Dean Orton at Scooter Center with BSG Corse Lambretta

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dean orton lambretta scooter center

Bon voyage - Dean visits this Scooter Center with the BSG Corse Lambretta

Dean Orton, the founder of Rimini Lambretta Center visited us in Scooter Center. On his way from Rimini via the Venlo Scooter Run to the ESC race at the Harz Ring, he stopped by for a few days. Dean use the trip to the BSG Corse engine to test its suitability for everyday use and travel. In doing so, it was anything but sparing the engine.

BSG Corse Lambretta test drive


The test drive should be as real as possible, so Dean just packed his mod stuff and also:

  • another exhaust to test
  • all sorts of tools just in case
  • Camping equipment
  • and what else mod needs

Then he chased the Lambretta through the streets. From Rimini in Italy over the Alps to Austria and over Germany to Venlo in Holland. The way home then takes him back via Germany, past us and then on to the ESC race at the Harzring.

130km / h cruising speed with reduced 50PS

He reels this distance relatively relaxed at a constant cruising speed of 130km / h. And that with sufficient reserves to be able to overtake at 150km / h. Considerable when you consider the very short gear ratio of only 4,9. With this powerful motor, other speeds can also be achieved.

The CNC manufactured 305cc cylinder is throttled to approx. 50PS via the programmable ignition. Unthrottled, the engine already produced 63PS on the dynamometer at the Rimini Lambretta Center.

ESC roller race on the Harz-Ring

A European Scooter Challenge race will take place on the Harz-Ring this weekend. Dean meets the Casa Lambretta Racing Team here. The first tests and preparations for the race will take place on Friday. The Casa Lambretta racing scooters are equipped with the new parts of the Casa Lambretta Performance parts and some bgm PRO parts. We have the Casa team with the complete bgm PRO Lambretta chassis, the bgm PRO Lambretta silent blocks and the bgm PRO Superstrong Lambretta clutch equipped.

Our first time!

Even if we've known each other for ages and that Scooter Center Just as the Rimini Lambretta Center was founded around the same time, we already met at various events across Europe, but this year we managed to visit each other for the first time.

dean orton lambretta dean orton lambretta

In April we went to the Open Day and had a great time there in this brilliant Lambretta shop with our Italian friends, great Italian food and of course many great and unique legendary Lambretta models such as the Lambretta two-cylinder prototype and the BSG 305 Lambretta.

Here is the video from the Corso, Philipp on the BSG Lambretta

On Monday So it was finally time, it was an honor for us Dean im Scooter Center to welcome. We loved every second and there were lots of stories old and new to share and it was very fun. After a few “business talks” we had dinner together and it got very late. Dean praises ours Scooter Center Generation XI Smallframe Vespa the most beautiful object in the universe - just one breath later our bgm demonstrator Lambretta than that ugliest Lambretta in the world to brand. Mhhhh…. Since we were already confronted with this opinion at the Riva del Garda Customshow 2013, there had to be some truth to it. So we had to do something about it. So we decided to make the Lambretta available to him and to adapt the optics to the perfect mechanics.

dean orton on a lambretta
Tuesday Dean tests the Lambretta on the streets of the beautiful Rhineland and came right on time for the traditional afternoon tea to discuss some new Lambretta products.

On Thursday Dean actually wanted to look at our order process. Unfortunately, we got the glorious idea to test his scooter and both exhaust systems on the test bench. The diagrams of our P4 dynamometer almost coincide with the diagrams driven in Rimini. Time flew by and after dinner Dean was already on the way to the Harz-Ring.

Many greetings to the entire Rimini Lambretta Center team and to Vittorio with his Casa Lambretta Racing Team - we keep our fingers crossed for the race


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