Our bgm test bike project

Our bgm test bike. This project will be restored with many of our bgm products in order to be able to present it at the EuroLambretta.

After the first hours of work, we try to get an overview of what is necessary.

So we found out that the scooter definitely needed a new floor pan with leg shield and side panels. With a little skill, the transitions from the cascade to the leg shield and also from the connector and the floor panel fit. Fortunately, almost all Lambretta fairings are available. Our Scooter Center Product stickers can even be seen in the photos.

We left the fender original (swiveling). The mountings for the fender were welded to the opposite side so that our bgm shock absorbers could be welded on professionally.

Now all that's missing is a suitable idea for painting.

In some places on the frame there was a need for action, so we disassembled everything again and made the frame shine.

Of course, we also inspected the engine and disassembled it into its individual parts and also made the housing shine.

Sequel follows…

  1. Michael Thies
    Michael Thies sagte:

    What kind of model is that with the rotating fender? I want that too, can you still buy the fender somewhere?

    Greetings, Teasy

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