super strong

super strong

Superstrong - the bgm PRO clutches for Vespa and Lambretta

Bgm - this is the brand of Scooter Centers, the word has got around so far and is no secret - on the contrary. In 2017 we are celebrating 25 years Scooter Center and all of our experience and know-how flows into our bgm products. We are proud of bgm and ours Superstrong clutches.

The highlights in product development were certainly the

Superstrong - the label keeps what it promises

The bgm PRO coupling is THE plug & play solution - Made in Germany.

Vespa bgm PRO Superstrong smallframe Clutch Made in Germany


The superstrong Clutch united

  • extreme durability,
  • absolute reliability and
  • easy operation.

The massive, CNC manufactured clutch basket offers excellent concentricity and superb torsional rigidity. It thus offers perfect coupling behavior with a clearly defined grinding point and clean cutting. It can be used by touring riders who value high quality, as well as ambitious racers who are looking for an extremely resilient and stable clutch.


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