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We went to the weekend Custom show in Ried.

After 700km we were warmly welcomed by Stoffi and his team.

First we visited the location. A great, huge exhibition hall with lots of scooters on Friday evening. After that we set up our entire stand.

Slightly exhausted from the stressful day, we finally made it to the hotel. After the typically hearty, alpine food, somehow and someone at our table got their hands on a card game ...
And in no time one “digestive schnapps” quickly became “playful” and several. For one, more, for the other less - depending on how he was able to blow cards off a pile. Stupid game for me ;-)

Stoffi still had a little one for the evening Warm-up party loaded. Slightly beaten, we made our way to the WOMM, where we sat together in good company.

The next morning it was difficult for us to get up, but it didn't help: the season was about to open. The great hall filled quickly and the rush of visitors did not seem to let up. I had the feeling that the hall was full all day. The hall was now filled with the whole custom scooter. The level was very high and there were some particularly nice scooters at the start! Ried, along with Stoffi and Pfeili, is of course the stronghold of the Scooter customizing. We had a lot of nice conversations and some parts were downright ripped out of our hands.

Hardly anyone is without the new one Vespa update went home. Many scooter girls are now running with a new one Vespa handbag rum and a lot of scooters in Austria are now with the bgm chassis on road!

Customshow Twisted Pistons & SCOOTER CENTERWe had a lot of fun. Congratulations to the Customshow winners and many thanks to the organizers - that was a great show, we're looking forward to 2012 - but see you first at the Customshown in Cologne on October 9th!

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