New Malossi MHR & SPORT cylinders for PX 200 2021/2022


Malossi racing cylinder Vespa PX 200 MHR aluminum cylinder kit 2021

There is news from Malossi. This picture shows one edited version of the popular racing cylinder for the Vespa PX 200 / Vespa Cosa 200. Alex provides the Cylinder in front of here.

Malossi MHR Vespa PX 200 2021 2022

  • Ø 68,5
  • Aluminium
  • FVC2
  • Ø 16
  • MHR
  • Nub 60mm

Screwed outlet nozzle

The information is still sparse but on the picture you can already clearly see the essential change:

A split outlet nozzle reported Quadruple screw connection by means of a flange plate and an O-ring seal.

Malossi MHR PX 200 2021/2022 outlet nozzle

You will find out more about the cylinder here on our blog shortly, there are some cylinder kits on the way! As soon as these arrive, we will look at the new Malossi cylinder for doe 200 Vespa engines in detail and report.