Malossi cylinder 2021 MK2 Vespa PX 200

New Malossi racing cylinder Vespa PX 200 2021

Pictures of the revised Malossi MHR & Sport cylinders for the Vespa PX 200 Have engines we you here already shown.

Yesterday a large delivery from Malossi arrived and our Alex got the news on Malossi MHR cylinder MK 2 looked at in detail. Here is the video of the unboxing of the new Vespa cylinder:

Malossi cylinder Vespa PX -MALOSSI 221 cc MHR MK2 2021 unboxing



Vespa exhaust Lara - Ludwig & Scherer for Malossi MHR cylinders

The Malossi MHR - cylinder is known for having a lot of power out of the box. With the right components, extreme performance is possible here.

The LARA exhaust is brand new, especially for the MHR, which we developed together with the exhaust specialists Ludwig & Scherer. We already had the exhaust some time ago mentioned - Today he is finally with us at Scooter Center arrived:

The new Vespa exhaust from Ludwig & Scherer with the good name "Lara". We can already offer you a few pictures.

Expected to be available here from tomorrow:

All Ludwig-Scherer - Vespa exhaust systems

Further information, test bench diagrams etc. will follow in Scooter Center Blog.

Vespa-exhaust-lara-3330808 (1) Vespa-exhaust-lara-3330808 (2) Vespa-exhaust-lara-3330808 (3) Vespa-exhaust-lara-3330808 (4) Vespa-exhaust-lara-3330808

All Ludwig-Scherer - Vespa exhaust systems


The new Malossi 210 in detail

Malossi sends with him Malossi 210 Sport and the Malossi 210 MHR two new variants of the well-known 210ccm cylinder into the race. Now in Vespa shop available.

We took a closer look at the new Malossi 210 cylinders for you.

New support channels

From a purely visual point of view, the new three-part support channels, larger channel surfaces of the overcurrent channels and the open cylinder base at the overcurrent inputs are striking.

Malossi 210

Changed inflow angles

Compared to version 2008, the areas and inflow angles have also been changed to match the expanded support channels.

Malossi MHR 210 Vespa

While the V2008 flushes relatively steeply towards the cylinder wall at an angle of approx. 60 °, the Sport and MHR versions seem to have an inflow angle adapted to the impulse of the larger support channels and flush relatively flat into the cylinder at approx. 42 °.

Malossi MHR 210 Vespa channels

Next week we will delve into the whole Malossi 210 topic.

The different models in comparison

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003Cylinder -AIRSAL 77ccm Racing X-treme (39,2mm stroke) - Minarelli LC

The Airsal with a 50 mm hole for Minarelli is available for 40mm and 45mm stroke. The Airsal crankshafts are delivered with 80 mm connecting rods.

The large overcurrent channels are similar to the channels of the MHR Big Bore. The rectangular outlet shape is known from Polini Evolution.

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