Photobox Open Day SC September 2023

Photo box Open Day SC

At Open Day SC we had a photo box and photos were taken of 44 scooters, here are the stories of some and their most representative photos.
You can download the remaining photos using the following button.

Vespas on Open Day

Vespa GTS Super 

Vespa Sprint 

Vespa Special 

Vespa 98

Vespa PX 80 Lusso with 177cc engine

This year I have owned the Vespa for 10 years. The 80 engine was swapped for a 125 block and with a Polini 177cc cylinder, Malossi membrane, Mazzucchelli racing shaft and a 30 Dellorto carburettor refined. The results of the tuning are constant 18 PS.
After a crash with the PX, I also started modifying the optics. This gave the Vespa a PX Alt look, hump seat, drop handlebars, disc brake, short-stroke throttle grip and a new paint job.
I'm exactly right with the renovation Scooter Center Open Day finished and had a nice trip from Koblenz.

Max Stürd

Vespa Sprint 150 veloce

German extradition
Built in 1977, owned by me since 1987.
Engine PX200 old
With Malossi Sport
Long stroke shaft Pinasco
BGM shock absorbers
no O-varnish :-)
Airbrushed by Ulrich Lau in 1990
There she looked like this:

Picture from the Scooter Run in Aachen 1992
Behind it is my DL200 violator

Paintwork in 2000 then renewed in Eridess blue silver. Leg shield airbrush came new. The other images remained. Now everything has been overhauled as a daily driver.
Greetings from Neuwied

Peter Werhand

Px 80 old built in 1982 

Original blue paint with a rust look
On the front of the Cascade stickerbomb
Px 80 housing spindle
Cylinder 177cc Stelvio, transfer adapter adapted to the housing.
57 crankshaft from the Px 125
24 Si carburettor, float chamber drilled
138 HD
160 air correction
Nd 52/140
Vesptec filter cover
Polini Venturi
Fast flow fuel tap
Ignition at 18 degrees
Polini Big Box
Runs great, unfortunately no test bench measurement yet

Udo Langanke

Vespa T4

I bought the T4 in the color “Indian Bamboo” in 2016 as the second scooter after I re-entered the scooter scene. Before that I got a PX like the one I had in the 2s and the access to the scene made me want older scooters. After the T80 I have two more Smallframe (round light) and an Acma and a VB1T. So you won't get bored...

The T4 was available in luxury and basic, I have the basic version with 3 speeds, but the chrome trim on the cheeks that the luxury model actually had.

Inexperienced as I was, I bought the T4 “restored”. This means that after the purchase we had to completely rebuild both the engine and the bearing seats in the steering head. But the original engine remained in it. I drove it from 2017-2022, with a 177 DR (on 2 channels). It had almost 10 hp and ran without any problems. I always took the T4 with me on vacation together with the PX, so it has already covered many km for me.

Last winter the engine was from Andreas Nagy Has been reworked, has had a 3rd channel milled and a 190 Pinasco Magny Cours on long stroke. I put it to the test for the first time at your Open Day. I'm not completely satisfied with the performance yet, it's only 13 HP, but at 16,6 NM. I hope a little more can be done to improve the carburettor tuning.

Andreas Frie

Motovespa 150 sprint

GM MV 150 Little paint, lots of sheet metal😂
I don't think there's much exciting stuff to report about the scooter, other than weeks of paint stripping in the evening.

Christian Kuhnt

Technically I have completely overhauled the scooter. In addition to all the standards and conversion to 12V, the scooter was mainly built with BGM components. Hence that too BGM under the lettering on the leg shield ;) The engine was classic BGM-Stuff built. 187 cylinder, long stroke shaft, 26 Si carburettor, Superstrong, 65/23 gear ratio and box exhaust. Chassis too BGM. Drives very nicely.

Since then, the scooter has accompanied me very reliably in everyday life, as well as on some tours with my boys from Flatliners SC

Stefan Eichhorn

Bajaj Chetak

It's a Bajaj Chetak from '84. So the beautiful one with trapezoidal handlebars and actually quite rare in this condition (even if she is usually rated as "just an Indian").
I got the scooter a few years ago from a nice gentleman in Cologne. The Bajaj was imported via Hamburg in '84 and was driven by the gentleman as its first owner for several years.

I deliberately didn't "dress up" the scooter into a Vespa Sprint, but left it as a Bajaj. Only a few things had to be adjusted for visual reasons.

Acma v56 

Year 57 

It was brought from France 2 years ago and then completely taken apart. Everything was cleaned and the paint was kneaded, cleaned, sanded, polished and sealed.
A year ago the revision came from Enderle solution.

Sebastian May Bauer

Italy, Dolce Vita and Vespa touring and cornering paradise

My Tuscany Vespa tour was planned. Before that there was a visit to Scooter Center on the plan.

I got a few spare parts and stored them in the one I newly designed Vespa Bags

and was able to set off towards home with my Vespa VNB, built in 1961, without any worries.

In beautiful weather, I drove past many towns on my Vespa and felt happy and free.
When I arrived at the top of the Gotthard Pass, I was already a third of the way through my journey.
Italy wasn't far away. The smell of freshly baked cornetti and freshly brewed coffee lured me into an espresso bar. This scent cannot be described in words.

As a child I would probably have said "that's what happiness must smell like".
Of course a second Cornetto found mine Vespa Bag Place.

I drove on towards the sun through the idyllic hills, the pine and cypress-lined country roads of my Tuscany, past magnificent villas and old castles.
In front of me was a beautiful landscape characterized by olive trees and vineyards from which top wines such as olive oil are made.

The leaning tower of Pisa was already visible and the silhouettes of other famous cities such as Florence and Siena slowly appeared one after the other.

Now I had arrived at my destination. I strapped mine Vespa Bag from the leg shield of my beloved classic car and took it with me.

Mauro Mulas

- Vespabags M&R


Bought a year ago in Augsburg, it had been deregistered and stood in a barn for 22 years.
Purchase price 2022 (€250)
You only get lucky like that once and my lucky find was an original P200E outer jaw 200cc in O-lacquer

Everything was redone over the winter, the paint was sanded, polished and sealed several times to preserve everything. Completely turned inside out and every screw replaced.
Accordingly, the engine was optimized and more power was added.


PX drop bar

VM1T 125

I bought the Faro Basso (VM1T) from 1953 in May '22 and completely restored it. Unfortunately, the floor panel had to be re-welded in because the previous owner did not repair it professionally. The Vespa was painted in the original color Grigio 15048. Side jaws and headlights are made of aluminum. They provide a little more steam Pinasco 160cc cylinder, a Pinasco racing shaft, a 12V Pinasco Flytech ignition, a modified primary gear ratio and a CP23 Polini carburettor. It is coupled with a Cosa2 clutch. It ensures beautiful driving bgm PRO SC/R1 Sport shock absorber. The original Italian letter (blue booklet) from 1953 from the first owner is still there.

Felix Weishaupt

Vespa GT

Hot-dip galvanized T5 

Philipp Blumenberg

Motovespa Sprint Veloce

160cc from 1966

Pascal Bauer

Lambretta's - September Open Day 23

Spanish Lambretta Series 2

I've had the scooter for about 12 years now and have just overhauled it again with a new motor setup.

A Granturismo 250ccm with Nordspeed exhaust is installed 35 Mikuni. 

Disc brake Dirty Sanches, BGM shock absorbers front and rear 

Christian Mikl

Lambretta Series 2 Li 150

Lambretta Series 2 Li 150

Marcus Bullock

NSU Prima D


The NSU Prima D was produced as a successor to the Lambretta after the licenses had expired. This scooter has been in the family since 1957 and was purchased from Zweirad Lindlau in Cologne. Starting in 2014, it was gradually restored and has run a good 4000 km since then. It's just fun 🤩 to drive along the country roads with such an old treasure and listen to the two-stroke engine at work.


Stefan Gerdes

Piaggio Ciao, Bravo...

Ciao children's chocolate

Daniel Tennior

Ciao M&Ms

Carsten Weverinck

Piaggio Super Bravo

It's still a moped with the original engine.
All that was made was a larger carburettor, air filter and sports exhaust. This is how she achieves pride 40 kmh. And something completely restored. Wants to keep the original look.
Lamp grilles front and rear.
Then she has a self-made luggage rack with a cartridge case on the sides.

Julian Herzog

Piaggio Hi P

Motor housing MALOSSI MP One
Crankshaft MALOSSI
Ignition MALOSSI Power
carburettor 21er phbg
Air Filter Funnel MC PROPARTS
Exhaust Yasuni

Power Type
Transmission Mono 10,73:1 Milled
Converter MC PROPARTS Minarelli converter
Primary shaft MCPROPARTS
POLINI Speedcontrol variator
Clutch bell DOPPLER
Coupling Doppler
CNC machined McProparts pull starter kit

Frame Piaggio Ciao P
Painting 3 coats of Nissan paint
Frame reinforced and reworked to fit 110 converter
Saddle Alcantara leather
Rims 5 star 17 inches
all screws made of burnt titanium
Running board 3D print

There are a lot more things from McProparts installed and a number of details I think that would go beyond the scope. But everything together was created through the collaboration with Marcello Curro (McProparts) & Alexander Klassen (AK Costom-Moped-Garage)

Rene Klein

Michael Schmelzer

Actually it was supposed to be an old school project with a double carburettor (stuff still available, will come again when, because stuff from the 80s and 90s too) but then I came across a bundle with the Polini H2O and decided on it first, which is what I wanted back then already have.
In terms of spare parts, it looks pretty bad for such old stuff, for example cylinder head gasket, where I met an Italian through a Facebook group who makes his own gaskets specifically for this and still has a lot of nice things from that time.
Hoses and other little things in blue, should mentally go to Polini ☺️
The rims are also completely rebuilt, even wider with an Ost moped rim, as the hub diameter is the same as the Piaggio spoke rims.
The saddle was made by the local saddler, the gold from the Piaggio lettering is the same as the gold from the rim hubs.
It's not all old school, but I prefer the tires and brake levers and controls to be more modern.

Michael Schmelzer


Ciao BJ. 71

It's a Ciao that I built from scratch. I bought it as a garage find, it was offered to me by a neighbor who couldn't do anything with it. I then took on the Ciao and rebuilt it within 6 months. Documentation available, most of the parts from the SC where I have been a customer for over 25 years. Best regards 

Frank Zons


It's a Ciao that I built from scratch. I bought it as a garage find, it was offered to me by a neighbor who couldn't do anything with it. I then took on the Ciao and rebuilt it within 6 months. Documentation available, most of the parts from the SC where I have been a customer for over 25 years. Best regards 

Jack Pl

Knatterkopp Ciao P


Ciao G powder


Simson scooter SR50

Here's the little story
I used to drive a Zündapp Hercules and a Victoria when I was younger and always had fun tinkering
The screw shop then moved into the automotive industry
In his 21st year, my good friend had an SR50 Simson that was not in good condition and he wanted to build it, but he then bought another SR50 in better condition...and I took over the other SR50
That's what happened in the evening conversation (typical buddy; come on, let's rebuild both SR50s 😝.
Said and done …
The scooters were completely dismantled,
All parts sandblasted,
And all parts that were still usable were repainted/powdered
Then it was time to rebuild all the screws, rubber wear parts, wiring harness lights and were replaced... The engine was completely disassembled and overhauled with new and old parts
On September 09.2023, 50, an SRXNUMX was ready except for stickers and running in the new parts
I then traveled to your lovely meeting with 4 other people from Limburg Weilburg with 3 mopeds to be seen again
It was originally built except for the indicators, paint and the engine was converted to 60cc
Greetings 👋

Benjamin Gross

Knatterkopp Tiki

Simon's Star

Automatic photo box

Automatic Runner 

Anel Kustura

Lovingly constructed Big Bore Malossi Zip Sp in Metrakit design.
Zip Sp conversion
Malossi MHR BIG Bore 86ccm
Malossi spacers
Malossi 360° intake manifold
Malossi inner rotor ignition
Malossi air filter
Malossi crankshaft
Malossi variator
Malossi clutch
Malossi Kevlar V-belt
Malossi converter
Malossi shock absorber
Stage 6 28mm carburettor
Stage 6 multimeter
Stage 6 short-stroke throttle grip
Ktm 250cc twin radiator
Electronic water pump
Polini Torsen additional swing arm
Yasuni exhaust

Anel Kustura

Runner 125

Complete engine rebuild
Vehicle paintwork is original from 1998
The runner was put to the test on open day 24.08 PS to coordinated

Dennis Munster

mtc tuning

mtc tuning has been working on engines and cylinder machining for almost 20 years. 

The scooter is currently in the racing series European Scooter Trophy used. Otherwise it currently has around 40 hp and we are constantly trying to find things to make it faster. :-)

Royal Alloy


Robert Essen