Venlo Euro Rally 2016

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Venlo Euro Rally 2016

The cult meeting from the 90s

On the 26.-28. Organize August Spirit of 84 Scooterists again the international Scooter Run in Kronenberg, Holland, near the border town of Venlo.

Back then: the first time Venlo - Holiday in Holland

The first Venlo Rally took place in 1993. Back then, together with the Speed ​​Demons SC Rally in Borculo, known under the banner Holiday in Holland. Scooterists from all over Europe met - especially from Germany, Austria, the Benelux countries and Great Britain - to exchange ideas and celebrate together. Anyone who was there at the time and can actually still remember details will be able to understand why one ultimately had to take a “forced break” in Venlo.

Today: Venlo again

20 years later. In the middle of a foggy night, the old organizers had a bright moment: “We are resurrecting Venlo!” The rally has been back since 2013, and the trend is growing. Last year over 1.300 international visitors were counted (which makes Venlo the largest free rally in continental Europe), many of whom were already there and most of them still came by scooter.

LIT_3579 Venlo Scooter Euro Rally

In order to maintain the spirit of the meeting, it was consciously decided to bring back the 90s programmatically: In the large hall the main nighters take place with traditional scooterist sounds, i.e. soul, R'n'B, Ska / Reggea, Brit Pop / Madchester but also unconventional. There is an alternative nighter in the marquee, as you can find at British meetings. Mainly progressive electronic sounds are played here, from disco to hard floor. The DJs are also international, each one of them a run-tested party pig. Please note: Children should no longer be on the premises in the evening.

Full program

DSC_6369 Venlo Scooter Euro Rally

The daytime event on Saturday is also based on the entertainment of the nineties. There is a custom show, you can relax in the beach area and enjoy fresh cocktails. There is also plenty of choice for fixed meals, even for vegetarians / vegans. For the sake of completeness, we would like to note that the latter, as well as the hygienically perfect showers and sanitary facilities, are NOT authentic for the nineties, the organizers would like to apologize at this point. A performance test bench is available to you for FREE, the strongest opponent wins a trophy. And of course there will be fun games again, we don't want to reveal more.

Grass track roller racing

DSC_5189 Venlo Scooter Euro Rally

A highlight for many is the grass track race, the field of which is also growing every year. This is where the really fast guys compete with people who just want to get a taste of things. The starting fields are divided according to lap times in qualifying. The requirements are very simple: You need a scooter, a helmet, protective clothing and the knife between your teeth should be made of rubber if possible. Also ideal for beginners. You can simply register on site, you can get more information from the organizer contact at the end.

26 August 2016

Anyone who would also like to have a good time and experience something of the spirit of the old scooter runs is very welcome. The only requirement: bring a good mood. You can get more information from Facebook or the organizer contact.


What: Venlo Scooter Rally 2016
Who: Spirit of 84 Scooterists
When: 26nd-28th August
Where: Manege D'n Umswing, Schorfvenweg 1, 5976 PJ Kronenberg, NL

Entry, including camping:
Fri: Scooter driver € 15 / car passenger € 30
Saturday: Scooter driver € 10 / car passenger € 20

Info: Facebook / Venlo Scooter Rally 2016


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