Lambretta Lui test stand

The boss has come up with something: Lambretta Lui dyno days!

From the very beginning - since 1992 - the Lambretta has been a permanent fixture at our Scooter Center. Much has changed in almost three decades. While in the 90s it was mainly the GP and, if necessary, other Series 3 models, the complete range from Series 1 and 2, the cardan models and the Lambretta 'Smallframes' * has become more popular than ever.

Especially the small lambrettas with 50 cc displacement were completely useless until the release of the 75 Casa Lambretta cylinder in early 2009 due to the extremely modest mileage.
CASA LAMBRETTA 75 cc- Lambretta Lui 50 cylinders

Ulfs Lui Lambrettas on the test bench

We took the soft lockdown as an opportunity to put a part of Ulf's Lui collection through its paces. We were especially interested in how the 75cc Casa cylinder performs against the original Innocenti 75 cc cylinder. And were even surprised how well it was 75 cc aluminum cylinder performed with Nikasil coating.


In the performance chart you can see in the blue corner a completely original lui 50 C. The power curve with 2,1 HP “peak” power you have to look for at the height of the torque curve of the two 75s. The green curve with 4,5 HP at about 5.500 rpm has delivered an original Vega with SH20 carburettor. The red curve is a 75cc Casa engine. The cylinder was fired with the 15 SHA carburettor kit (main jet 68). A special feature of the engine is the exhaust of the 75cc models, which is unfortunately not available new and very sought after.

Lambretta LUI tuning configurator

The LUI engine has been assembled with the help of this configurator:

LUI tuning configurator

Made in Italy: Hand made seat covers from Casa Lambretta

We have been working very closely with Vittorio Tessera from Casa Lambretta for many years. Our cooperation is based on a friendly relationship and a love for the vehicles from Milan.

Casa Lambretta produces Lambretta parts for the Li family (Li, TV, LiS, GT, SX, dl and GP) the small Lambrettas Junior and LUI as well as for the early cardan models.

In addition to reproducing parts, Vittorio Tessera has a considerable collection of various scooters that he makes available to the public in the Museo Scooter & Lambretta. As a rule, he also likes to take the time for a personal tour:

Lambretta Museum Museo Italy Milano Vittorio Tessera: world's oldest Lambretta 😯

Scooter Center goes Italy - 4 Casa Lambretta & Lambretta Museum


Lambretta literature

As if that weren't enough, Vittorio also wrote the standard works on Lambretta. Here you will find almost all information about Lambretta and the special features of the vehicles as well as changes within the model series.

Lambretta books by Vittorio

Vittorio Tessera books


Lambretta tuning

For some time now, Vittorio has also taken up the topic of tuning and is together with Dean Orton the head behind the Casa performance Share.

Casa performance

Casa Lambretta Tuning Casa Performance Lambretta Parts

Handmade Lambretta seat covers

The Casa Lambretta seat covers are handcrafted in Italy. The covers for the Li family come as standard with the INNOCENTI shield as it was used until 1968:

LAmbretta seat cover with Innocenti sign

Buy Casa Lambretta seat cover here

INNOCENTI - sign until 1968

The INNOCENTI sign is of course also available individually:

Lettering bench -LAMBRETTA- Innocenti -

INNOCENTI - sign from 1968

The sign used from 1968 is of course also available.

Lettering bench -LAMBRETTA- Lambretta Innocenti - LI, LIS, SX, TV - black Article no. 8050085


Lambretta bench sign dl / GP

Not to be confused with the sign for the dl / GP:

Lettering bench -LAMBRETTA- Lambretta - DL, GP Article no. 8050121

The bgm PRO seat pad for more comfort

A nice addition to increase driving comfort on longer tours is the bgm PRO seat pad:

Seat cushion (foam) -BGM PRO- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV, DL, GP - for standard seat article no. 3330894

Restoration of the Lambretta bench

An old frame can also be overhauled with new springs if necessary:

Bench frame spring set -MADE IN ITALY- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV Article no. 7676765

Link spring kit:

New Lambretta bench frame

Of course, the bench frames are also available in completely new:

New Lambretta bench frame

Color of the seams on the Lambretta's seat cover

A popular and controversial question is the color of the seams on the seat covers. Would the seams have to be white or the same as the color of the seat? For this purpose, Vittorio sent us a couple of original photos from Innocenti, which show the color of the seams. Nice to see in the photo with the two Silver Specials that both end caps on the seat belt were used during production.

Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover

Buy Casa Lambretta seat cover here

Casa Lambretta Racing Team uses BGM PRO Tuning parts

Lambretta Racing animation

Lambretta Racing

Casa Lambretta Racing Team

We supply a selection of our high quality BGM PRO Lambretta products to the Casa Lambretta Racing Team of Vittorio Tessera.

The racing team is very successful and currently scores wins all across Europe. We are glad to be allowed to contribute with our BGM parts. The following parts are fitted in the racing Lambretta:

BGM PRO products

  • Rear shock absorber -BGM PRO R12 V2 Black Edition, 300-310mm- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP - black, item number BGM7772
    Most current version of the Lambretta BGM shock absorber. In comparison to earlier versions, this has been further optimized.
    The greatest novelty being the height adjustment of the shock absorber of up to 10 mm. Thus making it possible to generate more space between frame and intake.
    new features:
    - Bushes supported with silent rubbers
    - Progressively wound spring
    - Rebound and compression damping with marks hard -> soft
    - Length adjustment of up to 10 mm
    Proven features remained the same:
    - Solid 14 mm piston rod
    - Spring preload adjustment
    - Massive CNC body, anodized
  • Cable set -BGM PRO- Lambretta DL, GP, item number BGM6401N
    Revised version of the proven Lambretta BGM PRO cable set. Well-known features, like correct length of inner and outer shells, outer cable with PFTE sleeve for easy use and detailed plan to lay cables obviously haven't changed. Improved details are new. Like double pressed cable end sleeves or inner cables, which last longer. Cables for clutch and front brake now come with inner cables with cable barrel. This takes quite a bit of strain off the cables at the lever, making torn clutch cables a thing of the past. The set contains the following cables: Gears (2x), clutch, front brake, rear brake, throttle cable, additional long inner Gas cable to use with larger carburetors, choke cable and solder fitting to adjust length to non-original carburetors.
  • Clutch bush -BGM PRO- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP, item number BGM8010B
    The BGM PRO clutch bush is another innovation in clutch technology for Lambretta. High-quality, special material always stands for perfect gliding behavior. The bush allows smooth disengagement behavior of the clutch, perfecting your start and resulting in a clean engagement without jolts even for high performance engines. The BGM bush is made of special material (use with a bit lubricant only) and precisely made of one block.
    - Special material for high loads
    - Made in Germany
    - Smooth disengagement behavior of the clutch
    - Start without jolting
    - Circumferential lubrication groove
    - Fits Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP

Video Lambretta Racing

Photos Lambretta Racing

Bon voyage - Dean comes with the BSG Corse bike to visit Scooter Center

Dean Orton, the main man behind Rimini Lambretta Center, came to visit us for a couple of days. On his way from Italy to Venlo Scooter Run and afterwards to the Harz ring for the ESC race, he came to visit his old friends here. The reason for Dean's days off from work was to give the BSG corse engine a proper test ride and thrash it as hard as possible.

BSG Corse Lambretta test riding

dean orton lambretta

The testing of the engine is done in the proper way, just the way it will be used by a common rider. First of all the scooter is packed with Dean's mod tat and additionally with:

  • a second expansion chamber to be tested
  • a bag full of spares and
  • camping gear for Venlo.

Then the bike is thrashed about the motorways and country roads across Europe (Rimini, Italy - Austria - Germany - Venlo, Netherlands). His test ride also took him to Scooter Center Cologne and to the Harz ring for the ESC race.

80mph - restricted to 50hp

This is real testing over a long distance with sitting happily at 80 mph all day and plenty of throttle left to easily hit 95 mph and all this with a very short gear ratio of 4.9.

The 305 cc barrel on the CNC machined casings is restricted by the programmable ignition to 50 hp. Unrestricted it gave a 63 hp at the Rimini Lambretta Center dyno.

Scooter racing at the Harz ring

At the Harz ring this weekend there will be held the next ESC race. Dean met the Casa Lambretta racing team last night. Today the first testing of the Casa race bikes will take place and the last preparation before the races will be done. The Casa Lambretta race bikes feature the Casa Performance range as well as some BGM parts that are used on these bikes. We were happy to supply them front and rear shockers, The Silent blocks as well as ours BGM Superstrong Lambretta clutches for the bikes.

Our first time!

Even if we know each other for decades and the shops were founded roughly at the same time, we haven't managed to visit each other's shops until the year 2015. dean orton lambretta dean orton lambretta

On the 25th of April we were invited to the Open Day and shop opening of the new Rimini Lambretta Center premises. This weekend was one of the best ever, with a stunning shop, loads of food and drinks and the test riding of scooters that made history – like both Innocenti twin cylinder prototypes- and bikes that probably will make history – like the BSG 305 cc one

Here is the video of Philipp riding the BSG Corse Lambretta

On monday we finally had the pleasure to welcome Dean at our place! It was a pleasure every single second and a lot of piss taking has taken place. After a first tour through the shop on Monday and even some business talk we had dinner together and the stories never ended. While Dean quotes our Generation XI Smallframe Wasp as the most beautiful object in the universe, he can't be stopped to let us know that the look of the BGM Lambretta Test Bike is the shittiest Lambretta he ever came across. A theory we are confronted with from the first day Dean saw the test bike at the 2ndnd edition of the Riva del Garda Customshow in 2013. To stop this, we will send the test bike over to them to have the optics matched to the perfectly working engineering of it.

dean orton on a lambretta

on tuesday Dean tested the bike in the rain on the beautiful routes around Cologne / Bergheim and came in for the traditional afternoon tea and some more stories and ideas about how to improve Lambretta parts.

On Wednesday the plans were to do another tour and take some pictures of how we proceed orders to show them at home. This has been missed though, because we wanted to see how the BSG engine performed on the dyno with the different pipes Dean had with him. Sadly we ran out of time and hadn't the chance to put the Big Box on the 305, to modify an U-bend for the exhaust stub took too long and lunch was waiting and afterwards Dean had to leave.

We send our best regards to all the staff at Rimini Lambretta Center and to Vittorio and his race team and keep our fingers crossed!

Lambretta, Lambretta, Lambretta ...

This is the 4th and last part of our Italy series:

1. Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
2. Try Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
3. Polini plans tour / Bergamo
4. Visit of the Casa Lambretta and Lambretta Museum / Milan

After spending the morning at Polini, we spent the afternoon at Casa Lambretta.

Spare parts, accessories and tuning parts for all Lambretta Scooters


In cooperation with Casa Lambretta we supply everything Lambretta restoration parts. The Casa Lambretta range includes, others amongst, parts for the very old shaft driven Lambretta models m (A) to F, Lambretta Smallframe parts for Junior and Lui and spare parts for the Li family. Victor Tessera offers spare parts made in italy but so accessories and tuning parts for all Lambretta scooters.

The entire Casa business is focused on Vittorio. He is the key player for all reproducing parts. Dean Orton and the Rimini Lambretta Center Recently offered to conduct external quality checks for Casa. This is how Casa products are constantly being improved. The toolbox lock for series 3 is a recent example. It was equipped with a new locking cylinder and finally no longer gets anybody's attention due to unpleasant rattle.

Vittorio Tessera does not only do restoration works. He also has published many books on Lambretta and scooters in general. Vittorio's book Innocenti The Definitive History is the core literature on Lambretta. Later the Restoration Guide was added, which explains all details concerning restoration of various Lambretta models:

  • characteristics
  • gloss paints,
  • galvanic processes
  • and anything else you should know.

Lambretta Museum

Lambretta Museum Vittorio Tessera Italia

And this is not the end. There also is the museum, which exhibits milestones in the development in the history of scooters. These have been collected from all over the world and have been restored, if necessary. Lambretta is in the focus of the museum and you can admire models from the oldest Lambretta to the prototypes, which are also treated in Innocenti The Definitive History.

Information, pictures, history and virtual tour:

Casa Lambretta shop and warehouse

Anus on intensive and extensive tour through the scooter museum, we step down to the Casa Lambretta shop and warehouse. Vittorio shows us his new Lambretta parts, which he got since our last visit or which are currently in a development stage. For example:

  • all spare parts for the SH carburetor including atomizers,
  • all parts for the gearbox,
  • all springs for lamps,
  • brass throttle roller and gas roller,
  • Series 2 gear change twist grip

... These are only some of the new Casa Lambretta parts that we will receive from Vittorio.

All pictures

Scooter Center trip to Italy - Part 1 Rimini Lambretta Center

The Scooter Center-Team on a trip to Italy: Last weekend Oliver, Philipp and Heiko started their trip to Italy. They had a tight schedule, but the long way had to pay off: during the weekend they covered more than 3,000 km.



Stops during their trip to Italy:

  1. Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
  2. Try Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
  3. Polini plans tour / Bergamo
  4. Visit of the Casa Lambretta and the Lambretta Museum / Milan

Part 1

Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini

Following in the tracks of the history of Scooter Center by the Lake Garda


Video of the first leg

Lake Garda was the first interim target. We visited old friends, enjoyed Italy and wallowed in memories. In its 23 years of existence history of Scooter Center Lake Garda plays a crucial role.



Back then, Oliver Kluger bought it very first scooter for Scooter Center and transported it to Germany. The Scooter was a Vespa Rally TS 125. Later, the Vespa was processed in Cologne and resold to Volker, who is still driving it today. He was our first customer and naturally sticks to us. You rather know us for a quick delivery of spare and tuning parts for scooters. However, we currently have several used Vespa scooters we offer.

The night was short and the journey continued early on Saturday morning, heading to Rimini. The track to travel sounds like music to our ears: “Verona, Mantova, Modena, Bologna, Imola, Rimini”. Our anticipation grows, the closer we get to our destination.




The Rimini Lambretta Center and Dean Orton

For years the Rimini Lambretta Center has been a good customer and supplies us with 5 speed Lambretta Cyclone gearbox, Maxi Flusso Lambretta intake manifold and the new Casa Lambretta Performance cylinders.

Rimini Lambretta Center

The 5 speed Lambretta gearbox is more than a mere part of a scooter to Dean. You know this once you saw it CYCLONE 5 Tattoo on his forearm. We mainly supply BGM products to RLC, which are used for their restorations. Lambretta restorations are the main business of Dean Orton and his team. RLC loves and lives Lambretta. Overwhelming Lambretta scooters are created in an impressive garage. Our anticipation and expectations were immense and we should not be disappointed.

Rimini in the region of Emilia Romagna

"Rimini: the Adriatic, center of beach tourism - a seaside resort with a long tradition, beach, sun, sea." But we had more important things to do! Our destination was the Zona Industriale: The 20th anniversary and Open Day of Rimini Lambretta Center.
After a heart warming welcome by many old friends, we started to put up our stall. This was quickly accomplished, since Philipp had sent the products we wanted to display to a wrong address ... :-) Luckily we were allowed to display products from the RLC stocks.
bgm tuning Scooter Center in Rimini at Rimini Lambretta Center

Rimini Lambretta Center Open Day

The grounds around the RLC were quickly filled with mainly Italian and English Lambrettisti. There were overalls 500 visitors with about 120 lambrettas and only a handful of Vespas.

Dean really dished up for that 20th anniversary of RLC. Entering the shop you were welcomed by a world record Lambretta: The fully faired Lambretta that broke the 200 km/h limited to August 8th, 1951. Romolo Ferri set the world record on a motorway that was blocked from traffic between Ingolstadt and Munich. The mechanically supercharged 125cc engine is told to have had about 21 HP.

A huge transportable pizzeria supplied finest specialties from the region including sufficient wine, water, beer and coffee.

Overwhelming Lambretta test drive

RLC had managed to have a circuit blocked from traffic, so that you were able to test drive the scooters within the industrial estate.DSC01225rimini-lambretta-italrimini-lambretta-ital


Alongside scooters, which have been restored by RLC, there were mainly scooters from the Casa Lambretta collection available for test rides. The two Lambretta Innocenti two-cylinder prototypes were at the center of attention. In the past months these were restored by RLC for Victor Tessera. The June edition of scootering will present the restoration of the interior of the engines. We also did a test ride on the Innocenti two-cylinder prototypes. We can only say: Too sad they didn't make it into serial production.

Lambretta with 305cc and 50HP

305cc and more than 50HP - the most violent scooter we ever rode: BSG CasaPerformance 305cc prototype. CNC engine block with 305cc BSG cylinder, Cyclone5 5 speed gearbox and BGM PRO Superstrong clutch. This monster has more than 50 HP. The Lambretta's programmable ignition was downsized to 45 HP for the test drives. On our cruise on Sunday we were able to extensively test it. The fitting video will follow in the second part of this article. Watch this space!

bsg 305cc lambretta



BSG Corse brought scooters with overwhelming performance. vespa Smallframes were those scooters that chased around the circuit with immense revs. These were later joint by the legendary Signore Angelo Zirri and almost the entire Smallframe tuning scene.

Even the greatest events have to come to an end. So at some stage we had to dismantle everything. But luckily we still had a shared tea and nighter with a fantastic view on the mountains left!

Nighter in the mountains in the region of Emilia Romagna

The joint meal and all-nighter took place in an Osteria in the mountains. A fantastic site with view on the lights of Rimini and San Marino in the distance.allnighter_04rimini-lambretta-italrimini-lambretta-ital




Many kind talks, many Italian snacks and some cups of wine later we fell into our beds in the early hours of the morning. It was a short night with only a little relaxation. Only several hours later we were meant to get to the next highlight. On the cruise we were able to test the 305cc prototypes for their fitted BGM parts.

All pictures of the first leg of our trip to Italy: