Engine housing Quattrini C1 for Vespa Smallframe arrived

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Quattrini motor housing

Quattrini engine Vespa Smallframe

We finally have the new ones Qattrini C1 Smallframe Motor housing get.
A real delicacy delighted everyone with the technology.


Vespa Smallframe >> Power without end

In recent years, the liter output has been in the range of Smallframe Motors kept increasing.
So-called “over 40” engines are no longer uncommon today. The previous Piaggio engine housings, formerly designed for around 10HP, keep this concentrated
Force that PARMAKIT, falc last but not least qattrini hammer on the asphalt, no longer stood.

Quattrini has thus taken the increased requirements into account and developed a very well thought-out motor housing.

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Quattrini motor housing

We would like to introduce some features to you here.

From the outside, the first thing you notice is the mount for a mechanical water pump to mount water-cooled cylinders.
If you use the classic forced air cooling, an aluminum plug is also included in the scope of delivery to meaningfully close the bore of the pump.

The area around the overflow ducts and the cylinder base is much more massive. Broken housings at this point due to a larger spindle dimension should be a thing of the past.
From Quattrini, the cylinder base is already spindled to a 64,8mm diameter 17,5mm deep.
Below this is an area up to 21mm deep, which is spindled to match the original cylinder base diameter.

In the area of ​​the swing arm, the motor housing is offset without any problems 3.50 × 10 tires can be mounted.

In order to compensate for the weakening of the traverse caused by the heel, it was reinforced from the inside with 4 massive ribs.

The two halves of the housing are connected with 2 centering pins and M6 screws, so there is no need to handle separate nuts. Due to the cast membrane box and the lack of centering on the crankcase, there is also no need for a housing seal made of paper. As is common today, the engine is simply put together with sealing compound. We recommend based on experience Dirko HT.

In the delivery state, the housing is designed for cylinders with direct suction. For all friends of the case-sucked power dispenser, a membrane box is cast on the Quattrini case.
If necessary, the connection to the crankcase must be milled out in-house.

Unfortunately it is not yet clear which membrane should be used here.
So we have already worked on a solution for one RD350 and V-Force³ Adapt membrane.

In the area of ​​the circuit, Quattrini stays with the tried and tested 2-pull mechanism.

The heart of the entire new design is the 48mm widened crankshaft with 51mm stroke.
This measure ensures that the press size of the connecting rod pin is increased significantly
and the crankshaft leaves nothing to be desired in terms of anti-twist protection.
The high-quality 102mm connecting rod, guided in bearings with a silver cage, rounds off the overall impression. The dimension of the center of the crankshaft bearing and the cylinder base sealing surface is 69mm and is therefore intended for use with the 102mm connecting rod.

Both sides are used as crankshaft bearings 6304TN9C4 is used.
It would also be conceivable to mount a NU205 on the alternator side, however, due to the inertia of the bearing caused by the large rolling elements, we advise against it for ambitious sporty use.

The crankshaft housing is sealed on the alternator and primary side (!) With shaft sealing rings that are accessible from the outside.
With the dimensions 20x35x7 we can offer you this in proven FPM quality .
The shaft seal seats are manufactured with an inner stop. It is therefore practically impossible to mount the shaft sealing rings too deep.

Depending on which one ignition is used on the engine, a hole has to be drilled in the alternator housing for the exit of the cables.

The air duct has already been modified for the use of race exhaust systems.

After the grandiose demonstration of the Quattrini engine housing at the start of the season in Mirecourt, we are excited to see who will be the first in our customer base Quattrini motor housing emotional.

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