Thomas Heck overall winner RH Scooter Cup 70cc powered by SCOOTER CENTER
Thomas Heck overall winner RH Scooter Cup 70cc powered by SCOOTER CENTER

BMC / RH-Scooter Cup Thomas Heck overall victory powered by SCOOTER CENTER

BMC / RH Scooter Cup 2011
Final Harzring October 29.10.2011, XNUMX

After an 8-week break from racing, it was time to go to the Harzring at the end of October Grand final of the BMC / RH-Scooter Cup 2011.

Thanks to good placements in the current season, I've got one 23 points ahead worked out on Federico Torsiello, whom I naturally wanted to defend there. The goal was clear - to become champion in the 70cc class again.

Even this year, Petrus played great despite the late date, it was almost t-shirt weather!
Since training and the race took place on Saturday, the training was a little shorter due to the tight schedule. There weren't any major problems for me there, and with a gap of 0,3 seconds behind Federico, I was also satisfied with second place on the grid.

At the start of the first run I held back a little because I wanted to avoid a fall in the first corners. But that is exactly what happened to my opponent in the overall standings. Frederico fell right in front of me on the first lap. Now I had to stay calm and finish ahead of Federico. I let the leader Philip Hasemann drive so that I could fully concentrate on second place. That worked really well, I was waved off second at the finish.
Since Federico crossed the finish line behind me, it was said for me even before the last run:

BMC / RH-Scooter Champion 2011
70ccm / 12inch class

I was now able to approach the 2nd race and the last run in this championship in a very relaxed manner. In the second lap I was able to overtake Federico and Philip and immediately gain a good lead over them. I defended it to the finish and became like that declined as the winner.

In the evening there was an annual award ceremony with a challenge cup and a great closing party that went well into Sunday morning.

So now it's winter break and tinkering time on the scooter!
I would like to thank the Companies Scooter Center and Sava tires for the great support in the 2011 season - THANK YOU !!!

Next year there will be an Official Championship with the title
"German Scooter Championship 2012" give.
The 6 events are again organized by the BMC together with RH-Scooter Race, who did a great job this year.

See you in 2012 / on the racetrack

Thomas # 7

Roller race Sachsenring winner Thomas Heck for SCOOTER CENTER

Roller race Sachsenring winner Thomas Heck for SCOOTER CENTERHere again a report from our likeable and very successful driver IDSM, RH Scooter Cup / BMC / RH-Scooter Championship: Thomas Heck:

“Exactly one week after the race in Templin, the next two races for this year's BMC / RH Scooter Championship took place on a section of the MotoGP track at the Sachsenring!
With great weather and a great event (the organizer also organizes the MotoGP run), exciting races were held again.

The training on Saturday went without any major problems for me and after the second timed practice I was once again in second place on the grid (I have subscribed to second place this year?)
The first race this time was held on Saturday afternoon over 12 laps. After a good start, Federico Torsiello and I was able to quickly pull away from the rest of the field. On lap 3 I overtook Federico and was able to defend the lead up to 4 laps before the end. Unfortunately, the drive belt on my runner broke on the start and finish straight. I changed it to a new one right before the race! Well "that's Racing"? . Federico then won by a large margin.
After the warm-up on Sunday morning, the second run of class 2 70cc / 12 inch took place around noon. With a belt that was “used” this time, I drove lonely to second place for the entire race, until on the penultimate lap, Federico in front of me suddenly rolled out at the edge of the track. - As with me in the 2st race, the drive belt had said goodbye to him! Mine held out this time and so I was waved off as the winner at the finish. ?
In the overall ranking of the BMC / RH Scooter Championship 2011 I am now leading the championship with 23 points. The last two runs will now take place on October 29.10 on the resin ring instead of. (Hopefully then there will be no snow!)

More information at: and"



Final - RH-Scooter Cup 2010 at the Harzring

Last weekend the final took place on RH-Scooter Cup 2010 on the Harzring instead.

Since the run at the Intermot in Cologne was canceled at short notice, I came to the Harzring with a 35 point lead as the table leader. Unfortunately, the last time I was out there 3 weeks ago Variomatik and the converter broke so I had to use a different one for this race. I didn't manage to set up the training so well in the short period of time, and that's why I was there Place 3 fully satisfied in qualifying.
The two races in the afternoon were almost the same for me. After a modest start (6th place each after the first lap), I was able to gradually overtake my competition and open both races Place 2 break up!
In the evening there was a humid final party with a championship ceremony that went well into the morning.
This race was the last of the year after a long season.

With a total of 2 victories and 4 second placesn in the 2 / 70ccm class this year I have the Won the 2010 RH-Scooter Cup.

The IDSM/EST I was able to celebrate some successes in 2010:

  1. With 2nd place in Dahlem,
  2. 3rd place on the Sachsenring
  3. and various 4 and 5 places
  4. I reached the 7th place in the annual ranking. (here I was only able to take part in 6 out of 8 events)

Finally, I would like to thank all sponsors and helpers. I especially want to be with the Scooter Center thank you for the great support! Without your help, these results would not have been possible. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Thomas Heck


The SCOOTER CENTER thanks for the cooperation and congratulates Thomas on this great result.
To a successful and breakdown-free season 2011!


RH-Scooter-Cup resin ring

RH-Scooter Cup 2010 resin ring


25.7. Resin ring

Last Sunday the second of four events of the RH-Scooter Cup 2010 took place on the Harzring in great weather.

Since I have an Easter at the first event of the cup 1st and 2nd place, I wanted to place myself in the top 3 this time too! This time a different route variant was driven, which was a lot of fun.

The morning training was due to new parts Scooter Center and the Sava tires very good. I was able to do it with exactly 7/100 sec. Behind Philip Hasemann secure starting position 2 of 17 drivers!

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Award ceremony Harzring Easter 2010Scooter Racing Season Preview 2010

Thomas Heck - Team HSR Racing - Powered by SCOOTER CENTER

After the long winter this year, I would like to give you a little preview of the 2010 racing season just before the start of the season:

Last year I was on RH Scooter Cup and in the Int. German Scooter Championship (IDSM) with a 70cc Gilera Runner took part.
I did well in both racing series in 2009:
1st place / overall winner RH Scooter Cup: I won the RH Scooter Cup with 4 race wins.
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RH Scooter Cup

RH Scooter Cup

Last weekend (02nd - 03rd August 2008) Thomas, who usually drives for us at the IDSM, was at the 1st RH Scooter Cup on the go-kart track in Ramsloh!

This race is not part of the IDSM, but was very well attended by participants and spectators.

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