Speedometer glass for Vespa PX Lusso, PK XL and Vespa GT & GTV

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Replace the speedometer glass on the Vespa PX Lusso?

For years there was no way that Speedometer glass Easy to swap with the Vespa PX Lusso. With a broken speedometer dial the same had to be complete speedometer be exchanged and that is of course quite expensive. Until recently the situation became more and more dramatic because the speedometers for the first Vespa PX-Lusso are no longer new and the second-hand market often only offers defective speedometers. The susceptible Asian replica disco digital speedometers are also not to everyone's taste.

Speedometer glass set for easy replacement

We now have a speedometer glass set, consisting of a speedometer glass and a speedometer ring. The glass (made of plastic) is optionally available in clear (like the original) or with tinted glass, the ring is available in black and chrome.

Speedometer glass Vespa PX Lusso gt gtv

The speedometer glass also fits the Modernvespa models: Vespa GT and Vespa GTV!

Easy installation of the new speedometer glass

To change the speedometer disc, the old speedometer must first be removed from the handlebar cover. The ring is then opened around the bottom with a fine screwdriver, for example, until it can be pulled off the speedometer housing. Now the speedometer ring can be removed together with the glass and easily replaced with the new parts.

To attach the new ring, the best thing to do is to lay the speedometer with the glass facing down on a table with a soft cloth as a base and carefully bead the speedometer ring again. A small rubber mallet or a piece of wood / plastic is suitable for this.

TIP: Before installing the speedometer in the cover, we recommend that you do the same rubber seal to replace. This seal between Tachometer and Steering head prevents moisture from penetrating the handlebar head. This keeps the electrical system, shift and gas pipe protected from splashing water and prevents the Bowden cables and power cables from corroding.


Gasket for speedometer / steering head cover

The speedometer dial set fits the following vehicles:

  • Vespa
    • Vespa GTV 125
    • Vespa GTV 250
    • Vespa GTV 300
    • Vespa GTV 300ie Vie della Moda (2012, ZAPM 45201)
    • Vespa GTV 300ie Via Montenapoleone (ZAPM 45201)
    • Vespa GT 60 250ie
    • 80 PX E Lusso Elestart (V8X1T - 1984-1990)
    • 150 PX E Lusso (VLX1T - 1984-97)
    • 125 PX E Lusso (VNX2T - 1984-97)
    • 200 PX E Lusso (VSX1T - 1984-97)
    • 125 PX E Lusso (ZAPM09300 - Bj.'98-'00)
    • 125 PX E Lusso (ZAPM09302 - Bj.'01-'10)
    • 150 PX E Lusso (ZAPM09400 - Bj.'98-'00)
    • 150 PX E Lusso (ZAPM09401 - Bj.'01-'10)
    • 200 PX E Lusso (ZAPM18 - 1998-)
    • 50 PK XL (V5X3T)

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