VWD17-Vespa - Win a Vespa at the Vespa World Days in Celle

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Raffle for a Vespa V50s

The Scooter Center donates a freshly restored Vespa V50s, which will be raffled off for a charity at the Vespa World Days in Celle. You will receive the tickets on site. Here you can decide how the Vespa should look like! We are raffling off three 100 euro vouchers for the Scooter Center Scooter shop!

Here you can configure the Vespa for a preview and at the Vote, how the Vespa should be equipped:

Voting ended. Here is the result


Vespa World Days - what is it and what does it actually mean

The Vespa World Days are an event that Piaggio gives to different countries every year. The country or the organizing local club must apply to the Vespa World Club to host it. For 2017 the Vespa Club Celle bring the Vespa World Days to Germany.

Half of the Vespa World Club consists of Piaggio employees and the other half of appropriately elected presidents of the national clubs. Currently, Uwe Bödicker is from the Vespa Club Germany in the VWC and is a member of the board there.

The Vespa World Club has awarded the organization of the VWD 2017 to the VCVD - and the VCVD in turn to the Vespa Club Celle.

World Vespa Days 2017 Celle

Not a normal scooter meeting

Do you want to be part of the world's largest Vespa meeting? A distinction is made here between registered participants with many inclusive services and the free entry for day visitors. You are of course also welcome as a day visitor and have, for example, access to the huge event area with the large parts markets and exhibitions, you can even take part in the corso. The evening events, for example, are only withheld from the registered guests. Below you can find out why it is worth mentioning this special Vespa meeting!

You notice that the Vespa World Days cannot be compared to a 'normal' meeting or run. With the award of the Vespa World Days Piaggio rules on and records this in a contract with VC Celle. Two things are fundamentally involved:

  1. The VCC may only accept registrations for the VWD via the on-line tool of the Vespa World Club
  2. Every country club and every local club that is organized in the respective country club receives a login for the tool.

What does this mean for the unsuitably organized scooter drivers in Germany?

The effect is that the Single driver cannot register. The simplest solution here is either to join an organized club - or simply to found one yourself quickly.

Establishing a Vespa Club made easy:

Establishing a Vespa club can without any bureaucracy and with only little effort happen. It doesn't have to be a registered association -> there are rumors that such a club would have to be registered as an eV, that is NOT true!

  1. Create a member list
  2. Define / elect the chairman
  3. From the VCVD side the Membership application download: http://www.vcvd.de/page/regelwerk/
  4. Fill in and send to Uwe

The VDVC charges an annual fee of € 4.- pp, you just have to come to terms with the costs. It is also technically possible to register the club now - and then to cancel it again at the end of the year - or even easier: to reduce the number of members for 2018 to 1-2 so that the club can be used again for registrations for future VWDs.

But why register?

The VC Celle is contractually bound to provide a clear differentiation of the services between registered and non-registered guests.

  • Access to the Vespa Village is open to everyone.
  • Everyone can take part in the big corso.

The following services can only be used if you are registered:

  • Book a place on the campsites
  • Access to the party and the bands in the evening
  • Access to the scooter parking lot on the premises

For further details, please also read the FAQs on the VWD2017 website:


The opening of the registration for the “Light-Entry” tickets took place on January 28th. There were still over 3000 tickets to be awarded.

If you have any further questions, please contact the VC-Celle directly:
Contact via mail (info@vespaworlddays2017.com) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/vwd2017), no contact by phone is possible!

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