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Who is behind it?

Markus André Mayer, 44 years old and a passionate Vespa fan from beautiful Allgäu.

Vespa Gentleman Giro Markus Mayer with 50cc Vespa and suit

In 2017 Markus was able to do 3 of his passions (Vespa, charity work and social media) in the Giro Germanica to unite. With the help of Vespa clubs from German-speaking countries, we were able to go on a 42-day donation trip over € 25.000 in donations generated by him for the forest pirate camp of the German Children's Cancer Foundation. Of course it was Scooter Center Part of his Giro Germanica Donation trip and we supported the campaign.

Now Markus has something new to do in which he Scooter Center supported again. It is a matter close to our hearts! This time we are the main sponsor and support and sponsor his new mission extensively.

Here in the Scooter Center Blog we will keep you up to date on this year's mission over the next few months.
We are starting today with the first presentation of the VESPA GENTLEMAN GIRO, look forward to, for example, one soon Interview , and a Making of the engine that we build for Markus.

Vespa Gentleman Giro Markus Mayer



Markus has decided to dedicate the entire year 2021 full-time collecting donations for children with cancer. He starts with the 3 initiatives to raise donations for 40 cancer organizations in 40 European countries:

  • Big European donation trip
  • 10 relay races in different countries
  • 1 world record poker run (Erläuterungen)

For 2021 he is planning a much larger campaign: within 8 months he would like to unite the entire European Vespa scene through a large donation trip around Europe with several linked measures in order for 40 national cancer foundations and care centers at least € 250.000 to be collected. To carry out this heart project, he will need around 14 months in total. About various large travel projects like his

  • 80 days around the world in 2018,
  • USA crossing 2017,
  • or European tour in 2014,

it has already been possible for him to gain a great deal of experience and, above all, a particularly large number of contacts with scooter riders all over the world.

The contacts to the national clubs throughout Europe make it possible to identify suitable donation targets in advance, such as the League contra Cancro in Portugal and to coordinate the planned measures and events in the respective countries. As part of the trip, Markus is planning 3 Guiness Book World Records and thus also to direct the interest of the public and the media to the facilities, clubs and the fundraising campaign.


Vespa Gentleman Giro Europa route

25.000 km through 40 European countries. The specific route will depend on the 200+ clubs that I would like to meet on the way to collect donations.

Even if it doesn't look like it on this map: of course there is a stop at the Scooter Center planned, we will keep you up to date!


“Eleanore” - the Smallframe Vespa. For the tour he uses a Vespa V50N from 1971. It will be the longest 50cc scooter ride ever!

Markus with Eleonore Vespa V50 N

We are currently taking care of the Vespa engine, be curious to find out more about it here in the blog soon.


Yes, of course you can help too, Markus depends on support and is looking forward to donations to the individual organizations, more information and Donation opportunity here. You are also welcome to share this post with friends via Facebook, Whatsapp etc.