Modern Vespa styling tips

Vespa S LED rear light whiteWe have a few super hot parts for your Vespa LX, LXV, S, GT, GTL or GTS.

Headlight umbrellas have been one of the long-running hits for Vespa for decades.

The parts not only have a nice retro look, they also increase driving safety. Especially when driving at night, the headlights can dazzle you at the top and cause irritation. The little umbrellas provide a remedy. The emotionally inclined among us like to compare the lampshade with the blink of an eye.

We can offer you the umbrellas in classic chrome or sporty black. Detailed installation instructions for easy assembly are included. The umbrellas fit on the Vespa Gt, GTL, GTS or LX and LXV Vespas.

CLASSIC headlight shield

The first LED taillights in clear glass optics have just arrived for the LX, LXV and S. This makes the rear look much more contemporary. The dimensions are the same as the original. The LED rear light comes with an E-mark and is therefore approved for public road traffic.

The LEDs sit in high-gloss chrome-plated honeycombs, are characterized by their extremely high luminosity and the significantly longer service life compared to normal light bulbs.

Here, too, assembly is child's play and can also be carried out by the inexperienced screwdriver without any problems.

bgm LED taillight for your Vespa LX, LXV and S






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