LML before the end?

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LML is bankrupt

LML - the last manufacturer of classic hand-operated scooters

We took sad news from the English online magazine Power off .

LML, the world's last manufacturer of classic hand-operated scooters, seems to be on the verge of a final end, but we hope the tide will turn.

Who does not know the history of LML "click" (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lohia_Machinery_Limited). In its history LML has built license productions of the popular Vespa models:

Mostly pretty close to the original, sometimes a bit more idiosyncratic, they were always popular inexpensive entry-level models that were particularly characterized by their economy. The Indian reality simply required other priorities and so longevity and economy were a clear selling point.

At peak times, 30.000 scooters rolled off the assembly line every month and LML was not only serving the Indian market with them. Classic PX models have always been very popular in Asia, Iran and various African countries. Egypt was one of LML's main sales markets, which unfortunately was their undoing: The depreciation of the Egyptian pound in 2016 made the scooters so expensive that this market collapsed. Unfortunately, no market was able to make up for this gap and so LML stumbled even more.

Scooter Center visiting the LML factory

We first visited LML in 2014 and were able to see the production live at the Kanpur plant.

LML Scooter Factory

What we saw impressed us both deeply and at the same time, because to see a PX body made from a huge roll of sheet steel was an impression that gave us goose bumps. We were very impressed and it was just incredible to see the birth of a scooter live.

LML has potential

At that time it was clear to us, “LML has potential!”. Although the feel of some LML parts may not quite meet the requirements, they are of the highest quality in terms of quality. We installed the LML gearbox in 30 HP engines in the workshop without any problems.

The complete LML engines are unbeatable in terms of price-performance ratio and the painted ones LML frame sets  a great starting point for a new build. The rest of the original parts are also very popular with us. Unfortunately, there is a lot of counterfeiting in India and low-quality replica parts are simply sold in counterfeit LML packaging. You should pay close attention to this and keep your hands off any dubious offers.

LML has not only produced Piaggio models under license, but has also carried out many further developments to which the original has to bow:  LML motor housing XXl transfer ports. We discovered this motor housing by chance in the factory. To this day we have not really been able to clarify where they were installed.

LML Motor XXL transfer port

On the one hand, they have HUGE transfer ports (why weld and mill them ?!) On the other hand, the cylinder base was smaller than on the Piaggio engines. (we offer the housing already spindled to Piaggio dimensions: LML motor housing XXl transfer ports )

Furthermore, the development of a 4-speed four-stroke engine in the LML PX dress should not go unmentioned because this is the only way to comply with the strict exhaust gas values ​​and the gearshift has (had) a future.

As the grand finale, we were there when the production of the LML PK was rebuilt. The idea was actually a good one. One Smallframe with automatic motor and disc brake. She would certainly have had a future at least as a 50s in Germany. Fatally, it was only available as a 125cc and there was probably no mass market there. We had a fork (shortened Lusso fork) sent to us as a sample and saw great potential for V50, VBB and rally / sprint conversions, but unfortunately that never happened.

LML recently sought salvation in the production of a tricycle for the Indian market  http://lml3wheelers.com/. Unfortunately, this project does not seem to have had the necessary success and it looks bleak at the moment.

We keep our fingers crossed for LML that there is still an investor who recognizes the potential. It would be a shame if such a great company with enthusiastic employees just disappeared.

Ulf Schroeder, Scooter Center



LML motor housing for Vespa  |.  LML frame set for Vespa

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  1. Bjorn Janssen
    Bjorn Janssen says:

    In terms of exhaust emissions, these combustion engines can only be sold around the world as spare parts. It is the same with the chassis. If further z. If, for example, new PX s are to be sold, this would probably only be possible with a powerful electric motor. But apart from China, the rest of the world is not there yet. LML thus falls into the (technical) hole.

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