Winter tires for Piaggio Porter Transporter - 155 / 80-13 - 91N - M + S

The Porter light transporters from Piaggio are true pack mules, in the tradition of the APE load tricycles.
With a payload of over 800kg, they can transport almost as much as they weigh themselves.
Thanks to their small external dimensions, they are very manoeuvrable and space-saving.
Ideal helpers for all transport tasks. However, the high payload also requires special tires.
Porter vehicles require tires with a load index of 91.
This means that each tire has a load capacity of 615kg.

Such a reinforced tire cannot be found at every dealer, especially not as winter tires with M + S identification.
Sceed42 now has a correspondingly reinforced tire for these vehicles in its delivery program.
According to Sceed42, the Portafour tire with the snowflake symbol is a winter all-rounder of the latest generation, specially developed for light trucks such as the Piaggio Porter.

eifen -SCEED42 Portafour- winter tire M + S 155/80 - 13 inch TL 91N - used for Piaggio Porter

Winter tires Piaggio Porter 155 / 80-13 91N - M + S

Its technology has been consistently tailored to the conditions that prevail on winter roads today, and the Portafour M + S is a reliable partner in year-round operation. With excellent performance on cold, wet roads and high levels of safety when driving on snow, it also impresses on dry roads and in summer temperatures. Thanks to the 3D lamella technology, improved driving stability can be guaranteed by minimizing block movements.

Reduced rolling resistance and more even abrasion ensure high profitability. Very good aquaplaning properties thanks to an optimized contact area also ensure additional stability and better handling on wet and dry roads.


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