Vespa Custom Good Thing Reloaded

Vespa Custom Project Good Thing Reloaded

GoodThing Reloaded

“Good Thing”, that was the first SCOOTER CENTER Demonstrator from the years 1992. This was transformed into the new millennium in painstaking detail work:

Our winter project brought the “Good Thing” 12 inch chassis of the Vespa GTS300, the chrome steering head was turned against a GS drop exchanged and the quartermile killer engine from Braunschweig 1994 was also retired.

With a revised Malossi 210, the new engine has an output of approx. 32 PS. A 57 wave has been massively redesigned, with one Honda connecting rods provided, tungsten balanced and the crankshaft journal drilled hollow. A silver cage connecting rod bearing and 1mm thrust washers complete the work of art crankshaft. The torque is unbelievable, the gear ratio is meanwhile 24 teeth Cosa coupling (OneOff) on 63 teeth Malossi primary with a short corridor of the T5 (36 teeth). The engine pulls and pulls ...

For example, the correct angle of the front fender and the track caused some major problems - there should be no track offset and the fender should not point towards the sky ...

You can see how we solved the problem on the Customshow Ried.

We hope that we have finished the good piece by Ried - here is a photo from the first days of the project - we don't want to reveal too much yet ...


Vespa Custom Project Good Thing Reloaded


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