own. However, Birtele was able to take advantage of a tiny inattention on the part of the Upper Austrian, and thus in the end again scored 25 points for himself. At 15 p.m., the 00th and last race of the Scooter GP class was on the program. The points deficit had increased to 10 points due to the victory in the first run and the fastest qualifying time of Birtele, but the number 18 started the showdown on the Pista Azzurra with maximum motivation. After another great start, Christian Rapf did not give up the lead for 241 laps …… ..and then …… yes then he was rewarded with the luck of the capable, because Birtele could not finish the race with a technical defect. With a little luck, but thanks to extremely consistent performance, the 5 championship title went well-deserved to Christian Rapf from the & is Racing Team, for which the Vespa Racing Austria event team would like to congratulate them warmly.

After the title in the Marken Cup of our main sponsor PARMAKIT in 2018, which was still very close to Christoph STOFFI Maier in Upper Austria, the big cup final in 2019 finally happened and Kevin Höfler from the SFR team won the championship with a total of 6 race wins and 32 points ahead, decide for yourself. Christoph Maier from the Stoffi's Garage team and Maiko Jandl from the JLP team follow on the seats. With up to 20 starters from Austria, Italy and Hungary, the TROFEO PARMAKIT CHALLENGER 2019 was by far the strongest class in the VRA Cup and thanks to the extremely balanced engine performance, the most exciting duels took place here, regardless of whether it was about victory, the midfield or the end of the field goes. In this class, the focus is simply on driving skills!

Scooter GP Ltd. class

In the 2019 Scooter GP Ltd. Herbert Siegl secured his place on the top step of the podium, second place went to Günter Sedlacek, followed by Julian Köllner.

Street racer class

The championship of the street racer class again went to Christian Fleis, followed by Christoph Carniel and Hubert Leitgeb on the places.

Last but not least, apart from our main sponsor Parmakit, we would especially like to say a big thank you to the Beer, Fix it Easy and Michelin nursing home. We would also like to thank BGM, Egig Performance, AF Parts, KyTronic, Castrol and Faber! Despite the steadily growing field of starters, it would not be possible to run a racing series of this size without the support of our partners.


50 years of Vespa Primavera Vespa Color Days

Happy Birthday Vespa Primavera

The Scooter Center celebrated its 2017th birthday in 25. This year the Vespa Primavera (PV) is celebrating its 50th birthday, to us it seems like it was yesterday ...

50 years of “Primavera”

Every Vespisti should have made a pilgrimage to the Vespa plant in Pontedera in Tuscany once in their life. There are impressive vehicles from the Vespa Museum model history to admire.

The coming weekend (April 21/22, 2018) is worth a visit twice: Piaggio is celebrating the 50th birthday of Primavera with the Vespa Color Days!
At the event you can, for example, admire all the models from history, visit the factory and take a guided test drive through Tuscany with the 2018 anniversary model - Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary.

50 years of Vespa Primavera Vespa Color Days

Vespa Color Days

  • free factory tour (only with registration)
  • free museem
  • the Vespa village is in Piazza dei Martiri.
    • Presentation and market
    • Vespa On Tour test drive
    • Big Vespa party on Saturday evening
  • Guided tour / test drive §0 minutes Tuscany (only with registration)
  • ...

All information and registration here.

Vespa Primavera 1968Vespa Primavera ET3 1976Vespa Modern Primavera 2013Vespa Modern Primavera 2018

Vespa Primavera 1968 VMA2T

Vespa PV 125 Primavera 1968

The first Vespa Primavera came on the market in 1968.

Light and fresh lines, brilliant performance, simplicity and sheer driving pleasure: Vespa Primavera comes like a breath of fresh air into a world that is hungry for change. It became one of the most durable and popular models in Vespa history. Its agile handling and its speed, together with its elegance and lightness, which the girls loved, contributed to its extraordinary sales success.

Piaggio's model of success was launched in 1967 as a facelift of the Vespa 125 Nuova presented and developed into the most successful Vespa model with over 240.000 units built in the 14-year construction period. Compared to the Vespa 125 Nuova, the frame of the Vespa 125 Primavera is slightly longer, but the leg shield and the footplate are slightly narrower. It also has a luggage compartment in the left side cheek. The hexagonal Piaggio emblem is emblazoned above the cascade and the lettering “125 primavera” is located above the rear light. A total of three series were produced, the first with the rear light of the Vespa 90 SS and an italic “Vespa” lettering on the leg shield, the second from 1973 with a modern, straight lettering on the front and the third series from 1976 parallel to the Vespa 125 Primavera ET3. Production ended in 1982. A 121 cm³ engine with 5,6 hp provided the motorization. Originally there were two colors, Biancospino (hawthorn white) with a black bench and later also Marrone metallizzato (brown metallic) with a cream-colored bench.

Here you can find all parts for the Primavera VMA2T

Vespa Primavera ET3 1976 VMB1T

Vespa Primavera ET3 1976

Vespa Primavera remained on the market for 15 years and in 1976 it became the Version Primavera ET3 (VMB1T) introduced.

The Vespa 125 Primavera ET3 expanded the very popular in 1976 Vespa 125 Primavera, which was sold on, and visually hardly differs from this one. The name was derived from the newly introduced electronic ignition and the third transfer channel (ET3 stands for Elettronica 3 Traversi), the visible distinguishing feature was the new exhaust, which was led around the engine in a banana shape (“ET3 banana”). All of these measures also resulted in a slightly higher engine output. The Vespa 125 Primavera ET3 was delivered in numerous colors. In 1983 production ended after 144.000 vehicles had been built.

(ET3 stands for Elettronica 3 Traversi) where E stands for electronic ignition and T3 for three transfer channels (Travasi 3). So the Primavera ET3 is a model that is characterized by a

  • electronic ignition, the three overcurrent channels channels in the cylinder,
  • a new and longer silencer from the 90s SS
  • and the ignition key on the handlebar.

All of this led to an even higher performance and confirms the legendary sportiness of the Primavera.

Here you can find all parts for the Primavera ET3

Vespa Modern Primavera 2013

Vespa Modern Primavera 125 2013

As a modern vespa model, there is the great return of the Vespa Primavera in 2013:

  • Vespa Primavera 50 2T / ZAPC53200
  • Vespa Primavera 50 4T4V / ZAPC53100
  • Vespa Primavera 125 3V / ZAPM81100
  • Vespa Primavera 150 3V / ZAPM81200

Young, innovative, technologically groundbreaking, agile and dynamic and with a view to protecting the environment. So the Primavera comes back on stage as the protagonist of her time and inherits all the freshness and joie de vivre that go along with the story of a model that is cult in the Vespa family tree.

The Modern Vespa Primavera is available in brown, red, blue, black and white.

You can find great accessories, spare and tuning parts in our Vespa Primavera shop, choose your model:

Vespa Primavera 50 ° Anniversario

Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary

Half a century after the birth of the first Vespa Primavera, Piaggio is celebrating this anniversary with a special model. The birthday Primavera is designed to do justice to the original model by appropriating the technical and stylistic values ​​that were the success of the first Primavera and reinterpreting them with all the cutting-edge technology that characterizes the modern Vespa.

The anniversary model is available in 50cc 4-stroke and 125cc Cubic capacity with i-get engines. In the color light blue with coordinated seats and the gray finish of the five-spoke wheels.

We already have the right parts for the latest Vespa Primavera:

You can find parts for your Vespa Primavera in our Vespa shop.


The most beautiful Vespa in the world

EICMA (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori), the international motorcycle and spare parts show, is the most important exhibition to explore the latest novelties from the scooter world and we from Scooter Center are also there! We are proud of the continuous development of our bgm items for vintage and modern scooters.

Here an overview of the EICMA novelites:

  1. Lambretta
  2. Wasp
  3. Pinasco
  4. Schwalbe
  5. NIU

Eicma 2017 scooter video

Eicma 2017 Scooter & Parts

[wpanchor id = "lambretta"]


Today we first visited the hall 9 to have a look at the “new” Lambretta. Our friends from Rimini Lambretta Center present the new Lambretta customized for Vittorio in RLC race style as well as the new Casa performance save parts. Particularly interesting was the rear wheel rim with inner brake disc.



[wpanchor id = "vespa"]


Vespa rod models with reed valve intake

The Wideframe/ rod models (low headlight) Pinasco presented the Nordkapp cylinder with its new feature: the reed valve intake. Of course there is also an intake maniforld, this time not for a Polini CP carburettor, but for a Dell'Orto 22mm carburettor which Pinasco will offer with throttle lever.

Besides the genuine engine casing with three studs and the possible reed valve intake, as already showed at the Vespa world days in Rooms, Pinasco also presented the engine casing with four studs: thanks to this feature it is possible to mount all PX 177 tuning cylinders.

In addition, Pinasco also presented the Zamak rotor for the Flytech ignition which fits the rod models (faro basso) and GS150 engines.

Vespa GS160 / SS180

The GS160 / SS180 cylinder with direct intake looked like a dual carburettor cylinder with oval / long holes for 200cc models.

Wasp Smallframe

For the Vespa Smallframe models Pinasco also presented the new Pinasco engine casings and the crankshafts which are not yet available. On display also further crankshafts with replaceable balance weights.

Wasp Largeframe

Particularly interesting was the new crankshaft for double intake.

Pinasco now offers premounted 225cc engines. 60mm stroke, 225cc, 21,5PS at 26 NM. 10-13-17-20 / 35 gear cluster with 23/64 gear ratio. Flytech ingnition 1,4kg. The item does not include: carburettor, carburettor casing, clutch cover, flywheel cover and complete brake.

The Si28 carburetors are now in VRX-R version with a small foam filter.


Also for Ciao, Si, Bravo and Boxer models there are new spare parts:



[wpanchor id = "swallow"]


Electronic Schwalbe with Bosch engine. Its batteries can be removed and loaded at home or using the charger cable placed under the seat.


[wpanchor id = "niu"]


Motorcycle & Scooter Fair EICMA 2017 in Milan

2017 = 25 years Scooter Center, It feels like we are at the EICMA for at least the 25th time.

EICMA = International Cycle Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition, International exhibition for motorcycles and motorcycle accessories and therefore also the most important trade fair for Scooter novelties.

According to the motto of a title song of our Eicma video: “DON´T STOP”:
We think it's great that our old scooters continue to develop parts. With our own brand bgm we ourselves make a major contribution to this. And we cannot and do not want to shut ourselves off from the development of new vehicles / concepts.

In this ticker:

  1. Lambretta
  2. Wasp
  3. Pinasco
  4. Schwalbe
  5. NIU

Eicma 2017 scooter video

Eicma 2017 Scooter & Parts

Scooter Center Trade fair live ticker EICMA 2017

[wpanchor id = "lambretta"]


Today our way in Hall 9 led us first to the "new" Lambretta over - our friends from the Rimini Lambretta Center had prepared a new Lambretta in RLC Race Style especially for Vittorio.

In addition, the new Casa performance Parts presented. The rear rim with internal brake disc immediately catches the eye,

[wpanchor id = "vespa"]

[wpanchor id = ”pinasco”]


FARO BASSO goes membrane inlet:

Was presented for Wideframe / Lamp below models (faro basso) the proven Nordkap cylinder with membrane (membrane is new). There is of course an intake manifold to match, but this time not for the Polini CP carburettor but for a Dellorto 22mm carburetor, which will be offered by Pinasco in the future, already converted to a cable rocker.

Was shown, in addition to the already in Rooms shown original engine housing with 3 stud bolts and possible membrane inlet on the housing also a variant with 4 cylinder stud bolts, which allows an assembly of each PX 177 tuning cylinder allows.

For the flytech ignitions, a zamak pole wheel for faro basso and GS150 engines was shown

Vespa GS160 / SS180

The announced GS160 / SS180 cylinder with direct inlet appeared to be a double carburetor cylinder with oval bores / elongated holes of the 200 models.

Wasp Smallframe:

The new ones were presented Pinasco motor housing and the currently missing crankshafts. Furthermore crankshafts with interchangeable balancing weights.

Wasp Largeframe:

We were astonished by the double rotary valve shaft that has never existed before.

Pinasco now offers pre-assembled 225cc Engines on. The key data is the 60th wave, 225ccm, 21,5PS at 26 NM. 10-13-17-20 / 35 Christmas tree with 23/64 gear ratio. Ignition is a flytech with 1,4kg. Missing: carburetor, carburetor pan, clutch cover, fan wheel cover and the complete brake.

The Si28 carburetor now come as a VRX-R variant with a small foam filter.

Vespa moped

All fans of the Ciao, Si, Bravo and boxer models will be happy that there were new products here too:


[wpanchor id = "swallow"]


E-Schwalbe with Bosch motor. The batteries can be removed in order to charge them in the apartment or: there is also a built-in charging cable under the bench.


[wpanchor id = "niu"]



Eurolambretta 2017

Scooter Center with bgm booth at the Eurolambretta

1.800 Lambretta crazy people from all over the world met this weekend at the Adria Raceway for the 28th Eurolambretta 2017 in Italy.

We were of course at the start with our stand and, with bgm TUNING, above all presented our own products. With 35 degrees of heat at our booth, we worked up a sweat. But thanks to the many nice people, the great conversations and the overwhelming feedback, we rocked the Eurolambretta and provided everyone with merchandise and advice.

Here you can find our video for the Eurolambretta 2017

Eurolambretta 2017 Italy Lambretta Adria Scooter Center & bgm tuning

Photos of the Eurolambretta 2017

Lambretta World Rally with Scooter Center

This weekend it went for that Scooter Center Team to Monza / Italy to set up our stand at the 70 ° Lambretta Anniversary World Rally.

The venue was in a class of its own and should be known to everyone: Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the Formula 1 track!

VIDEO 70 ° Lambretta Anniversary World Rally Monza

70 ° Lambretta Anniversary World Rally Monza

Fortunately, we missed the hail showers on Friday and arrived in Monza on Saturday morning with the best Italian weather. the Scooter Center / bgm booth was an immediate crowd puller.

The trip on Friday went to the former Innocenti factories - and some Lambretisti, armed with screwdrivers, bought souvenirs from the former factory premises?

Saturday noon the highlight of the event: around 500 scooters were free to drive on the racetrack for 2 hours.

Overall, the organization was perceived by some of the participants as a bit chaotic - but let's be honest: we love Italy for that, in the end everything worked out and we have another favorite spot in Italy.

Fair Eicma Livetiker 2016

EICMA 2016

It starts, we are at the Eicma in Milan and provide you with the trade fair live ticker:


Electric Vespa

As already reported by us here, the comes from Piaggio Electric Vespa.

Piaggio E-Bike: WI-BIKE

The motor concept of the e-bikes shown is compatible with the e-Vespa. The Piaggio Wi-Bike is fully connected and can be operated with an app. There is also GPS theft protection. Electromobility seems to have taken an important part in Piaggio's portfolio here.

  • Let the technology guide you: your Wi-Bike and your smartphone communicate with each other.
  • Download the WI-Bike app. Connect your smartphone to your Wi-Bike via Bluetooth. Touch & Go, determine your personal setup.
  • Choose your destination. Take off.
  • Three special performance modes via app. You have the choice between: City, Hill and Standard
  • The variable motor support adapts to your needs.
  • Challenge yourself! Achieve your goals. Wi-Bike is your very own personal trainer.

Vespa models - new colors, less power and a lot of lifestyle

We had changes to the engine (Euro 4) in the exhibition news of Intermot in Cologne already discussed. In Milan, Piaggio is showing new colors and a lot of lifestyle.

A special model of the Vespa GTS 300 Super in green metallic with aluminum applications in CNC style, e.g. cascade, fender nipples. Interesting cascade with an even more interesting horn section - opinions will differ on this ;-)

More deets: Bitubo shock absorber in front, only for the trade fair or series? In any case, the adjustable levers are standard! CNC footrests, mirrors in CNC design, new oil control screw and vario cover.


Personally, I like the Vespa Seigiorni very much. Piaggio thus ties in with the early 50s, because sports models of the Vespa have been produced parallel to the series vehicles since 1947. The Vespa Sport, known as the “Sei Giorni” after the model that had great success in the 1951 international regularity race of the same name. An original Vespa Sei Giorni is incredibly valuable.


DellOrto has been the standard supplier for the Italian motorcycle and scooter industry since 1933. Dell'Orto was the largest supplier of two-wheeled carburetors in Europe from the 1960s to the 1980s; today the company works closely with Bosch and Mikuni. At the Scooter Center of course you get all available DellOrto carburetors and DellOrto spare parts such as nozzles, carburetor needles and slides quickly and cheaply.


The Scomadi with 300cc was never realized. Rumors say Piaggio has refused to supply 300cc engines to a competitor product. Today a prototype with me 400ccm. At the moment everyone at Scomadi is very busy, we will try to find out later which engine is being installed.

Polini - Scooter Center is an Official Polini Dealer


More Polini News:

Polini has beautiful scooters on the stand again. News from Polini: eg mounted pressure plate for the Smallframe.


Bell helmets - Our personal favorite helmets - The Bell Custom 500 and Bullit are now also available in a scrambler design.


Gogoro: innovative electric scooter with battery replacement system. The concept is probably the future, the design a matter of taste.


Also at Malossi: beautiful scooters on the stand. For many of us that was the beginning of scooter riding: the Ciao.
Malossi still offers an extensive tuning program, which you can get from us: Piaggio Ciao parts
Classic Vespa novelty at Malossi - a straight-toothed primary transmission for Vespa Cosa clutch.


Faco is a proven provider for Scooter accessories and chrome accessories meanwhile, of course, also for the modern Vespa models such as GT, GTS & Co.

faco-vespa-eicma-milano-2016-1 faco-vespa-eicma-milano-2016-2


In addition to Polini and Malossi, another tuning specialist with home advantage on the Eicma: Pinasco
In the last few years Pinasco has been offering the new Motor housings for Vespa Switch scooters or crankshafts with interchangeable balancing weights, again clearly gas.

Lord of the Pistons - Meteor

On our last one Italy trip we visited Meteor in Milan. Here is our video for the Piston manufacturer our trust:

We are absolutely thrilled with how professionally Meteor deals with pistons. If you thought that the piston was just a cylindrical component and only the piston clearance, the position of the rings and pins, if necessary the window and the length had to match, you may be surprised that every piston has a has the right shape.
Meteor works in the thousandths range by adapting the piston to the shape of the cylinder liner at various positions on the piston skirt. This guarantees high performance with maximum service life.

Due to production reasons, no cylinder in a batch is always the same. This is why there are usually A and B pistons, for example, which are optimally adapted to the cylinder shape. Make sure to choose the same letter (A, B, C) when you choose a new one Replacement piston order for your cylinder.


Seen from above, a piston is never completely round; strictly speaking, it is oval:


The piston manufacture

During the tour of the Meteor factory, we noticed how much modern high-end technology but also still real manual work now perfect piston is needed.

We have brought you pictures of the process of creating a piston, from development to the blank to finishing from Milan:

Introduced: the piston in your scooter

The Piston is a cylindrical engine component that moves up and down in the cylinder of your scooter (if the cylinders are upright) or to and fro (if the cylinders are lying down).

Task of the piston

The task of the piston is to convert physical pressure into motion in a reciprocating internal combustion engine and thereby drive the machine.

Components of the piston

The piston has the following functional areas:

  • an Piston crownwho is in contact with the medium,
  • its Piston skirt: the cylindrical component that fits into the cylinder bore with a little play -> "piston play",
  • the material moisture meter shows you the Piston pin with its bearing that connects the piston with the connecting rod.

Nowadays, pistons for engines are mainly made of cast aluminum alloys, whereas in the past they were often made of cast iron.

A characteristic feature of the pistons in Otto engines is their significantly thinner-walled design, which allows the engine to run at higher speeds due to its lower weight. In the area of ​​the 1st piston ring groove, hard anodizing (hard anodizing) can sometimes be used to reduce wear and tear and micro-welds.

The piston crown partially carries flat pockets to accommodate the valves protruding into the combustion chamber.

The piston skirt is used to guide the piston in the cylinder barrel and is coated with a lubricating varnish on most pistons. To save weight, many high-speed four-stroke engines have the piston skirt on the sides (at the piston pin openings) offset inwards (“slipper” piston).

The piston crown

The piston crown has one or more grooves for the piston rings, the uppermost of which are the compression rings and at least one lower one serves as an oil control ring. Most pistons have two compression rings and one oil control ring. So-called 2-ring pistons with only one compression ring are also used for racing engines.

The piston skirt

In the case of two-stroke engines, the piston skirts can also have windows. In addition, most two-stroke pistons have locking pins in the piston ring grooves to prevent the piston ring joints from twisting and jamming in the control windows of the cylinder liner. In old engines up to the 1950s, a nose piston was common in 2-stroke engines to enable the gas exchange or purging process. More modern two-stroke engines, however, usually have a flat piston head, since the purging or the gas exchange takes place as reverse purging with a change of direction in the cylinder.

The piston pin

The power transmission from the piston to the connecting rod takes place via the piston pin. This is stored in a bore in the piston in the inwardly thickened part of the shirt. This bore often has grooves for circlips (“Seegerrings”) at the end in order to limit the lateral displacement of the piston pin.

Meteor video

Buy Meteor Vespa pistons



Run & Race 2016, Pomposa, Italy - September 16-18.09.2016, XNUMX

That was last weekend Scooter Center drove to the Adriatic coast for the Run & Race finals of the European Scooter Challenge. Thanks to the participation of the British Scooter Sport Organization (BSSO) and several other international drivers, the spectators are offered a good spectacle on the kart track.

With the Lambretta to the Adriatic

Sounds like a vacation, but the vacation is long gone. We had 3.000 kilometers and a few days of hard work in Bella Italia ahead of us. Our bus was packed with equipment and our best bgm parts for that Run & Race Italy

The journey started on Thursday in Cologne. After 1.000 km from Lake Garda, on Friday we drove the remaining 250 km to Pomposa on the Adriatic Sea with the scooters. So on Friday it is time to leave early and the tour group splits up into a tour guide and an escort vehicle. The tour guide is done by two Race Tour Lambrettas with 28 Polini carburetors and the bgm big box:

  1. Lambretta DL 150 with 225 bgm PRO RaceTour
  2. Lambretta LI 150 1st series 195 bgm PRO RaceTour

Lambretta DL & LI


Tough test drive in the rain and pothole slalom

Test drive in Bella Italia: summer, blue skies and every now and then a stop at the car grill. That's the plan! Half an hour after the start, reality overtakes our wishful thinking. After the motorway tunnel in Verona we drive into the pouring rain. Fortunately, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing - and we had plenty of that with us!

But nothing helps and until shortly before Pomposa we continue on the Autostrada in the rain.
Fortunately, we did not notice the violent storm directly. Several cars in guard rails and trenches, but give an impression of what must have been going on shortly before us.

Ride a scooter in the rain

Despite the capricious weather conditions and potholes, we are quite brisk. The cruising speed with the motors is around 110 km / h (GPS). The new TomTom Vio shows us the way. Both the bgm motors and the bgm chassis keep what is promised and the journey is quick and easy. The bottom line is a great tour that is a lot of fun.

The video of the scooter tour

Big Run & Race in Italy

As the rain stops a bit before Pomposa and the thick cloud cover tears up, we luckily do not arrive completely drenched. The welcome from Rimini Lambretta Centers Marco and the organizers of SIR is warm as usual. After the first cups of white wine, we first move into our luxurious bungalow.

Our luxury bungalow

There will be a 'menu' on both evenings. To be honest, we imagined it to be quite different in Italy ... Both evenings will be quite long for Philipp thanks to the super nighters.

The breakfast on Saturday morning is great, unfortunately we don't have much time because the stand needs to be set up and we are excited to see what awaits us. Breakfast by the sea in the best weather.


Thanks to our routine, setting up our stand is quite easy for us - at least for those who were sober in bed before 5 a.m.
Accompanied by the incessant howling of sophisticated scooter motors, we present our bgm product range throughout the day and have many great conversations with old and new friends from:

  • Italy
  • Schweiz
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Greece
  • England
  • Cyprus

Our photos from the weekend

RACE - The races

The exciting races take place directly across the street, where fierce battles were held down to the last meter. The Italian teams from CASA Performance and Parmakit dominate the big classes here - LINK bgm TEILE RENNTEAM. Our Austrian friend Stoffi impressively wins the standard class with the Polini engine -> LINK Shop standard class. Michi from the Stoffi team, we hang our camera around - this is what a one-class training session looks like:

RUN - the scooter meeting

Run & Race - there is also a scooter run during the race. The Italian clubs have stands on the grounds of the racetrack and you can buy parts or merchandise, marvel at scooters and talk about petrol everywhere.
The evening events take place on a camping and bungalow park where all participants were accommodated. The announced concert on Saturday is unfortunately canceled, the Open Air Nighter boiled over until the police arrive. The event is spontaneously moved inside and, if the mood is even better, the party will continue until the early hours of the morning.
After an Italian breakfast on Sunday morning, saying goodbye is difficult! But this time the 250 km return journey lies ahead of us in the most beautiful sunshine. For the last part we leave the motorway and take a scenic route through the hinterland and mountains. We reach our base camp on Lake Garda in a good mood. We still had a lot to do here:

  • Photoshoot Kerresinhio Quartet
  • Visit to the piston manufacturer Meteor in Milan
  • Photos & videos


RUN & RACE? la Corsa al Raduno 2016

Run & Race goes Italy

Tomorrow it will start. We're going on that Run & Race la Corsa al Raduno inPomposa / Italy.
That sounds like music to the ears of scooterists. Run & Race - the legendary scooter meeting of the Stoneheads SC on the Kartbahn Liedolsheim near Karlsruhe celebrated its 2012th anniversary in 10. By the way, we are celebrating 2017 25 years Scooter Center and 10th Scooter Customshow 2017

Motors during the day and scooterists scounds in the ears in the evening

A whole weekend full throttle, Vespa & Lambretta. A classic scooter meeting combined with a racing event as part of the ESC - European Scooter Challenge.

Since 2004 there are now those European Scooter Challenge with international races in

  • Germany,
  • Österreich,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Hungary,
  • France
  • and this year for the first time in Italy.

1_run and race

RUN & RACE - la Corsa al Raduno

The name says it all: A classic scooter meeting of the SIR (Scooteristi Italiani Riuniti), combined with a run as part of the ESC.

The organizer and main sponsor is the team around Dean Orton, Vittorio Tessera and Parmakit:

  • Rimini Lambretta Center
  • Casa Performance / Casa Lambretta
  • and Parmakit.

When you visit our custom show we were personally this grand finale of the ESC 2016 invited and as a co-sponsor of this weekend, of course we don't want to miss it! We are curious, because the Italians are currently giving there really gas and also drive with ours bgm PRO - Parts very successful.

Come on too! We'll be at the meeting from September 16-18, 2016 - see you!

3_run and race




16. - 18. September 2016




  • (0039) 0541 686449 (English / Italian)
  • (0039) 339 1612633 (Italian / English)
  • (0039) 333 1333244 (Italian)



Pomposa Race Circuit
Via Orto Alfierino 32
(Statale Romea Km. 29,8)
44022 San Giuseppe di Comacchio (FE)

RUN & RACE? la Corsa al Raduno 2016

RUN & RACE 2016, Pomposa, Italy - 16.09 - 18.09.2016

Am third weekend of September takes place in Pomposa the final run the European Scooter Challenge (short: ESC - / instead of. The name and the program pay homage to the legendary Run & Race events of Stonhead SC in Liedolsheim.

SIR (Scooterclubs Italiani Riuniti - a joint Italian meeting for the first time. the 1st national Run of SIR so to say.

In addition to the main organizers of the ESC and SIR, the meeting is being massively pushed by Casa Lambretta, Parmakit and the Rimini Lambretta Center. That Scooter Center Of course, we will not miss it and will be there with a bgm stand and catalogs. So what can we expect?


Friday can be relaxed training on the Pomposa race track. In addition to the ESC drivers, drivers from all other European racing series are also invited. A joint coach is chartered for the drivers of the BSSO and the transport of the racing scooters is also organized and takes place via three central locations in England.

The nighter takes place on Friday evening - like all events (except the races) - in the holiday home Florence instead of. The SIR DJ's will play until the early hours of the morning.



The ESC finale, that's all you have to say !?

In the evening there will be a joint dinner, the concert of THE BEAT followed by a nighter. Both open air and with an explosive mix of SIR Scooterists and Austrian and German ESC drivers who are celebrating the end of their racing series. The Dean from Rimini will have hit the nail on the head with his prognosis of a “mental jolly up”.

Admission to the run is € 25 for the whole weekend (€ 20 for SIR members, ESC and BSSO drivers).

You can find information about the cost of the race here:


The holiday home is two kilometers from the racetrack Florence. You can share one of the bungalows with several people at low cost. With its own swimming pool, beach, beauty spa, two restaurants and other unusual amenities, the extension of the stay before and or after the race is almost a necessity. All evening events (nighter, concerts, etc pp) also take place in the Florence instead.

Booking inquiries are best sent directly to: If there was no answer after three days, Dean from the Rimini Lambretta Center is happy to help out in Italian. Simply send an email to after the waiting period .

If three of you share a bungalow, the cost per head is € 60. There are: two nights, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning, dinner on Saturday, the nighter on Friday and the concert by THE BEAT and the nighter on Saturday evening. Scooters can be parked by the bungalow.

All in all, an extension of the excursion to Pomposa is a good idea. And the pool and beach promise a welcome cooling off after the races in sweltering Italy.

So it’s best not to hesitate and book now!

The promise can be taken seriously:




16. - 18. September 2016




  • (0039) 0541 686449 (English / Italian)
  • (0039) 339 1612633 (Italian / English)
  • (0039) 333 1333244 (Italian)



Pomposa Race Circuit
Via Orto Alfierino 32
(Statale Romea Km. 29,8)
44022 San Giuseppe di Comacchio (FE)

bgm PRO tuning parts from the Casa Lambretta racing team

Lambretta Racing animation

Lambretta Racing

Casa Lambretta Racing Team

We supply the Casa Lambretta Racing Team from Vittorio Tessera with a selection of our high quality bgm PRO LambrettaProducts.

The racing team is very successful and is currently clearing all prizes across Europe. We are pleased that we can contribute to this with the bgm parts. The following parts are built into the Rennlambrettas:

bgm PRO parts

  • Rear shock absorber -BGM PRO R12 V2 Black Edition, 300-310mm- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP - black article no. BGM7772
    Latest version of the Lambretta bgm shock absorber. Compared to its predecessor, many details have been further optimized.
    The biggest innovation is the ability to adjust the height of the shock absorber by 10 mm. This allows additional space to be created between the frame and the suction cup.
    New features:
    Bushings with silent rubbers mounted
    - progressively wound spring
    – Rebound and compression damping marked hard -> soft
    - Length adjustment by 10 mmThe proven features have remained:
    massive 14 mm piston rod
    - Adjustment of the spring preload
    - massive CNC body, anodized
  • Cable set -BGM PRO- Lambretta DL, GP Article no. BGM6401N
    Revised version of the proven Lambretta bgm PRO cable set. The well-known features such as the correct length of the outer and inner sleeves, the outer cable with a PTFE sleeve for smooth operation and the detailed plan for laying the cables have of course been retained Inner cables are less susceptible to wear. The clutch cable and front brake cable now have inner cables with pear nipple adapters. This ensures a significantly lower load on the cable at the barrel in the area of ​​the lever. This means that torn clutch cables are a thing of the past. The scope of delivery includes the following cables: gearshift (2x), clutch, front brake, rear brake, gas cable, an additional long inner gas cable for using larger carburetors, choke cable and soldering nipple to adjust the length of non-original ones carburetors.
  • Coupling socket -BGM PRO- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX. TV (series 2-3), DL / GP article no. BGM8010B
    The bgm Pro clutch bush is another innovation in the field of Lambretta clutch technology. A high-quality, special material always ensures optimal sliding behavior. The socket allows the clutch to separate very cleanly, and the starting behavior is optimised. As a result, clean engagement without juddering is guaranteed, even with very powerful engines. The bush is manufactured by bgm with high precision from a special material (for operation with little lubricant).
    – Heavy-duty, special material
    - Made in Germany
    - Clean separation behavior of the coupling
    - Start-up without chattering
    - Circumferential lubrication groove
    - Suitable for Lambretta LI, LI S, SX. TV (series 2-3), DL / GP

Video Lambretta Racing

Photos Lambretta Racing

Scooterrun Italy Arco - Le BruttePieghe

Le BruttePieghe SC - 13 ° edition EuroZero

At the beginning of June 2016 we were on the 13 ° edizione EuroZero Scooterrun des Le BruttePieghe SC in Italy. The meeting took place in Arco, very close to Lake Garda. The Lago di Garda has a very important meaning for us:

At the lake Garda intends to about 25 years ago its general history of Scooter Centers began. In Malcesine in the middle of wonderful olive groves, on the east bank of Lake Garda, Oliver Kluger had the very first scooter (a Vespa Rally TS 125) for the Scooter Center bought and later sold to "Mod-Volker" from Cologne. Volker drives this wonderful Vespa still today, he is our very first customer and of course has remained loyal to us to this day.

Video from the meeting of Le BruttePieghe SC

The sun doesn't always shine in Italy either. And so it was very rainy that weekend (as everywhere). Luckily we had a rain break in the afternoon so that the Corso could take place. We can hardly imagine a more beautiful setting for a ride on the scooters. Goose flesh. On the subsequent Niter with Scooterists' sound it was really full and the party continued until the early hours of the morning.

Scooter scene Italy

If you have the opportunity, you should definitely visit a scooter meeting in Italy. There is an umbrella organization, the SIR, here you can find the current dates:

SIR - Scooter Club Italiani Riuniti


Parmakit Vespa scooter tuning

PARMAKIT Scooter Power Parts 100% Made in Italy

We were on tour in Italy for you again. Our destination this time: Parma in the Emiglia Romana. But, like during our visit to the Rimini Lambretta Center, we didn't see much of the area this time either. Sightseeing was not on our program - we had something much better in mind: our way led us into the industrial area directly to PARMAKIT.

Parmakit Vespa scooter tuning

Friendly business

After PARMAKIT on our Customshow in Cologne was represented with a booth, our return visit to Italy now followed. At the moment ours is still running PARMAKIT - competition

Because of "Dolce Vita", "Bella Italia" and "the sun always shines in Italy":
At the beginning of May we had snow on the Brenner and rain in Parma. But when we arrived at PARMAKIT, we quickly got warm to the scooter driver's heart. On the one hand we were warmly welcomed, on the other hand we were able to take a look behind the scenes of the cult forge. We were impressed with that Know-how, for Diversity and above all the Quality and Perfomance of the products.

PARMAKIT means the highest quality and 100% MADE IN ITALY

Just like we do at bgm, PARMAKIT uses companies and suppliers in the region to ensure consistently high quality.

Scooter racing in the blood

PARMAKIT comes from racing and the likeable Italians live that too. Last weekend they won the POLINI-CUP. In Europe they are currently mixing up the ESC - European Scooter Challenge. The next target is the BSSO - British Scooter Racing next weekend in East Fortune near Edinburgh, Scotland. The Italians also bring this experience to bear in their product development and the bar here is extremely high.

Parmakit at Scooter Center

In the future we will work even more closely with PARMALKIT, exchange experiences and expand our product range. Be curious!

Here we have summarized our impressions in a short video:

You can of course find out more about the development and new products here at Scooter Center Blog. Here you can get directly to the PARMAKIT products in Scooter Center Shop.


Novegro Vespa GS

Legendary classic car parts market in Italy

From November 6th to 8th, 2015, in Novegro is the parts market again for mainly scooters and bicycles. Officially advertised as a market for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and spare parts and accessories for the same, the focus of the 64th Mostra Scambio is clearly on the scooter and bicycle sector.

In addition to the prospects of Bargain The markets in Italy attract with their special flair and the wide range on offer. Especially in the Vespa and Lambretta area, there is almost everything for the collector. From paper to rare spare parts to complete scooters.

In contrast to before, dealers - especially if they are specialized - are much better informed about prices than was the case in the past. Nevertheless, there are always opportunities that cannot be turned down. To do this, however, you should keep your eyes open to the general stores and not be too determined when it comes to the parts. Most of the time you find that what you are specifically looking for is not. But there are always other opportunities to do so.

Novegro alternative

Is the way to Italy too far for you?
Come to ours custom show with big Vespa and Lambretta parts market in Cologne.

Used scooters we also have on offer. New scooter parts you get from us Scootershop.