Used Vespa scooters at Scooter Center

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used Vespa scooters at Scooter Center

Vespa V50 S round light for sale HERE


NEW: Used Vespa scooters at Scooter Center

Vespa V50, V100, ET3 125, PX125 and Sprint 150

If you want to buy a classic Vespa, come to Scooter Center-ClassicDay on 27.09.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX at his own expense:


Large selection of Vespa scooters

We have 20 Vespa scooters on offer especially for Classic Day.
There is something for every Vespa fan: from the restoration object, to patina and top original condition
We have everything on site, including fully restored vehicles. Different scooter models such as

  • Vespa V50
  • Vespa V100,
  • Vespa ET3 125
  • Vespa PX125
  • Vespa Sprint 150

Fair and affordable prices

Good part carriers are available from 1000 euros. There are also fully restored Vespa with 2 years MOT for 3500 €.
All other vehicles and prices are in between.




The sales start is on ClassicDay. Unfortunately, advance reservations and information are not possible.
Scooter Center ClassicDay 2014 on 27.09.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX in Bergheim Glessen
"First come first serve…"



Vespa spare parts, accessories and tuning cheaply.

10% OFF im Scooter Center Store at the Express checkout.
On ClassicDay there are also endless bargains with the large remaining stock sales of Vespa and Lambretta parts:

  • B-Stock
  • Returns
  • Samples and unique pieces
  • private submarket for Vespa and Lambretta scooters and parts.

Used Vespa scooter from Scooter Center am Classic Day 2014



6 replies
  1. Luciano Roma
    Luciano Roma says:

    Hey guys,

    Actually, he had more of a question and it would be:

    If you have a gs3 or a gs4 for sale on Classic Day because then I would like to secure in advance.

    Thanks in advance…

    Greetings Lu

  2. Stefan Gersman
    Stefan Gersman says:

    Hey Scooter Center Team,

    I am looking for a Lage-Frame Vespa before PX model series (i.e. Rally, Sprint, VBB, Super, etc.). The Vespa should have mostly o-paint and be in good condition. Gladly with a nice patina, so worth preserving. The motorization is of secondary importance for the time being.
    Do you have something suitable on offer ?!

    Many greetings, Stefan

    • Heiko Lepke
      Heiko Lepke says:

      Hi Stefan,

      Unfortunately we do not have a condition as described by the at the moment. There are in
      Moment 3 Vespa 150 Sprint here on site. All three are tinkered with and
      need a complete restoration. Asking price 1490.- € incl. VAT.

      Your SCK team

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