This is how we experienced the Vespa AlpDays 2021 in Zell am See

Scooter Center at the Vespa Alp Days 2021 in Zell am See

Thursday - Day 1 - The start (800km / 160km)

After the 'Vorbereitungen im Scooter Center, it could finally start now. the Vespa Alp Days start much earlier, but the main days are Friday and Saturday. Many people combine this scooter meeting in the Alps with a vacation and book special trips into the mountains. We arrive on Thursday so that we can be fully there on Friday and Saturday:

After the early start in Cologne, there was for that Scooter Center Team, after about 650km, a stopover at my place in Munich. Strengthened by a good snack, Maryzabel's Platonika and MotoVespa were freed from the vans by Alex.
On the scooters we drove over fine country roads and over the legendary Sudelfeld and the Tatzelwurm in dream weather. At Kufstein we cross the Inn and come across the border to Austria. We continue past the Walchsee, through the valleys via Saalfelden / Leogang to Zell am See!


In the meantime, Marc and Marcus drove the vans to Zell am See as quickly as possible. We were amazed. not bad when the booth was already set up when we arrived!
We welcome friends and old acquaintances from near and far. As a team, we quickly take care of the rest of the little things at the stand. This is followed by a convivial team evening with good food in Zell am See.

You notice: our weekend started off really well! But it should get even better:



Friday - day 2 - Kitzbühler Horn (120km)

We have decided to keep the stand closed in the mornings. During this time all Vespisti (we were very happy to see three Lambrettas) are on the rides and we want to meet friends and customers there in action.



After a great breakfast, the scooters were filled up first. In bright sunshine we drove together to Areit, the meeting point for today's trip to Kitzbühel Horn.

Madness: a huge parking lot full of around 700 Vespa scooters, Year of construction from the beginning of the 50s until today - what a wonderful spectacle!

In 8 groups with a maximum of 100 scooters, it was then leisurely on country roads and narrow paths up to the Kitzbühler Horn. For some, the route was pure driving pleasure, others worked up a sweat. I've also seen riders turn into runners and push their scooters up the extremely steep passages.


TIPP: Did you already know the height correction for the carburetor pans or air filter boxes?

This little one Rubber stopper If the engine is running too rich, it is removed on the mountain, at a height. With this additional air supply, the carburetor can draw in more air and because of the leaner air at altitude it no longer runs as richly.
Caution: You must definitely start again in the valley, otherwise the Vespa is too lean here!


Example Largeframe:

Example Smallframe:



The wonderful mountain panorama quickly forgot the hardships for man and machine. On the descent I was happy about my bgm PRO chassis and the new brake pads on my 1962 Vespa T4. from Augsburg.



Other drivers who were on the road with a Vespa GTS today told me about overheating and failing brakes due to the lack of engine brakes on the automatic engine. So it was with us on Scooter Center There was also interest in ours Test winner suspension from bgm PRO and Vespa GTS brakes from Frank and Porco Nero very large.



So in the early afternoon we opened our stand and were able to welcome and advise a large number of nice scooter drivers. Many also tried our raffle, and in the end there was a winner who wasn't that far from the correct result. But we can't reveal that at this point, because we want to play the game again with a similar number of nuts in the future. For example next weekend on Scooter Center Open Day with us in Bergheim-Glessen, at the gates of Cologne.



Saturday - day 3 - Großglockner (80km)

Today we had to get up early. The day was packed with attractions and starts with Goosebumpst pure:

130 Vespa tubular handlebars and Faro Basso “lamp below” Vespa models from the early 50s line up for the Grossglockner Mountain Prize. This is a very rare opportunity like that lots of old Vespas to be able to admire in a heap. The spectacular Le Mans start in 4 groups, you can see the mixture of excitement, pride, ambition and above all joy in this challenge in the drivers.
“Tüte”, a participant from last year, told me how he had to push his Vespa Rally 180 up the Glockner a bit!
How does a machine cope with it that has a few more years under its belt and less under its hood?
To find out, we gave one of the daredevil pilots one of our cameras. Many thanks to Marc Schaffnit!


With the Ciao towards the summit

Our Marc has been on the road for a long time, he could hardly be stopped and drives the Grossglockner up first with his Ciao and then again with the Scooter Center Be Giorni. Another practical test for our new one, passed with flying colors CIAO bags.



Shortly afterwards we also make our way to the Glockner, the Mountain calls and wants to be conquered!



Today it was supposed to rain all day, what to me with the bgm PRO Sport tires but did not cause concern. We were lucky: it stayed dry until the afternoon, but it was up on the Grossglockner, but very foggy and cold. So after a fun descent we went straight to the town square to greet the AlpDays family at our stand and to advise them on our products.



In the afternoon it did start to rain, we were so engrossed in conversations and busy keeping our booth dry that we unfortunately had the great one Vespa acrobatics stunt show by NICOLA CAMPOBASSO missed. The “Concours de Elegance”, a kind of custom show, took place right at our stand.



While the Alpdays family was slowly coming to the congress center to take part in the evening program Live music, awards, honors, charity presentation and raffles To be present, we set about dismantling the stand and stowing the material safely in the transporters.



One group Ladies in dirndls from Waging am See, stopped us for a moment. A welcome and very nice change!


Vespa Alpdays Zell am See 2021 photos and videos


After dinner we go to the evening event. Maryzabel was immediately hired and was allowed to dance with the WURLI WURM.

Actually everyone was just waiting for the big raffle, in which the main prize was a Vespa rally. Congratulations to the lucky winner who was very happy!

But we were also able to give pleasure and announce the winner of our competition, who can now look forward to a bgm PRO shock absorber for his scooter. There were also three Scooter Center-Shopping vouchers worth 200 euros raffled off. Again, our congratulations to the lucky winners!


Journey home (800km / 160km)

The night was pretty short. After breakfast together, we parted ways again: I made my way back towards Munich with my Vespa, Marcus stayed a day longer to enjoy the landscape with Ciao and Vespa and Maryzabel, Marc and Alex set off for the 800km Journey home towards Cologne / Bergheim.

Alpdays 2022 a revolution? We are excited!

13th Vespa Alp Days 2022 Zell am See

13th VESPA ALP DAYS 2022 - REVOLUTION from 2-6. June 2022

Main days: 2-6. June 2022 / Complete program: 1.-8. June 2022
The info about the 13th Vespa Alp Days 2022 came in hot off the press from Nicole and Franz:
"We look forward to seeing you again in 2022, combined with the hope of a “normal” year again!
We are trying to create a very special program in 2022, with some completely new, revolutionary ideas ... smuggler tour, powder maker hut ...
But we are limiting the number of participants again tragically! If you want to be there, please register quickly from 01.01.2022!
All information on from 01.11.2021
Registration open from 01.01.2022"

The Scooter Center Team is already looking forward to the next event this coming weekend: Scooter Center Open day 2021 on Saturday, September 18.09.2021th, XNUMX.

Vespa Alpdays Zell am See 2021 photos and videos

Scooter Center at the Vespa Alp Days in Zell am See 2021


The Scooter Centers was with a team at the last weekend Vespa AlpDays in Zell am See.

The organizers describe the event as follows:

In Zell am See, the Vespa capital of Austria, the largest annual European Vespa meeting takes place every year! The whole VESPA ALP DAYS family meets for wonderful days in the historic city center of Zell am See! In 2019 over 1600 Vespisti / Scooteristi from 23 nations were peacefully united in Zell am See! - An experience for every participant!Nicole & Franz

When we were at the Vespa World Days in Zell am See in 2009 (see here and here), Franz presented us with his idea for the Vespa AlpDays and we were immediately on fire. It goes without saying that we support that and, if possible, go there ourselves. Meanwhile they find AlpDays took place for the 12th time and Nicole and Franz were actually able to honor participants who took part in all 12 events!

This year we write the year 2021 and events are still subject to strict guidelines. Many events were canceled this year or were not even planned.

Last year I was alone as a very small fraction of the Scooter Center Teams, at the Vespa Alpdays. Together with my wife I am with the Vespa in the car to take part there at least on Saturday. The result is two nice videos of the Alpdays and the Grossglockner Audax Exit.

This year, too, the event team around Franz and Nicole did not let it get down and, as in 2020, postponed the Alpdays to late summer due to the pandemic. Instead of the otherwise 1.500 participants, only around half of the scooter drivers were allowed in 2020 & 2021.

It was of course a bit emptier in the alleys, but that didn't detract from the fun of the tours on the street!


This time it should Scooter Center Be a bigger team, have a stand on site again and even drive more scooters. Said and done:


Scooter Center Booth Vespa Alp Days


The Scooter Center Exhibitors

We have been going to scooter meetings for 30 years, at the beginning we dragged half our shop with us to the meetings and still often did not have the things with us that you "broke" on the way to the meeting or on site. For years we have only been showing a selection of product highlights at events and no longer have any parts sales. Instead, we prefer to have a cold drink with us so that we can toast old and new stories with our customers.

Scooter Center Booth Vespa Alp Days



New this year: a competition! Visitors were able to estimate the number of nuts in the box and the winner, who is closest to their estimate, could win a shock absorber. The submitted amount ranged from 888 to 12.567 who won Thomas R. from Ludwigshafen, we will contact you. The next chance to take part in the competition is likely to be ours OpenDay - if the box with the 1.234 nuts survived the trip - oops - whether that's really true ... :-)


Scooter Center Competition

Donation campaign for the Children's Cancer Foundation with Markus André Mayer

In the last few weeks, Markus had traveled over 7.000 km in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland to get on his Vespa Gentleman Giro Collect donations for the national children's cancer foundations. See also here on our blog. We supported Markus and accompanied. He has one Stop in Scooter Center inserted and becomes ours too OpenDay be there, of his Scooter adventure tell around the world and especially donations for the Children's Cancer Foundation collect. In Zell am See, too, we gave him a point of contact at our booth, exchanged merchandise for donations and so we were able to do so 1.051,54 Euros that will be donated directly to the Austrian Children's Cancer Foundation.



And of course we also have a can for AROUND HALF AT THE BAR / COUNTER set up.




Scooter and driver

Maryzabel is of course on the road with her Platonika Vespa PX / LML. As a demonstrator, Platonika is of course packed with the finest bgm and Moto Nostra parts. You can find information about the Platonika project here

Maryzabel Platonica


Alex has its MotoVespa MV125 from 1960 just finished.

The alpine tour is practically the maiden voyage, if you can say that about a scooter that has been on Mallorca for over 50 years.

The brisk Spaniard can now spend her old age in the beautiful Rhineland. Externally by sealing the original color dress and internally, with great attention to detail, technically completely refurbished, she is now looking forward to her coming kilometers on the European mainland.

The bgm PRO 177 cylinder breathes new temperament into the Spaniard. The chassis and the brake drums from bgm passed the baptism of fire on the descent of the Großglockner from an altitude of 2.571m.

Moto Vespa Alex


Marc is with his Ciao and the Scooter Center SeiGiorni at the AlpDays. A spectacular conversion of a Vespa GTV, of course with the bgm PRO chassis, which allowed him to drive in a very sporty manner on the mountain. Many visitors were amazed that and how it drives, they thought that this is just a custom project that does not drive at all. Marc has impressively proven that it drives - and how! Here you can find out more about the project and how the Scooter Center Sei Giorni Vespa. On his Ciao, for example, he of course has the new bags from our configurator


Marcus, good customer and Marc's Flatliners club mate, offered us to support the team over the weekend. We are very happy that he is there. He's an otherwise inveterate Lambretta driver this weekend with his old one Vespa PX with Malossi Sport, who accompanied him confidently and reliably

Marcus Vespa PX


Heiko, I'm back with mine Vespa T4 on the move in the Alps. A scooter that has been with me for over 20 years. Since I've been using the bgm PRO suspension and the bgm PRO SPORT tires, I've had even more fun with the Vespa. An old 213 Pinasco and the bgm PRO Touring BigBox are installed. The engine was enough to get up to the top of the Glockner in 2nd gear and at the end in the first Ganz, in twos. Of course with the altitude correction, see below

Heiko Vespa T4




The Preparations

The effort and the preparation for such an event are immense, but mostly run behind the scenes and are therefore not directly recognizable. That's why we're going to let you take a look behind the scenes today.

Event material was checked weeks beforehand, and our display was optimized and redesigned. We have designed and produced new merchandise such as posters and stickers. So that we could get all the material up to about 800km away in Zell am See, in the Alps, we had to organize sufficiently large vehicles and stow everything safely. But even the largest and longest transporter was not enough. So we are with two vans, full of scooters and event material, on Thursday morning at 5:00 am Scooter Center started. Apart from that, accommodation had to be found for 5 people, and arrival and departure had to be planned and organized ...

In the next post you will find out what we will do on the 3 days Vespa Alp Days 2021 experienced have a selection of images as a preview:

You can find all the parts for a safe journey in our Vespa shop

Vespa Gentleman Giro

Vespa trip with donations - collection campaign

Vespa Gentleman Giro 2021: 2 months, 50ccm,> 6000km
For kids with cancer!
Markus has planned a lot. Meanwhile, Markus has with the Scooter Center-Motor 2.000km on the clock, these are his experiences from the last few days:

Day 10 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After 1144 km in 4 countries and over 4 Alpine passes (Arlberg, Brenner, Staller Sattel and Felbertauern) I am very, very satisfied, grateful and happy! So far, all clubs give everything! The donation amounts are impressive. Yesterday, too, thanks to the Alp Day Charity, another incredible € 1100 was donated to the Children's Cancer Aid Austria's donation account here in Zell am See. Thank you very much Franz F. Schmalzl !! Thanks also to the Vespa Club Pinzgau, who welcomed me to Franzl's garage yesterday!
I'm also very happy with my “Eleanore” with a real 50ccm (Polini). The engine, completely overhauled by the Scootercenter, worked great even with full throttle all day and with heavy luggage and there was not a single breakdown in the total of approx. 2000 km since installation. Only at the Felbertauertunnel was it classified as an obstacle despite a TopSpeed ​​of 60 and I had to “enjoy” the shuttle transfer while sitting on Eleanore in the back of a VW bus. Eleanore was not offended, however.
Today we are heading towards Liezen to arrive in Graz tomorrow. The next day it goes towards Vienna / Tulln.
Today I ride in overalls for once because I still have to do a few small maintenance work and it may still be raining today.
Wish you a great day and don't forget to stay awesome!



Day 11 & 12 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After another 180km without any special incidents, a quiet evening today!
Country 4
Km 1324
Glitches 0
Involuntary driving on the motorway 1
Involuntary shuttle 1 (5,2km)
Hangover 1
Oh yes, and not with 102 or 85 or 75 cc!

Day 13 Vespa Gentleman Giro

Vienna get ready I come through and Tulln let the DJ warm up?
I'm glad of !
Many thanks to everyone who was there yesterday in Graz and who ensured a great result of € 785 for the Austrian Children's Cancer Aid! ??
And again 115 km yesterday!
Today about 250 !!! Longest day of the Giro


You too can directly support Markus' fundraiser:

Vespa is coming home

Markus has now arrived in Italy with his Vespa via Switzerland and Austria

We don't yet know exactly how he spent yesterday evening and night. I am convinced: the European Football Championship final was definitely a great time for a stage stay in Italy on his Vespa Gentleman Giro!

In any case, one can see from his descriptions: he is so far very happy and grateful for the many nice people he meets and donations he can collect. Of course he enjoys his Vespa and the reliable engine. My greatest respect: almost 1.000 km in 9 days fully packed on an old Vespa with 50 cubic meters ... 

Day 6 Rohrschach (CH) Vespa Gentleman Giro

Km 630
Countries 2
Glitches 0
Rain suit used 6 times?
After a relaxed trip, the great team of the BG Crew Zurich to Rohrschach am Bodensee welcomed it very warmly and was then given delicious meals. In addition, about 300 francs were donated, which was up to September 12.9 is being topped up by the club through various measures.
Another long day with great people and good conversations!
Switzerland was good to me and tomorrow it's off, Feldkirch, country number 3?
Good night !


Day 7 & 8 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After a great night in Vespengeschwaders Vesbar until 4 a.m. and a 700 € donation for the Austrian Children's Cancer Foundation, I drove with my cat over the Arlberg Pass to Imst, where I met the Vespanest and old-timer friends MSC Imst over a nice coffee break, who donated another 430 € .
In the evening I raced towards Innsbruck, where I enjoy a quiet evening and sleep in a bit before going to country number 4 tomorrow? !
Days 7
Countries 3
Kilometers approx. 870
Donation total approx.> € 26.000
Correct Hangover 1
Thanks to:
Vespa Club Rohrschach
Feldkirch Vespen Squadron
Vespanest Imst
And to my sponsors:


Day 9 Vespa Gentleman Giro

Days 9
Km 964
Countries 4
Glitches 0
Hangover 1
Driving in the rain 8
accidental motorway journeys 1
Passports 2
Clubs visited / involved: ~ 18
Conclusion: thank you SCOOTER CENTER for a great engine that runs great!
Thank you Alvivo for the great softshell jacket, as it has often been cold!
Thanks to all clubs!
Thanks to Martina Gödert, for all the surprises and because you are my rock in the surf!
Thanks to 4smarts, because I always had a battery ?!
Thanks to Hockerty for looking horny everywhere except in the hot tub ?!
Thank you, thank you, thank you - anyway the most used word in my last few weeks, because I have such a great time and meet so many great people and by the way a lot of people are doing something good!


You can also support Markus directly:


Vespa Grentleman Giro in Switzerland

Vespa Gentleman Giro goes Switzerland

After his Start at the weekend, Markus has now arrived in Switzerland. Since the start of the tour he has driven 530km.

Meanwhile also in Bavarian TV and in the Radio reported about the tour.


2 months 5 countries with 50 cubic Vespa

Our 50cc Vespa engine, which our Alex built for him, has been running very well and reliably so far.

Engine bgm for the Vespa Gentleman Giro from Markus Meyer

Day 3 and 4 Vespa Gentleman Giro

Kilometers so far: 530
Glitches 0
Clubs: 6
Donate ~ 2230 €
Route: Leonberg - Freiburg - Singen - Ravensburg - Tettnang - Meersburg Konstanz - Zurich

“The days are long and eventful! Every day I meet incredibly great people from the clubs and elsewhere - someone at a bar gave me € 20 for gasoline, the staff at the ferry gave me my fare back, club members feed me, take care of me, refuel Eleanore or organize escorts from the club Club. Vincenzo E Katja Pecoraro gave me a mirror for my safety. Newspapers, radio and TV report and I can hardly keep up with the documentation of the highlights, because my days are full from 8 a.m. to often after midnight and of course I don't want to stare at the phone at the clubs but devote myself to them.
Thanks to the Vespa Club Singen Hegau, Scuderia Rallentatore, Vespa Classico Tettnang, BG Crew Zurich and everyone who scooted, grilled and donated with me over the past few days!
You guys are great !!!"


Day 5 Vespa Gentleman Giro

“Second evening in Zurich!
After a great men’s evening with food and beer and an oil change in the BG Crew screwdriver cave, today it was time for a coffee in the Lindt Museum and rain suit shopping. Mine had been on duty every day up to now, but was no longer sealed. So the guys from the BG crew decided to change my clothes. ???!
In the evening, about 30 people from Zurich from the VC Zurich and Vespa Fans Club came to join them and at a relaxed barbecue and despite Wednesday and the somewhat uncomfortable weather, the Swiss collected a whopping 1200 francs in donations ?!
Two great days in Zurich and tomorrow it's on to the Vespa Club Rohrschach!
Thanks to the great organization to the guys! Big cinema !"




You can also support Markus directly:


Vespa Gentleman Giro start

Vespa Reise for donations to children's cancer foundations

Markus André Mayer originally wanted to go to one this year with a 1971 and 2,5 hp Vespa 50 25.000 km journey through 40 countries in Europe Visit over 200 local Vespa clubs. Together with the clubs he wants money for 40 national institutions in Fight cancer with children collect.

Due to Corona, this project has now been postponed a bit and Markus started a Germany edition at the weekend, or he is traveling to 2 months through 5 countries, among other things, it will also become ours Scooter Center OpenDay on August 28th be in Bergheim!

The Scooter Center is one of the main sponsors here and of course we built the engine for him for this tour and equipped the Vespa with a bgm PRO Vespa chassis.

Vespa Gentleman Giro Germany tour schedule

Planned tour route and stages with date

03.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Leonberg at Alvivo Start in Freiburg im Breisgau

July 04.07.2021th, XNUMX Freiburg Singen

July 05.07.2021th, XNUMX Singing Ravensburg

06.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Tettnang Zurich to Hockerty

07.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Zurich Lenzburg

July 08.07.2021th, XNUMX Lucerne Rohrschach

July 09.07.2021th, XNUMX Rohrschach Feldkirch

July 10.07.2021th, XNUMX Feldkirch Innsbruck

11.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Innsbruck Bruneck

July 12.07.2021th, XNUMX Bruneck Zell am See

July 13.07.2021th, XNUMX Zell am See Liezen

July 14.07.2021th, XNUMX Liezen Graz

July 15.07.2021, XNUMX Graz Vienna

July 16.07.2021, XNUMX Vienna Altlengbach

July 17.07.2021th, XNUMX Altlengbach Linz

July 18.07.2021, XNUMX Linz Eferding

19.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Ried im Innkreis Ingolstadt

July 20.07.2021th, XNUMX Ingolstadt Lauf an der Pegnitz

21.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Lauf an der Pegnitz Schwarzenbach

July 22.07.2021nd, XNUMX Schwarzenbach Ebermannstadt

July 23.07.2021, XNUMX Ebermannstadt Bamberg

July 24.07.2021th, XNUMX Bamberg Plauen

July 25.07.2021th, XNUMX Plauen Leipzig

July 26.07.2021th, XNUMX Leipzig Dresden

27.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Dresden Heidenau to Heidenau Reifen

28.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Radeberg Berlin

July 29.07.2021th, XNUMX Berlin Waren an der Müritz

30.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Waren an der Müritz Rostock

July 31.07.2021, XNUMX Rostock Lübeck

01.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Lübeck Kiel

August 02.08.2021nd, XNUMX Kiel Flensburg

August 03.08.2021rd, XNUMX Flensburg St.Peter Ording

August 04.08.2021th, XNUMX St Peter Ording Hamburg

05.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Hamburg Bremerhaven

06.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Bremerhaven Wulsbüttel

07.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Bremen Celle

08.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Celle Wolfsburg

09.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Braunschweig Hanover

10.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Hanover Bielefeld

August 11.08.2021th, XNUMX Bielefeld Oberhausen

August 12.08.2021th, XNUMX Oberhausen Essen

August 13.08.2021th, XNUMX Krefeld Frechen

14.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Bergheim Bonn

August 15.08.2021, XNUMX Aachen Luxembourg

16.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Luxembourg Kirn

17.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Kirn Mainz

August 18.08.2021, XNUMX Mainz Hofheim am Taunus

August 19.08.2021, XNUMX Aschaffenburg Heidelberg

20.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Heidelberg Linkenheim Hochstetten

21.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Linkenheim Hochstetten Leonberg

August 22.08.2021nd, XNUMX Leonberg Aich

August 23.08.2021, XNUMX Ulm Ingerkingen

24.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Ingerkingen Kempten

28.08.2021 Open Day SCOOTER CENTER

Successful start of the tour

Markus reports that the tour got off to a successful start on Saturday. He experienced the first two days like this:

Day 1 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After a nice evening with Vespisti Böblingen, the team from Alvivo and my dear Martina Gödert with good food in the boathouse Böblingen and a night in the hotel, a wonderful event was organized at the Alvivo company headquarters in bright sunshine, we enjoyed the Cafe von der Ape, grilled food Served by volleyball players and good vibes as well as great offers. 420 € were collected on site via patches and stickers and other donations and then a pack of great people on the Vespas accompanied me a long way towards Freiburg im Breisgau, where the VC Freiburg and the scooter friends Südbaden Brewing collective waiting for me. The weather had changed and shortly beforehand I had to go to the terrace of the Hex restaurant in Waldkirch in the rain suit where the landlord insisted on giving me 20 € of fuel. In Freiburg, through patch and sticker sales as well as sausages and generous rounding up, another 600 € came in the donation pot and at 2:30 at night I was able to fall into bed with a great result of more than 1000 € on the first day.

Day 2 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After a good breakfast, Wolle Wide Frame and Olaf Just accompanied me until shortly before Singen! A great ride in mixed weather through the wonderful Black Forest! The engine of SCOOTER CENTER performed exactly like the last 1.200 km without any problems and I was received in proper style by the Vespaclub Singen Hegau and escorted the last few meters to Singen, which attracted the attention of the gentlemanly outfit. A hot grill, cold beer and long and good conversations were waiting for us.

I would like to expressly thank EVERYONE who was there, organized, helped and sent along these 2 days. Of course, all proceeds and donations remain with the clubs, which will transfer them DIRECTLY and without deductions to the German Childhood Cancer Foundation in the coming days.

How does the donation actually work?

> Markus is often asked this question, his answer:

“How does it work with the donations and the trip and so at the Vespa Gentleman Giro and do you pay for my vacation ?!

An important and good question!

Of course, with your donations you will not pay for my trip, my overnight stays or anything else. Thanks to great sponsors, support from my family and also by sleeping on the couch, barbecuing at the clubs, etc., the donations flow 100% directly to the respective children's cancer foundation! "

Where do the donations come from?

Markus explains here in his words:
So, on the one hand, people simply donate directly to the campaign of the children's cancer foundation in your country (for example if the relay of the Vespa Gentleman Giro is handed over to them by another club)
In addition, in order to generate further donations, I have had stickers and patches produced on my own in advance, which I sell together with the club presidents at the events at the clubs. The production costs of 10 € stay with me and 2 € directly with the president of the respective club, who usually sends them to the children's cancer foundation the next day with the total donations of the club.

Clubs and private individuals also donated plaques, pins or other items for sale or auction. These are publicly auctioned during the year and only sent against postage, whereby the payment does not have to be sent to me but directly to the foundation.

It is not possible to give me cash donations and I will not accept any.

Exception: someone specifically and explicitly wants to give me fuel, oil or a meal. But there is a separate Gofundme account or my PayPal.
I hope this post clears up any questions or ambiguities regarding the Gentleman Giro - should anyone still want to know something, please send me a message.

My campaign is 100% transparent and I publish all donations known to me on a daily basis.

So again to take note: Donate 100% Children's Cancer Foundation

Travel costs: 40% sponsors, 30% support for my great family and 30% myself.

This means: 7 months to start, 2 months of travel and another 6 months for the coming year. So everyone can work out what it can cost (cost of living, loss of earnings, insurance, approval, equipment, pre-production of merchandise, postage, website, print material ......)

Vacation is somehow different ”


You can also support Markus directly:



Vespa Gentleman Giro Markus Mayer with 50cc Vespa and suit


Who is behind it?

Markus André Mayer, 44 years old and a passionate Vespa fan from beautiful Allgäu.

Vespa Gentleman Giro Markus Mayer with 50cc Vespa and suit

In 2017 Markus was able to do 3 of his passions (Vespa, charity work and social media) in the Giro Germanica to unite. With the help of Vespa clubs from German-speaking countries, we were able to go on a 42-day donation trip over € 25.000 in donations generated by him for the forest pirate camp of the German Children's Cancer Foundation. Of course it was Scooter Center Part of his Giro Germanica Donation trip and we supported the campaign.

Now Markus has something new to do in which he Scooter Center supported again. It is a matter close to our hearts! This time we are the main sponsor and support and sponsor his new mission extensively.

Here in the Scooter Center Blog we will keep you up to date on this year's mission over the next few months.
We are starting today with the first presentation of the VESPA GENTLEMAN GIRO, look forward to, for example, one soon Interview , and a Making of the engine that we build for Markus.

Vespa Gentleman Giro Markus Mayer



Markus has decided to dedicate the entire year 2021 full-time collecting donations for children with cancer. He starts with the 3 initiatives to raise donations for 40 cancer organizations in 40 European countries:

  • Big European donation trip
  • 10 relay races in different countries
  • 1 world record poker run (Erläuterungen)

For 2021 he is planning a much larger campaign: within 8 months he would like to unite the entire European Vespa scene through a large donation trip around Europe with several linked measures in order for 40 national cancer foundations and care centers at least € 250.000 to be collected. To carry out this heart project, he will need around 14 months in total. About various large travel projects like his

  • 80 days around the world in 2018,
  • USA crossing 2017,
  • or European tour in 2014,

it has already been possible for him to gain a great deal of experience and, above all, a particularly large number of contacts with scooter riders all over the world.

The contacts to the national clubs throughout Europe make it possible to identify suitable donation targets in advance, such as the League contra Cancro in Portugal and to coordinate the planned measures and events in the respective countries. As part of the trip, Markus is planning 3 Guiness Book World Records and thus also to direct the interest of the public and the media to the facilities, clubs and the fundraising campaign.


Vespa Gentleman Giro Europa route

25.000 km through 40 European countries. The specific route will depend on the 200+ clubs that I would like to meet on the way to collect donations.

Even if it doesn't look like it on this map: of course there is a stop at the Scooter Center planned, we will keep you up to date!


“Eleanore” - the Smallframe Vespa. For the tour he uses a Vespa V50N from 1971. It will be the longest 50cc scooter ride ever!

Markus with Eleonore Vespa V50 N

We are currently taking care of the Vespa engine, be curious to find out more about it here in the blog soon.


Yes, of course you can help too, Markus depends on support and is looking forward to donations to the individual organizations, more information and Donation opportunity here. You are also welcome to share this post with friends via Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Markus Andre Mayer? GiroGermanica for children with cancer is coming to Cologne

Scooter tour in aid of the German Children's Cancer Foundation

Markus André Mayer will be with us on Tuesday, May 30.05.2017th, XNUMX Scooter Center in Cologne.
As part of his 5000 KM ROLLER TOUR through Germany, he collects for a good cause.
He has GIRO GERMANICA stickers and patches with him, they not only look cool, but also serve a good cause, because the proceeds go to the forest pirate camp of the German Childhood Cancer Foundation.

We'll cool you down and upgrade your donation!


join the Scooter Center and support Markus André Mayer


Markus will be with us around 15:30 pm Scooter Center arrive in Bergheim-Glessen and at 18 p.m. we go together on the scooter in the corso towards Rudolfplatz to Cologne.


  • 15:30 Scooter Center
  • 18:00 Departure in the Corso to Rudolfplatz
  • 18:30 p.m. Meeting at Rudolfplatz
  • 19:30 Corso through Cologne to the Poller Wiesen for a barbecue / picnic

Facebook event:

The weather should be good, so pack a picnic blanket and barbecue equipment!
In bad weather, reorganization takes place spontaneously ...

Thank you for Kitty Bee for the evening program.


More info:

Who would like to donate directly:

German Children's Cancer Foundation
Account 00 555 666 22
Bank code 370 800 40
Commerzbank AG Cologne
IBAN: DE36 3708 0040 0055 5666 22
Keyword: state "GiroGermanica", then it will go straight to the children of the forest pirates!


Giro Germanica - Vespa tour in aid of the Children's Cancer Foundation