Chrome rim Lambretta from bgm

Rim -BGM ORIGINAL- Lambretta LI series 1-3, LI S, SX, TV series 2-3 - chrome article no. BGM7960C

Lambretta rims in chrome

The rim should be carefully checked each time a tire is changed. Rims that are decades old often show damage to the stud bolts, the rim flange or a rusted rim base. Here the bgm Lambretta chrome rim the perfect replacement for one great price-performance ratio!


Chrome is not just a visual highlight, it also protects the rim from rust. The perfect polish before chrome plating and the multi-stage chrome plating process give the bgm rim a deep chrome shine. The quality is almost on a par with an English custom rim.

The bgm original rims offer you:

  • High quality manufacturing
  • Very high accuracy of fit
  • Correct rim profile
  • Correct positioning of the valve hole
  • Excellent concentricity for a pressed rim
  • Excellent price / performance ratio



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