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Name: Thomas


How long have you been working in the Scooter Center:

Since 1996 (almost part of the inventory ;-))

What is your job in Scooter Center:

Product management

What do you have to do with scooters:

I have been driving scooters since 1987. It all started with a P200E, I just didn't have enough money for a car. 2 years later my first Lambretta was added, an LD125 (2nd series). In the course of time various vesps and lambrettas were added. Now there are only Lambrettas, my oldest is a Lambretta 125m (2nd series) from 1948, the youngest a Lambretta DL 200 from 1969.
The most important meetings for me are definitely the Eurolambretta 1991 in The Hague and various meetings in Venlo as well as the Scooter Dive Aachen 1991.


Two absolute standard works that should not be missing in any screwdriver household!

Gift idea for scooter drivers

Book -Motorcycle Electronics in Practice - by Hans Hohmann

Article no. 7676940


motorcycle electrics book

Motorcycle electrics in practice

Without functioning electrics, even the most powerful motorcycle is just a collection of interesting machine parts. Few things make the motorcyclist so desperate as the activities of mysterious “copper worms” in the wiring harness of his two-wheeler: fuses constantly blow when the lights are blinking, the motorcycle is having breakfast for headlights, the ignition suddenly gives up ... No reason for short-circuiting - some basic knowledge and a consistently systematic one Proceedings certainly lead to the core of the problem. Hans Hohmann, motorcycle journalist and long-time director of technology courses, helps with wit and clear words:
- The motorcycle electrics are explained step by step and assembly by assembly.
- Functional principles, sources of error, and opportunities for improvement are presented.
- Tips and tricks and a “programmed troubleshooting” provide solid advice for tense situations.

“Motorcycle electrics in practice” - the tried and tested standard work! Suitable for all types!

Book -Motorcycle Carburetors and Injection Systems - by John Robinson

Article no. 7676939

motorcycle carburetor book

Motorcycle carburetors and injection systems

4th edition 2012, 176 pages, 130 b / w photos, 140 b / w illustrations, format 21,4 x 27,7 cm, bound, Moby Dick

For advanced screwdrivers: detailed and well-founded presentation of the tasks, construction and function of carburetors and injection systems, with numerous instructive photos and graphics. Valuable tips on tuning complete the information.

gift two-wheel technology books

Bicycle mod by Tobi Dahmen

Tobi is an old friend. Only last year he did for ours Custom Show 2015 designed the design for flyers etc. We hope he goes to Scooter Custom Show 2016 comes and maybe a few copies of his Comics signed - no, rather is a book - Bike mod.
"Fahrradmod" has been running as a webcomic since 2007 -> www. and has a loyalty Readership community. Now the book has been published. He's currently at the Frankfurt Book Fair, visiting him on the weekend at the Calrsen stand. More events - see below.
- Comic book signing at the Carlsen booth -
(Hall 3.0 | G 84)
Saturday, October 17.10.2015th, 11.00 12.00 a.m. - XNUMX p.m.
Tobi Dahmen signs his graphic novel “Fahrradmod”
Saturday, October 17.10.2015th, 14 30:15 pm - 00:XNUMX pm
Tobi Dahmen speaks about his graphic novel “Fahrradmod”, followed by a book signing session in the signing tent.
Sunday, October 18.10.2015, 14.00 15.00 p.m. - XNUMX p.m.
Tobi Dahmen signed “Fahrradmod”

Fahrradmod - the book

Bike mod

The story fits into the scooter scene of the 80s and 90s in Germany: Mods, skinheads, poppers - the British subculture also reaches the small town of Wesel, where Tobi grew up. He becomes a mod, takes on their fashionable style, listens to ska music and looks for recognition. The movement will not let go of him, but the transitions to other subcultures are fluid - and dangerous. With his autobiographical coming-of-age graphic novel, Tobi Dahmen creates a haunting picture of youth cultures and the dangers of going the wrong way.

Fahrradmod is a book about the nineties, growing up in a small town and friendship. And it's a book about the love of music:
[mixcloud width = 660 height = 208 hide_cover = 1 hide_tracklist = 1]

About the author

Tobi Dahmen The bike mod

Toby Dahmen is built in 1971 - great classic Vespas were built there. He studied visual communication in Düsseldorf. Today he lives in Utrecht in the Netherlands and works as a comic artist and illustrator for the Scooter Center ;-), press, advertising and web.
In 2007 he received the ICOM Award for the best short comic. In 2011 he was awarded the Reddot Award for a corporate design. In the same year, “Fahrradmod” came in second place as a webcomic at the Sondermann Prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Bicycle mod - events

Release party Frankfurt

On Saturday, October 17th, the book release party for Tobi Dahmens “Fahrradmod” will be celebrated as part of the Frankfurt Comic Satellite. From 22:00 p.m. the Deep bottom danced to ska, soul and mod sounds.

bicycle model reading


Tobi Dahmen signed in the Heimatt
31.10.2015 12:00 Mayersche bookstore, Hohe Strasse 20-22, 46483 Wesel
On October 31, 2015, Tobi Dahmen is a guest at the Mayersche bookstore in his home town. In Wesel he will sign his graphic novel from 12 noon "Bike mod". Mayersche Bookshop, Wesel


Bicycle mod: release party in Hamburg!
14.11.2015 20:00 On Saturday, November 14th, we will celebrate the release of Tobi Dahmens long-awaited graphic novel "Bike mod". In his autobiographical story, he tells how the British subculture of mods, skinheads and scooter boys found their way into the small town of Wesel, where Tobi grew up. It's a book about the nineties, growing up in a small town, and friendship. And it's a book about the love of music.

On this evening, the Monkeys Club in Ottensen provides the stage for a reading with a conversation followed by a book signing. Then the chairs are moved aside and danced to different styles!

Lambretta Museum Casa Lambretta Vittorio Tessera Itlaia

Lambretta, Lambretta, Lambretta ...

This is the fourth and last part of our trip to Italy:

1. Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
2. Try Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
3. Polini factory tour / Bergamo
4. Casa Lambretta and Lambretta Museum visit / Milan

After the morning for the Vespa driver at Polini, there was the compensation program at Casa Lambretta in the afternoon.

Spare parts, accessories and tuning parts for all Lambretta scooters



With Casa Lambretta we deliver all of them to you Lambretta restoration parts. The Casa Lambretta range extends from the parts for the very old Lambretta cardan models m (A) to F, to the Lambretta Smallframe Parts for the Junior and Lui models through to spare parts for the Li family. Next Spare parts “Made In Italy” offers Victor Tessera Auch Accessories and Tuning parts for all Lambretta scooters.

The whole Casa business is very fixated on Vittorio and he is the linchpin for all reproductions. In the recent past have become Dean Orton and that Rimini Lambretta Center offered as an external quality control for Casa. This is how the Casa products are made continuously improved. The latest example is that Toolbox lock for series 3that has got a new lock cylinder and now finally no longer attracts attention by rattling noises.

In addition to the need for restoration, Vittorio Tessera has quite a few Books on the Lambretta and written about scooters in general. With the book Innocenti The Definitive history does Vittorio have that Standard work on the Lambretta created. The book was later expanded to include the Restoration Guide. All the details on the restoration of the various Lambretta models are explained here:

  • Particularities,
  • Paint colors,
  • galvanic process
  • and what else there is to consider

Lambretta Museum


Lambretta Museum Vittorio Tessera Italia

As if that wasn't enough, there is also the museum. Milestones in the development of scooter history can be found here; these have been collected worldwide and, if necessary, also restored. The focus is clearly on the Lambretta and there is a lot to admire here, from the oldest Lambretta to the prototypes, which are also dealt with in Innocenti The Definitive History.

Lambretta Museum Museo Italy Milano Vittorio Tessera: world's oldest Lambretta 😯

Info, pictures, history and virtual tour:


Casa Lambretta store and warehouse

After a intensive and extensive guidance through the Roller Museum, it goes one floor down to the Casa Lambretta Shop and warehouse.

Here Vittorio shows us all the new ones Lambretta partsthat he has launched since our last visit or that are in the pipeline.

For example:

  • all spare parts for the SH carburettors including the mixing tubes,
  • all gear parts,
  • all springs for the headlights,
  • Gas and switching rollers in brass,
  • Series 2 switching tube

... are just some of the new Casa Lambretta parts that Vittorio will soon be supplying us with.

All fotos

Scooter book

Motor scooter literature

Today is World Book Day. Fits here on that Scooter book refer to your scooter.

Scooter book

The Scooter Center offers you a large selection of books, notebooks and magazines to match your scooter. In our scooter shop you can find for example:

  • Manuals,
  • Repair manuals,
  • Books on model history,
  • Magazines and
  • Travel reports

You can find our motor scooter literature in the category: Books & merchandise / Books


Buy scooter books here

Vespa Tecnica VI Colors Italiano

No longer available for years and out of print, now finally available again - the legendary: Vespa Tecnica 6 colors.


The complete color history of the gearshift Vespa from 1948 to the present day is processed here. With chassis numbers, color fans and originally painted (!!) Max Meyer color codes.

This Vespa Tecnica 6 book is only printed in Italian. The standard work for all Vespa fans is also self-explanatory for Vespisti who do not speak Italian. Great gift idea for every Vespa fan!

Attention - very limited edition! 8100060 - € 149,99


Vespa-Tecnica-6-P1200417 Vespa-Tecnica-6-P1200422

New Lambretta Bible

As announced at the beginning of the year click ->

8100071 | Book -Complete Spanner's Manual Lambretta -Second Edition- by Sticky | 29,90 euros

The “best Lambretta manual” even better!
The first edition of the Sticky Manual was published in 2004. Series 3 was dealt with in detail with lots of pictures and practical tips. A total of around 15.000 copies were sold.

Instead of simply reprinting the book, Fingers in Pies Publications decided to revise the book substantially and to expand the content to series 1 and 2. Sticky 2 offers you:

read more

Book -Complete Spanner's Manual Lambretta -Second Edition- by Sticky Article no. 8100071

Lambretta manual

The Lambretta Handbook

That which is known and essential to all of us Lambretta scooter reference book is currently being completely redesigned by Martin 'Sticky' Round.

The Second Edition is also dedicated to the Lambrettas of series 1 (not TV 175 I) and the models of series 2. They will be completely integrated into the manual and the chapters will have the models logically integrated.

All chapters are massively revised, re-layouted and five years of technical updates and additional information are integrated.

The old edition is unfortunately completely out of stock and the reprint is not planned. So from now on only leaf through the sticky with clean fingers!


The “best Lambretta manual” even better!

The first issue of Sticky manual was published in 2004. Series 3 was dealt with in detail with lots of pictures and practical tips. A total of around 15.000 copies were sold.
Instead of simply reprinting the book, Fingers in Pies Publications decided to revise the book substantially and to expand the content to series 1 and 2. Sticky 2 offers you:

  • More than 200 new color photos. Over 1.050 images in total.
  • Additionally ten colored circuit diagrams.
  • Five other Italian models (TV175 S2, LI125 S1, LI125 S2, LI150 S1, LI150 S2).
  • The information about the new models has been carefully incorporated into the context. Not just clapped in!
  • Updates on the latest developments in the areas of tuning conversions, adjustable chassis, variable ignitions, tubeless rims and much more.
  • More anorack details and restoration tips (fork type identification, color code breakdown, locks and keys, speedometer and more).
  • Information on technical changes based on the original Innocenti dealer updates.
  • Improved index and easy-to-find chapters using color codes.
  • Completely redesigned layout.
  • 56 additional pages (292 in total).

About the Author Sticky: 

Sticky is a freelance writer and photographer who specializes in scooters. Sticky has been writing for the scooter press, motorcycle magazines and newspapers for 24 years. Sticky was also editor for Scootering and Twist & Go. His idea of ​​fun is to hide a motorcycle engine under a Lambretta and significantly expand the public's perception of the scooter.