BMC / RH-Scooter Championship Sachsenring - Thomas HECK for SCOOTER CENTER successfully

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Roller race Sachsenring winner Thomas Heck for SCOOTER CENTER

Roller race Sachsenring winner Thomas Heck for SCOOTER CENTERHere again a report from our likeable and very successful driver IDSM, RH Scooter Cup / BMC / RH-Scooter Championship: Thomas Heck:

“Exactly one week after the race in Templin, the next two races for this year's BMC / RH Scooter Championship took place on a section of the MotoGP track at the Sachsenring!
With great weather and a great event (the organizer also organizes the MotoGP run), exciting races were held again.

The training on Saturday went without any major problems for me and after the second timed practice I was once again in second place on the grid (I have subscribed to second place this year?)
The first race this time was held on Saturday afternoon over 12 laps. After a good start, Federico Torsiello and I was able to quickly pull away from the rest of the field. On lap 3 I overtook Federico and was able to defend the lead up to 4 laps before the end. Unfortunately, the drive belt on my runner broke on the start and finish straight. I changed it to a new one right before the race! Well "that's Racing"? . Federico then won by a large margin.
After the warm-up on Sunday morning, the second run of class 2 70cc / 12 inch took place around noon. With a belt that was “used” this time, I drove lonely to second place for the entire race, until on the penultimate lap, Federico in front of me suddenly rolled out at the edge of the track. - As with me in the 2st race, the drive belt had said goodbye to him! Mine held out this time and so I was waved off as the winner at the finish. ?
In the overall ranking of the BMC / RH Scooter Championship 2011 I am now leading the championship with 23 points. The last two runs will now take place on October 29.10 on the resin ring instead of. (Hopefully then there will be no snow!)

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