On the test bench: Vespa VN125 with bgm Pro BigBox Vespa Wideframe

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bgm PRO BigBox on Vespa Wideframe

After his last visit to our test bench, Andreas grabbed the desire to tickle a little more out of the old engine concept of the very early Vespa models.

While still on the test bench, we provided him with information on possible control angles and other measures.

Vespa Wideframe or preparing your meal on the Scooter Center test

After Andreas had done his “homework”, not only we were very impatient and excited to see the result. For test purposes, we provided Andreas with a bgm BigBox so that he could connect the manifold and the exhaust body to the Wideframe can customize: Big Box Vespa Wideframe. bgm BigBox Vespa Wideframe



Special feature of the Wideframe

Special feature of the WideframeEngines is that in most cases the manifold is fastened to the outlet flange with a union nut. bgm BigBox Vespa Wideframe

bgm BigBox exhaust Wideframe

With the BigBox adapted by Andreas and a few minimally invasive interventions on the cylinder, the aged engine (with 150ccm) now delivers values ​​that need not shy away from a comparison with a PX200. The exhaust duct was raised by 1,5mm and widened by 2,2mm. port mapping mv150_gs150-page-002

Vespa test bench diagram Wideframe with bgm BigBox

The blue curve shows the engine when Andreas first visited us. The red curve shows the current status after the recommended revision of the cylinder. VN125 Stage1 vs. Stage2 Bigbox-page-001


The bgm Vespa BigBox on the Vespa VN2 brings almost 5PS and 125km / h Wideframe Motor from Andreas. We would say: the work was worth it.


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