Scooter race in the Eifel - Dahlemer Binz IDSM 2010


10 / 11.7. Dahlemer Binz

First place on the podium in the IDSM !!!

Last weekend the IDSM was a guest in the Eifel at the Dahlemer Binz go-kart track.

This track was added to the program of the racing series for the first time this year and was therefore new for all drivers!

An early arrival to the kart track was planned to get to know the track on Friday evening. However, some major traffic jams on the motorway meant that we didn't get there until around 19 p.m. and unfortunately no driving was possible. A planned visit to the scooter center also got into the water due to the traffic jam. L Well, it will definitely work this year.

On Saturday the free practice was scheduled and I was curious whether my Gilera Runner would run properly again after the big problems 3 weeks ago in Wittgenborn? Unfortunately this was not the case, the engine still had inexplicable misfires from some corners. So instead of getting to know the route, I had no choice but to finally find the error by exchanging various parts. After looking for more than 4 hours (at 33 ° C in a leather suit), it was to blame for the carburetor that has now been replaced by one from last year!

In the two qualifying sessions I finally got to drive, and under these circumstances I was satisfied with starting position 6. On Saturday evening there was still a huge storm with thunderstorms, heavy rain and hailstones that looked like eggs! I have never experienced anything so violent on a racing course before, everywhere flown or broken tents,

it looked like a mini tornado on Sunday morning !!!

The race Sunday started later to give the teams the opportunity to repair the major damage. The first race went for me after a good start (4th place)

not so good, because I had decided to use vario rolls that were too heavy. At the finish, 5th place was only possible because 2 drivers were out shortly before the end!

For the second race I changed the variator which turned out to be spot on.

I was able to overtake a few drivers in the first laps and was then in fourth place for a long time until Kevin Chadrysiak and Markus Andruchiewicz crashed one lap before me, and suddenly I was in second place. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold onto this position because lapping two corners before the finish cost me a lot of time and Kevin passed me. With 4rd place I was also very happy after this difficult weekend - My first podium in the IDSM this year.

The next races: 25.7. on the Harzring (RH-Scooter-Cup)

31.7. in Wackersdorf (IDSM)

Further information and results at:

Thomas Heck

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