Scooter Center goes Italy - 4 Casa Lambretta & Lambretta Museum

Lambretta Museum Casa Lambretta Vittorio Tessera Itlaia

Lambretta, Lambretta, Lambretta ...

This is the fourth and last part of our trip to Italy:

1. Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
2. Try Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
3. Polini factory tour / Bergamo
4. Casa Lambretta and Lambretta Museum visit / Milan

After the morning for the Vespa driver at Polini, there was the compensation program at Casa Lambretta in the afternoon.

Spare parts, accessories and tuning parts for all Lambretta scooters



With Casa Lambretta we deliver all of them to you Lambretta restoration parts. The Casa Lambretta range extends from the parts for the very old Lambretta cardan models m (A) to F, to the Lambretta Smallframe Parts for the Junior and Lui models through to spare parts for the Li family. Next Spare parts “Made In Italy” offers Vittorio Tessera also Accessories and Tuning parts for all Lambretta scooters.

The whole Casa business is very fixated on Vittorio and he is the linchpin for all reproductions. In the recent past have become Dean Orton and that Rimini Lambretta Center offered as an external quality control for Casa. This is how the Casa products are made continuously improved. The latest example is that Toolbox lock for series 3that has got a new lock cylinder and now finally no longer attracts attention by rattling noises.

In addition to the need for restoration, Vittorio Tessera has quite a few Books on the Lambretta and written about scooters in general. With the book Innocenti The Definitive history does Vittorio have that Standard work on the Lambretta created. The book was later expanded to include the Restoration Guide. All the details on the restoration of the various Lambretta models are explained here:

  • Particularities,
  • Paint colors,
  • galvanic process
  • and what else there is to consider

Lambretta Museum


Lambretta Museum Vittorio Tessera Italia

As if that wasn't enough, there is also the museum. Milestones in the development of scooter history can be found here; these have been collected worldwide and, if necessary, also restored. The focus is clearly on the Lambretta and there is a lot to admire here, from the oldest Lambretta to the prototypes, which are also dealt with in Innocenti The Definitive History.

Lambretta Museum Museo Italy Milano Vittorio Tessera: worlds oldest Lambretta 😯

Info, pictures, history and virtual tour:


Casa Lambretta store and warehouse

After a intensive and extensive guidance through the Roller Museum, it goes one floor down to the Casa Lambretta Shop and warehouse.

Here Vittorio shows us all the new ones Lambretta partsthat he has launched since our last visit or that are in the pipeline.

For example:

  • all spare parts for the SH carburettors including the mixing tubes,
  • all gear parts,
  • all springs for the headlights,
  • Gas and switching rollers in brass,
  • Series 2 switching tube

... are just some of the new Casa Lambretta parts that Vittorio will soon be supplying us with.

All fotos


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